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Economics AI Anxiety Index: Are you worried about AI replacing jobs? Are you worried about AI replacing jobs? Finder's AI Anxiety Index tracks the worries of US adults, and which industries are most concerned.
Shopping Father’s Day spending research sums up how much we will spend on Father's Day 2023 and how that compares with Mother's Day spending.
Economics New business statistics: 2005 to June 2023 Ever wondered how many businesses launch in the US each year? Dive into the numbers, including monthly formations, annual stats and more.
Economics Summer gas price spike Gas prices spike during the summer months. Where are prices going up the most and where are gas prices going to be at their highest?
FCL Which holiday is the deadliest traffic day? A detailed breakdown of road statistics to to find out which holiday is the deadliest traffic day in the US.
Economics Trust in banks Trust in US banks is waning with 1 in 10 saying their money isn't safe, with 52% of them changing their views in the last 12 months.
Economics List of bank failures: 2000 to 2023 A comprehensive list of failed banks in the US since 2000 including the total deposits held by those banks, yearly breakdowns and more.
Economics A quarter of Americans left their job in the last 12 months Over one in four (27%) of American adults left their place of employment in the last 12 months. But, where did they go?
Savings The gender pay gap: How the sexes save State of finances in the US for men and women including savings data, credit card debt, household finances and more.
Shopping America’s drunk shopping habit at $14 billion Finder's latest Drunk Shopping survey shows that 17% of Americans admit to shopping under the influence and spend $14B on their habit.
Money Lying on taxes Americans 4 times more likely to cheat on their partner than the IRS
Economics US gas prices: 2018 to February 2023 In 2022, US gas prices hit their highest level in the last 5 years ($4.99) in 2022. We've tracked average gas prices between 2018 and 2023.
Credit cards Credit Card Stats Did you know there are 469,640,000 credit card accounts in the US? See our definitive guide for credit card statistics to learn everything you want to know.
Economics United States Inflation Rate (CPI) Statistics – 1948 to Now The current US inflation rate is 6.4%, compared to 6.5% last month. The next inflation report is scheduled for March 14 at 8:30 a.m. ET.
Money 9 diagrams of the balance transfer credit card Clear-cut explanations on how balance transfers can help you manage debt.
Economics Fed Funds Rate History: 1954 – Now Check out the latest from the Federal Reserve including rate changes, historical data, and upcoming FOMC meeting calendar — updated periodically.
Economics Fed interest rates forecast Expert economists predict what the Federal Reserve (Fed) will do with interest rates at its next Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting.
Money Almost three-quarters of Americans consider debt a deal breaker Would debt stop you from saying "I do"?
Money What's your liquidity? The financial case for sobriety: Calculate your savings
Car loans Car loan borrowing statistics In 2016, Americans applied for and racked up $564.6 billion in auto loans. By the end of 2017, that number had jumped to $568.6 billion.
Economics US personal savings rate in 2023 Statistics on America's personal saving rate including historic data, charts and how much the average American has in savings.
Economics Disposable income in the US US Disposable personal income (DPI) stats including US disposable income charts, history, averages and disposable income formula.
Money Remittance statistics Find out the data on which countries send the most money abroad.
Shopping 52% of Americans admit to opening up at least one unwanted holiday gift each year Survey reveals an estimated $8.3 billion to be spent on unwanted gifts this holiday season.
Cryptocurrency Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index The definitive ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies across 22 countries.
Economics Consumer Confidence Index Finder's Consumer Confidence Index is a quarterly survey of US consumer sentiment towards household finanaces, economic confidence, and more.
Personal loans Payday loans statistics Each year, approximately 12 million Americans take out payday loans. What they need the money for might not be what you’d expect.
Insurance Deadliest cities for driving on St. Patrick’s Day Night driving could lead to a downturn of luck on Shamrock Day.
Insurance Reasons people cancel car insurance The reasons might not be what you think.
Money Cost of a Christmas tree research reveals Americans will spend $6.6 billion on Christmas trees collectively in 2022, a 13.2% increase from 2021.
Economics American savings statistics 2022 Statistics on Americans savings, what percentage of disposable household income is being saved each year, and what that looks like in dollars.
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency prediction The big question on everyone’s lips: What will these coins be worth in the future?
Shopping Black Friday statistics Expect Americans to drop $90.14 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year.
