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Adrienne Fuller

Head of publishing

Adrienne Fuller headshot

@adriennekfuller /in/adriennefuller/

Adrienne Fuller is the head of publishing at Finder. With a decade of experience creating guides in finance and education, she aims to deliver the accurate and transparent information she wishes she had when she made some of life’s important financial decisions. For the past three years, she has been the publisher of money transfers, helping readers save when they send money all over the globe. She earned a BA from Colorado College and loves to hike with her two Catahoula dogs around her home in San Diego.

“I’ve made good and bad financial decisions. And bringing that real-world experience is why the Finder staff is so great at creating empathetic guides for readers who want to improve their financial health.”

Allan Givens

Public relations manager

Allan Givens headshot


Allan Givens is the PR Manager for Finder. He is graduate of the University of Connecticut where he majored in sociology and women studies. His previous experience in finance includes brokering loans for small business and optimizing finance content for top sites. Allan now focuses on researching financial trends occurring in the US to better disseminate more informed financial advice.

“When even the competition is complimenting and working with you, you’re doing something right. I take pride knowing our financial expertise doesn’t stop at our site, but goes beyond as resources at universities, industry sites and major news outlets.”

Amy Stoltenberg


Amy Stoltenberg headshot


Amy Stoltenberg writes about lifestyle and money for Finder, researching the best options for shopping, banking, insurance and authentic travel experiences. After studying writing and fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design, she worked designing apparel at a corporate behemoth before opting for a career with unlimited travel time. When her laptop’s closed, she can be found wandering the streets looking for happy hour and hole-in-the-wall eateries.

“I want to guide readers toward the choices that work best for them, so they can spend more time living their lives, and less time scrolling fruitlessly through the overwhelming black mass of the web.”

Andrew Flueckiger, CIC

Writer, Insurance

Andrew Flueckiger headshot


Andrew Flueckiger is a trusted insurance expert, certified insurance counselor and licensed insurance agent who brings to readers a deep knowledge and understanding of property, casualty, health and life insurance. As a member of the Finder Editorial Review Board, he regularly reviews our content for accuracy and relevancy. Andrew started his insurance career at an independent insurance agency in Indiana in 2015 and remains there to this day. He’s part-owner of Bixler Insurance and is active in insurance sales and agency management.

“Many people are paying a lot of money for the wrong insurance. At Finder, we simplify insurance and help you understand what type of coverage you need, without overpaying.”

Anna Serio, CCLO

Senior writer, Loans

Anna Serio headshot


Anna Serio is a trusted lending expert and certified as a commercial loan officer who’s published more than 1,000 articles on Finder to help readers strengthen their financial literacy. A former editor of a newspaper in Beirut, Anna writes about personal, student, business and car loans. Today, digital publications like Business Insider, CNBC and US News and World Report feature her professional commentary, and she earned an Expert Contributor in Finance badge from review site Best Company in 2020.

“Everyone at Finder is dedicated to getting the most accurate, easy-to-understand information to our readers. And we’re constantly searching for ways to be better at that.”

Britny Lawhorn

Assistant Publisher, Home Loans

Britny Lawhorn headshot


Britny Lawhorn is an assistant publisher for Finder who specializes in mortgages. She’s here to help readers get a better deal when they buy or refinance a home. Prior to joining Finder, she spent more than five years working in marketing agencies, where she helped businesses grow their audience. She earned an English degree from the University of Tennessee and, in her free time, enjoys traveling, volunteer work and dabbling in photography.

“The more time you spend diving into a topic, the easier it is to lose yourself in the minute details. I try to keep myself in the reader’s shoes. What’s important to them? What do they need to know?”

Dawn Daniels

Publisher, Loans

Dawn Daniels headshot


Dawn Daniels is publisher at Finder, based out of Oregon. Her background includes editing more than 40 published books, including Financial Fitness: 21 Easy Exercises to Get Your Personal Finances in Shape Fast by Dr. Vi Scott. In her spare time, Dawn enjoys hiking ridiculous distances and collapsing in exhaustion.

“People make hundreds of financial choices, from how to budget groceries to how to manage cash flow for their business. Finder breaks down those choices, so readers can stay in control of their finances.”

Ezra Wolfgang

Video producer

Ezra Wolfgang headshot


Ezra Wolfgang is a video producer at Finder, helping readers compare providers to choose the best for their needs. Prior to joining Finder, Ezra interned on the assignment desk at ABC News in New York, where he helped find, develop and write breaking news stories. Ezra earned a BA in media studies from Hunter College, where he took a healthy dose of courses in film/documentary production, print and digital reporting and studio television. In his spare time, Ezra goes on the occasional run, takes photos, writes scripts and shoots his own tiny, short films.