Shopping Thanksgiving spending: turkey Americans expected to spend $991.16 million on Thanksgiving turkey in 2018.
Other 20 best jobs for kids to make money 20 best jobs for kids to make money
Home loans Best and Worst Cities for Renters in 2021 Miami may be sunny, but it’s stormy skies for renters, according to our survey — and the residents of this iconic Edgewater apartment building.
Investing Best and worst states to retire Which are the best states in the United States to spend your retirement?
Cryptocurrency NFT statistics Finder's NFT Adoption Index measures the growth of NFTs across the world through a monthly survey.
Money Cost of pumpkins Americans are expected to spend $575.26 million on pumpkins for carving into jack-o-lanterns in 2018.
Money Federal student loan interest rates by year How the recession and changes to federal programs affected rates from 2006 to 2019.
Insurance How many Black Friday finds can you fit in your car? See how many Amazon Echos, Instant Pots or 4k TVs you can pack your car with on Black Friday.
Insurance How to transport Christmas trees the right way Could taking your Christmas tree home turn dangerous? Find out how to make the trip home safer.
Money Tips from women investing experts Women investors shed light on helpful tips and tricks to start your investment journey.
Insurance Accidental death statistics Americans are dying in accidents at a higher rate than 20 years ago.
Insurance Senior driving statistics Vehicle death rates for senior citizens have dropped nearly a third in recent years but are still well above younger drivers.
Cryptocurrency Top 29 NFT and cryptocurrency influencers in 2022 See today's tastemakers for crypto, NFTs, DeFi, Bitcoin and blockchain technology, from NYT experts to published authors and YouTubers.
Travel Finder’s Travel Index Roughly 23% of Americans plan to travel in the coming three months.
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin statistics Numbers you should know about the biggest cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency NFT gaming statistics Finder looks at what play-to-earn (P2E) adoption looks like around the globe in 26 countries in its NFT Gaming Adoption Report.
Money Baby boomer statistics We know that with age comes wisdom. What about financial responsibility?
Cryptocurrency Top Bitcoin myths in the United States Finder conducted an online survey of 2,040 people to determine the top 8 Bitcoin myths that Americans do and do not believe in.
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Insurance Car insurance and gender It turns out that over a lifetime of driving, men end up paying about 3% more than women.
Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency statistics Essential statistics for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency.
Student loans Student loan statistics: debt and repayment Students preparing to graduate are well aware that degrees come with a hefty price tag. But just how much student debt are Americans taking on?
Investing How America will be investing in 2022 Cash will be the most popular investment type in 2022, according to Finder's Retail Investor Sentiment Report.
Money Buy now, pay later (BNPL) stats The United States ranks 21st for Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) remorse. See how the mistakes made compare with 23 other countries.
Investing How America will be investing in 2022 Cash will be the most popular investment type in 2022, according to Finder's Retail Investor Sentiment Report.
Student loans FAFSA statistics Undergraduates apply for more federal aid than any other group — but more might be eligible.
Money Payment statistics 2021 35.4% of Americans who don't plan on buying crypto in the next 12 months say they'd change their minds if they could use it for everyday item purchases and bills.
Money Millennial money statistics Here’s how the “next great generation” handles their finances
Other Christmas spirit by state Coming in with the most holiday cheer this year: Utah
Investing Don't drink and -- invest? 7% of Americans admit to investing under the influence of alcohol.
Money American saving habits Millions of Americans find themselves unable to save money each month, and up to 35% occasionally miss loan payments.
Shopping Valentine's Day spending: After the holiday Move over Black Friday, as bargain hunters look for Valentine’s value after 14 February.
Other How much will murder impact the value of your home? Homicides wipe $2.3 billion off the US property market every year.
Money Financial literacy for students According to a survey by Finder, 66.9% of American adults say they believe financial literacy classes should be required in school
Money Short-term loan interest rates, research and statistics in the US Are payday loans worth worth the convenience?
Insurance Death icons in different cultures – Infographic Iconographic interpretation of death in different cultures
Cryptocurrency The United States of Crypto Where are digital currencies taking off in the US?
Other Most diverse cities in the US Finder compared 209 cities to find which were the most and least diverse. Scottsdale, Arizona was the least diverse city based on our analysis.
Money 11 pieces of investment advice from experts for beginners 11 pieces of investment advice from experts for beginners
Money Default nation: America and its delinquency dilemma More than half of all Americans have missed at least one payment.
Insurance Driving fatalities: Labor Day Three US cities tie for most fatalities on the road around this September holiday.
Cryptocurrency Chainlink (LINK) price prediction 2021 What does the future hold for the price of Chainlink (LINK)? Read our latest prediction on LINK's future with expert commentary.
Other Calories in alcohol If you like piña coladas, and looking down at the scale.
Shopping Shopping statistics Here’s how much Americans spend celebrating, pampering and showing their love throughout the year
Shopping Christmas spending statistics 2020 40% of American adults will spend less this Christmas.
Business loans Small business loan statistics Only 40% of American business owners applied for a loan in 2017, according to a Federal Reserve survey — down from 45% in 2016.
Shopping Mother's day stats The average American spent $124 on their choice of Mother’s Day gift this year. That adds up to a grand total of $30.309 billion.
Money Tipping in America Tipping statistics: Who are America's best and worst tippers?
Money Cost of convenience American adults send three-quarters of a trillion dollars each year on deliveries, rideshares and more.
Money Cost of different diets A normal diet recommended by the USDA costs the average adult $3,685.50 annually, putting the annual cost of Atkins at 17% more than your standard diet.
Travel Traveling after coronavirus statistics 55.3 million Americans say they will recume travel within a year after COVID-19.
Shopping Porch pirates statistics Over 35 million Americans say they are victims of package theft.
Money Uber calculator Uber drivers can make up to $9.83 more an hour compared with minimum-wage workers.
Insurance Cheapest and most expensive states for car insurance Learn which cities and states have the lowest and highest premiums to get out on the road.
Investing Popular stocks and crypto in America Most popular stocks and crypto in America
Insurance Which US states are hit most often by hurricanes? Where not to live when it comes to risk, including worst times of year and costs of violent storms.
Travel Cheapest day to fly Many Americans are on the lookout for cheap flights during the holiday season. But when’s the best time to travel?
Money America's biggest money lies 78% of American adults admit to lying for financial gain — even more telling was that most people didn’t feel bad about their dishonesty.
Money and travel Top 15 expensive hospitals The average night at a hospital in Monaco costs $3,371 — seven times the cost of a five-star hotel.
Other Winter is here. And so is piracy. Over 10 million Americans plan to watch Game of Thrones Season 7 illegally
Insurance Driving & car insurance statistics Get stats about driving a car in the US, from popular cars and electric vehicle trends to dangerous driving habits and the cost of insurance.
Insurance Driving fatalities: 4th of July Independence Day is among the worst weekends to get behind the wheel.
Entertainment Star Wars piracy problem More than an estimated 4.7 million Americans planned to watch The Last Jedi illegally.
Entertainment Superhero statistics While DC's heroes have made the most appearances, Marvel seems to be winning the hearts of the masses.
Insurance Lying on insurance Honesty is the best policy, but not all Americans believe it gets them the best insurance policy.
Money Paycheck Protection Program statistics Small businesses may have gotten the highest number of loans — but most money went to big firms.
Money 3 true credit card horror stories and advice on how to survive Real people share their real scary credit card experiences from 2020.
Insurance Deadliest cities From the most dangerous cities to the riskiest holidays, a few states consistently ride at the top.
Money Most profitable industries Find which industries are most and least profitable by business and net margin.
Student loans Top 25 nursing scholarships Pursuing a career in health care? Consider these scholarships to reduce your student debt.
Student loans Top 25 teaching scholarships Interested in a teaching career? Browse our list to see how you can reduce your student debt.
Money Living paycheck to paycheck An estimated 186.7 million employed Americans, or 73.5% of the population, could live off their savings for only six months before going broke. How long could you get by if you lost your job tomorrow?
Shopping Are clothing subscriptions boxes worth your money? Five services that deliver a monthly fashion fix straight to your door.
Insurance Safe Driving Report 2021 An estimated 154.9 million Americans admit to driving while distracted in the past year.
Money 10 jobs most likely to provide a pay raise Theater/Performance Makeup Artists have the biggest pay increase potential.
Money Americans spending $1.8 billion on unused gym memberships annually Weird flex but ok, 6.3% of Americans have a gym membership they don’t use.
Insurance Deadliest cities to drive in over Memorial Day weekend Memorial Day is the third worst weekend in regards to road fatalities. See finder's list of the deadliest cities to drive in during this national holiday.