“Working at Finder gives me the opportunity to push the envelope in financial comparison and deliver compelling content that helps readers make informed decisions to fit their needs.”

Gabrielle Pastorek

SEO producer

Gabrielle Pastorek headshot


Gabrielle Pastorek is an SEO producer at Finder, helping readers round up the best products and services to save money and make decisions. She holds an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh, and her essays and short stories can be found in The Collagist, Blue Monday Review, Blotterature and others. When she’s not writing, Gabrielle can be found out in the barn with her horse, Lucy.

“With so many options — from mattresses to delivery services — choosing the best product is overwhelming. I love that I can help people make everyday decisions to stay on budget and get quality goods.”

Holly Jennings


Holly Jennings headshot

Holly Jennings is a copyeditor and personal finance writer at Finder who brings her range of expertise to nearly every financial category we cover. As a recent immigrant to the US, she draws from her own experience opening bank accounts, applying for loans and managing finances with new credit to help readers take control of their own finances. She also contributes to Finder’s news desk, helping to publish the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency space. Holly is also an award-winning author for Penguin Random House and won the American Library Association’s Alex Award in 2017.

“Working at Finder has been the best experience, because the staff here is truly passionate about what they do — helping you to make better financial decisions.”

Jennifer Gimbel

Managing editor

Jennifer Gimbel headshot


Jennifer Gimbel is a managing editor at Finder, where she works on SEO initiatives to bolster the expertise of our writers, authority of our brand and trust of our readers. Jennifer is responsible for launching Finder’s Editorial Review Board, within which experts across the lending, personal finance, legal and medical industries review our content for accuracy and trust. She is also a constant presence on Finder’s YouTube channel, where she has hosted videos on everything from how to do your taxes to credit card hacks. Before joining Finder, Jennifer spent over five years informing digital content strategy at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media.

“I’ve never worked at a company where so much brainstorming and collaboration happens every. single. day. It’s inspiring to know we’re arming our readers with accurate, unbiased information.”

Kelly Larson


Kelly Larson headshot


Kelly Larson is an editor at Finder who’s written dozens and edited hundreds of articles helping Americans make better financial decisions on everything from credit cards to mortgages to savings accounts. He’s well-versed in fact-checking content for accuracy, editing copy to remove biases and ensuring our content remains independent from affiliates, advertisers and partners. Prior to his role at Finder, Kelly led editorial newsrooms in the creation of award-winning content as a managing editor in the digital space. He has a BA in sociology from the University of Kansas.

“The environment here is very open and collaborative. And while everyone is driven to succeed, the collective focus is always on helping people make more informed financial decisions.”

Kelly Waggoner


Kelly Waggoner headshot


Kelly Waggoner is editor-in-chief of Finder US. She’s worked with publishers, magazines and nonprofits throughout New York City, including ghostwriting a how-to on copyediting for the Dummies series. Between projects, she toys with words, flips through style guides and fantasizes about the serial comma’s world domination.

“Unbiased content supported by independent research is built into our mission. It’s what drives our robust editorial team to write clear, concise and credible content our readers rely on to make unfamiliar decisions — and gain more solid financial footing.”

Kellye Guinan

Writer, Loans

Kellye Guinan headshot


Kellye Guinan is a seasoned financial writer with over 500 articles under her belt spanning all things loans — from auto to personal to business and everything in between. With four years in the field and five years of research experience, she’s able to make complex personal finance decisions easier for anyone to tackle. When she’s not up to her knees learning about the latest trends in lending, she spends her time improving her own financial literacy and expertise — and maintaining a Duolingo streak of over 1,300 days.

“The importance of a loan’s interest rate can’t be overstated. When you’re comparing lenders, check the maximum APR. This will show you how much a lender charges — and help you pick the best deal.”

Kimberly Ellis

Writer, Banking

Kimberly Ellis headshot

Kimberly Ellis is a writer at Finder. She hails from New York City with a BA from Queens College and a New York State teaching certificate. After teaching in both public and private schools, Kimberly decided to take the world by storm and dive into the media industry — where she covers everything from home loans and investing to K–12 education and shopping. She’s also an aspiring polyglot, always in a book and forever on the hunt for the perfect classic red lipstick.

“We strive to arm consumers with real knowledge so that they can make powerful, educated decisions about their finances. I love being part of a team that’s committed to thorough investigation and unbiased reporting — because we’re shoppers too.”