Money 5 must-read VA home loan tips from the experts Learn what to do if you are denied and see the data on VA loan denials so that you’re prepared when you apply.
Insurance Car accident statistics US road fatalities are on the rise. Find out where your state ranks for the number of deadly car accidents.
Money Kid's allowances Americans fork out an estimated $41 billion in kids’ allowances annually.
Insurance Deadliest cities for driving on Cinco de Mayo Nearly half of deadly crashes are from drunk driving, especially in these five major cities.
Insurance High Driving As many as 41.4 million drivers could be high on the road by 2021.
Money Americans struggles to buy groceries More than half of Americans struggling to buy groceries due to COVID-19
Blog Average New Yorker Who is the average person in the fourth most-populated state in the US?
Money Christmas spending statistics 2020 Here's how America’s spare bedrooms could be worth $174.9 billion
Shopping Debt regret More than 3 in 5 Americans experience debt regret — and most wish they’d saved up instead.
Money How COVID-19 is impacting America's financial decisions Survey Finds how 69 million Americans plan to move financially in the next quarter.
Credit cards Identity theft credit card fraud by state 423 cases per 100,000 resident for state with highest identity theft
Student loans Student loan ROI analyzes LinkedIn's top 20 highest paying careers to assess their overall value when compared to the student debt incurred.
Travel Thanksgiving travel statistics for 2019 65 million Americans planning to travel for this festival of plenty.
Money and travel Top U.S. vacation hotspots When deciding on taking out a mortgage on a second vacation home, make sure to check our list of best U.S. cities and locations to invest in.
Money Which payment method do Americans prefer? An analysis of how many Americans prefer to use cash over cards.
Money Winter spending Americans coughed up over $23.2 billion dollars on cold/flu supplies and food delivery this winter.
Money Energy costs by state Which states have the most expensive and cheapest energy costs?
Other Government reaction times to COVID-19 Which states responded more quickly to the threat of the coronavirus?
Insurance Flooding stats Rising coastal tides can mean costly damage. But water can pool in low-risk areas, too.
Other Most dangerous roads in the USA Which are the most dangerous roads and interstates?
Insurance Credit score and car insurance Did you know that raising your credit score by 100 points could save you $1,000 a year?
Money Savings account statistics In a world obsessed with spending, here’s how and how much America saves.
Blog Average Californian California is the most populated state in the United States, but who exactly is the average Californian?
Insurance Car insurance and marriage If you’ve gotten married, there’s a good chance you now pay an average $313 less when you were single.
Money Cost of drunk driving The average DUI cost of $3,294 across the US doesn’t tell the whole story.
Personal loans Personal loans statistics Americans always seem to want more – we’re all guilty of it. But how far are we extending our hands to get the things we want?
Shopping Shopping: drunk purchases America’s drunk shopping habit balloons to almost $40 billion.
Insurance Worst drivers by state Which states have the best and worst drivers in America?
Credit cards Rewards credit cards statistics Cash back reigns as the flavored reward across cardholders.
Insurance Drunk driving Which state is the booziest? Which one has the most drunk driving deaths?
Other Best and worst states for women How states compare on employment, earnings, poverty, education, health and wellbeing.
Credit cards Balance transfer statistics These balance transfer statistics show how Americans are handling debt
Travel America's most unreliable airports Despite travel mishaps improving over the years, there are still airports to be wary of in the US.
Other Doomsday statistics More than 68 million American doomsday preppers are estimated to have purchased survival gear in light of recent political events or natural disasters.
Money Side hustles Over 1 in 4 Americans are turning to the gig economy for a tax-free income on the side.
Home loans Mortgage stress 20 of the largest 100 American cities are in mortgage stress.
Money 1 in 3 Americans suffer from sexually transmitted debt Our survey reveals an estimated $250 billion absorbed by significant others.
Other 50 Female Personal Finance Blogs The finance industry is filled with many Wonder Women making a difference. In celebrations of International women’s Day on March 8, we wanted to highlight some of the best personal finance blogs run by women, in no particular order. Many of the women featured below have overcome their own unique financial hurdles and are now dedicated to helping others find financial success and independence.
Shopping Valentine's Day spending: On Pets Households to spend $175 million less on their furry friends in 2019.
Student loans Value of a college degree 60.96 million Americans are unsure or don’t think their college degree was worth the money.
Other Black unemployment rates by state Which states have the highest and lowest rates of employment for Black and African Americans?
Shopping Expert tips for the ultimate holiday budget Financial experts give their actionable advice on budgeting for the holidays.
Credit cards Average credit scores in America See how your credit score compares to others in the US.
Credit cards Processing fees and campaigns: How much are Americans spending? How much of your donation is getting to your candidate?
Insurance Deadliest cities for driving on Valentine’s Day The big heart of Houston ranks the least safe during the Day of Love.
Credit cards Chasing points More than a third (39%) of cardholders say they’ve used a credit card solely to rack up rewards points.
Money Financial infidelity in America 10 tips and tricks to help spot, and avoid, financial infidelity in your relationship.
Car loans Holiday car repairs Planning a road trip this holiday season? These are the car parts you’re most likely to need repaired during December and January.
Shopping Valentine's Day spending stats Some 135 million Americans expected to drop $30 billion on V-Day 2019.
Cryptocurrency Can hedge funds recoup GameStop losses by giving up avocado toast? Spoiler: It depends on whether they serve toast in the afterlife.
Shopping Clothes shopping on a budget-tips for 2021 11 experts share their best financial tips and tricks for how to dress your best on a budget.
Money Sky-high Prices at Duty-Free Is duty-free always cheaper?
Money 6 ways to make money fast Find in-demand side gigs that can earn you some extra dough.
Insurance Best and worst states for social security disability approval Finder analyzes the easiest and hardest states to get disability benefits in America.
Credit cards Credit card fraud stats Nearly half of all cardholders in the US shared an estimated $136 billion in fraudulent charges due to compromised accounts.
Money How would you spend your savings? Almost 4 in 10 Americans pick home ownership.
Home loans US mortgage statistics An understanding of the housing market can help you decide how you fit into it.
Money Additional income Americans are in need of extra cash, with a recent study finding some 66% of us are looking to bring in a little extra income in the coming 12 months.
Shopping Impulse spending stats 88.6% of Americans have fallen prey to impulsive online shopping.
Money Most expensive cities to die in Don't get buried in debt
Other Top school districts to purchase an affordable home A look at America's best school districts with the least expensive homes.
Shopping Americans have left $3 billion on unused gift cards The most requested gift can go unused for years.
Money The new state of retail: E-commerce stats 2020 Breaking down the data in consumer trends, sales growth and top marketplaces.
Insurance Driving fatalities: New Year's Take care when driving over New Year’s: The holiday weekend ranks as the sixth-deadliest major holiday weekend in the US.
Other 2020 New Year's resolution statistics How many Americans are due to achieve their “new year, new me” goals in 2020?
Insurance Driving fatalities: Christmas weekend Christmastime ranks as the fifth most dangerous major holiday weekend to be on US roads.
Other Recession-proof businesses Are there any recession-proof industries? And which recession-proof jobs should you be looking for?
Insurance Driving fatalities: Thanksgiving Day Two US cities tie for most fatalities behind the wheel over the extended holiday.
Other Most Popular Dog Breeds Around the World Which dog is the world’s favorite? Our interactive map above reveals favored dog breeds each country Googles more than any other hound.
Shopping Buyer's remorse Americans spent $74 billion buying items on sale that they regret.
Home loans Buy a home in 78 cities See how your salary stacks up against buying a home in one of these cities.
Insurance States with the strictest driving laws These are the states where you don’t want to get pulled over.
Money Industries most at risk due to COVID-19 Which goods are services are seeing the most disruption due to the coronavirus?
Insurance Healthcare costs by country How does the US compare to the rest of the world on hospital costs and medical care?
Money Cashback credit card tips 12 experts share advice on maximizing cashback rewards
Insurance Winter driving statistics Wintry December leads to the most fatal car accidents due to weather, but not for the reasons you think.
Shopping Holiday spending statistics New research reveals that more than 211 million Americans plan to shop up a storm this holiday season.
Technology Streaming service wars Finder compared seven streaming platforms, unearthing those offering the most value for its features.
Insurance The biggest driving mistakes of 2019 Speeding is the most common mistake, but texting while driving is the most costly.
Insurance Cars owned by celebrities Extravagant exotic cars and insane ticket prices? Some celebrity rides might surprise you.
Insurance Home insurance stats If you live near major bodies of water or places prone to severe weather, you’ll pay a higher premium than those further inland.
Money Finder's Starbucks Index 2019 A tall latte in New York City is the 16th most expensive of cities across 76 countries
Insurance Life insurance stats for 2019 Understanding the ins and outs of life insurance through the numbers.
Money 15 crazy hot dog toppings to try this July Pile feta, fruit and other wild finishing touches on your franks as you celebrate summer with these crazy dogs.
Money Who’s following your finances? Forget trailing social media: 47.7% of Americans keep tabs on each other’s expenditures.
Technology Tesla Superchargers map: Where you can charge in the US See the extent of Tesla’s Supercharger network and find out where it can take you.
Money Love and money: Statistics How do couples comingle their finances?
Money Getting the pay raise you deserve Six experts share their salary negotiation tips.
Money Joint partner accounts Sharing is caring … right? If you’re 1 in 3 Americans, the extent of that sentiment only goes so far.
Money Lifestyles of the rich and famous How much would you need to live it up private-island style?
Other Working hard or hardly working? 57% of American workers admit to online shopping while at work.
Shopping Store deterrence stats Americans are relying more and more on plastic to pay for their goods, with 45% of us saying we wouldn’t shop at a cash-only retailers.
Shopping High Shopping Americans spent $62.1 billion on purchases while under the influence.
Insurance Car insurance rates by age It’s only a number, sure. But how old you are can hugely affect your auto insurance rates.
Money Refugee business statistics There are 180,000 refugee entrepreneurs in the United States collectively earning $4,600,000,000 in income — an average of $25,555 per person.
Home loans Home renovation debt Americans are financing $16.16 billion for home renovations — and not just on plastic
Shopping Taking charge: How 16 amazing women leaders are changing the retail industry for the better
Money America's biggest money mistakes A total estimated 126.5 million American adults — 56.9% of respondents — say they’ve made a money mistake in their lifetime.
Money and travel Vacation debt We’re twice as likely to get into debt over shopping than by purchasing a home.
Cryptocurrency Here’s why Americans aren’t buying cryptocurrencies: survey Most people haven’t bought into virtual currencies because of a lack of interest or practical need.
Money Women in the cannabis industry Meet 28 women who are shaping today’s green economy
Cryptocurrency Buffett vs. cryptocurrency Which investment strategy is right for you: Value investing or digital currencies?
Student loans Student loans to overtake mortgages by 2042 Mortgages are growing at a rate of 0.6% annually, while student loans are growing at 10.4%.
Money The cost of beer around the world Is the US getting a raw deal on beer? We scoured the internet to get the cost of a pint in the most populated cities around the world.
Car loans 90+ day delinquent balances rack up fastest among auto loans Consumers continue to want what they can’t afford.
Money transfers Cash or wire transfer 62% select options that best suit themselves over the recipient when sending from the US.
Credit Cards Which credit card companies are least likely to receive a fraud complaint? With identity theft rampant, analyzed 20 of the largest credit card companies to identify which handles it best
Money transfers American immigrants and remittance We crunched the numbers and found how much money immigrants send abroad and how much they save.
Money American's Wonder Women in Finance Take a look at the Wonder Women shaping today’s banking and finance industry.
Money Loans from friends and family Americans owe an estimated $184 billion to friends and family annually.
Money Retirement outlook statistics New research reveals almost 1 in 5 Americans don’t believe they’ll ever retire.
Other I spent $3,400 relocating my dog overseas …and yes, it was worth it
Shopping Super bowl spend $17 billion spent by consumers on Super Bowl weekend
Money transfers Remittance fees worldwide The global average rate is 7.14%, but it really depends if you’re looking by country, type of provider, or form of payment.
Money transfers Countries US sends most money to American roots are joined to family and friends who dot the world. So are our wallets — to the tune of $135 billion a year.
Money WSJ economic survey Every month, The Wall Street Journal surveys some 60 economists to weigh in on major economic indicators with their forecasts for the next few years.
Business loans Small businesses without credit cards Small businesses that don’t accept credit cards losing 11.8 million customers.
Other US president predictions Who would the world elect as the next US President?
Travel Awesome features that US houses don't have Despite the common ground we share with people from countries all around the world, different cultures do certain things differently – particularly when it comes to home design.
Money The history of money From bartering and trades to Apple Pay and Bitcoin, this is the history of how we save — and how we spend.

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