Kliment Dukovski

Writer, Investments

Kliment Dukowski headshot


Kliment Dukovski is an investments writer at Finder, who’s written over 600 articles to help readers compare the best trading platforms, understand complex investment terms and find the best credit cards for their needs. Digital publications like Fox Business, MSN Money and have featured his expert commentary. He’s also well-versed in money transfers, home loans and more — breaking down these topics into simple concepts anyone can understand. In another life, Kliment also ghost-wrote guides and articles on foreign exchange, stock market trading and cryptocurrencies.

“With a lot of research and calculations, I want to help readers make informed financial decisions and save money.”

Kyle Morgan


Kyle Morgan headshot


Kyle Morgan is a producer for Finder who has worked for the USA Today network and Relix magazine, among other publications. He can be found writing about everything from the latest car loan stats to tips on saving money when traveling overseas. He lives in Asbury Park, where he loves exploring new places and sipping on hoppy beer. Oh, and he doesn’t discriminate against buffalo wings — grilled or fried are just fine.

“Tens of thousands of people come to Finder every day to learn more about financial products. It makes me smile knowing that we’ve helped our readers make life-changing decisions.”

Megan Horner

Publisher, Credit cards and banking

Megan Horner headshot


Megan Horner is the credit cards publisher at Finder. She’s passionate about helping you find the best credit cards to meet your financial needs — whether that’s earning great rewards or improving your credit score. Previously, she edited and published educational articles on credit cards as an assigning editor at Credit Karma.

“Financial education is extremely important for a healthy, fulfilling life. I love teaching people how to make good choices and pick good products that will better their situation.”

Megan Shepherd, General lines agent

Editor, Insurance

Megan Shepherd headshot

Megan Shepherd is the insurance editor at Finder and a licensed insurance agent in health, life, disability and general lines of coverage. She’s committed to delivering precise, informative content to help readers evaluate their insurance coverage options. Megan’s expertise is also seen on Forbes, Fox, Time and, and is backed by more than four years of providing guidance in the industry. She earned her BS at the University of Texas at Dallas and enjoys tuning up her backhand on the tennis court.

“There’s an insurance policy to fit your exact situation. We sift through the multitude of options and details to help you find that match. “

Melanie Huddart


Melanie Huddart headshot

Melanie Huddart is an Editor and Updates Writer at Finder, who has proofed and polished thousands of articles to help people make more informed financial decisions. She specializes in issues around accessibility and equality, as well as removing biases in managing finances for people who are unbanked or marginally banked. Before joining the Finder crew, Melanie worked in high school and college classrooms teaching English and Indigenous studies. She holds a BA in honors English and a BEd in intermediate/senior grade levels from York University in Toronto, Canada.

“Effectively managing your finances can be challenging for so many people. Making unfamiliar decisions on what products can help you do so can feel debilitating. I love that I’m able to ease that burden by guiding readers toward their best choices.”

Michael Benninger

Writer, Banking

Michael Benninger headshot


Michael Benninger is a banking writer at Finder who’s published over 100 articles focused chiefly on kids’ banking products, cash management accounts and fintechs. His expertise has been featured on GoBankingRates and Yahoo Finance, among others. As a former credit analyst and longtime freelancer, he’s written for industry-leading outlets including Intuit, Business Insider, the Los Angeles Times and The San Diego Union-Tribune. Michael is passionate about all facets of personal finance and has written hundreds of articles about money management over the course of his career. He earned his BA in business administration and marketing from Rowan University.

“When it comes to bank accounts, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that’s ideal for everyone. Choosing the right place to keep your money depends on your unique lifestyle. I make the process easier by researching your options for you.”

Michael Bowley

SEO manager

Michael Bowley headshot


Michael Bowley is the SEO manager at Finder. When he’s not helping folks save money, he’s walking his beloved dog or cycling around his home.

“If you’re gonna buy it, buy the best version of it.”

Rhys Subitch

Editor, Loans

Rhys Subitch headshot


Rhys Subitch is the loans editor at Finder, guiding readers toward smart borrowing decisions. With over half a decade of experience researching, editing and writing for a Fortune 500 company, university and several independent publications, Rhys brings readers the most up-to-date and curated info in the lending sphere. They make frequent appearances on Finder’s YouTube channel to talk through loan topics that range from the very basics to the latest government assistance programs. Before specializing in lending, Rhys was a personal finance writer for Finder’s credit cards, insurance, banking and mortgage verticals. They hold a BA in sociology and a certificate in editing from the University of Washington, Seattle.

“When you’re researching insurance, be straight up about what you can afford to cover on your own in the event of a loss. You and your family’s financial safety depends on that honesty.”

Richard Laycock

Editor, Insights

Richard Laycock headshot

@RichardLaycock_ /in/richardlaycock

Richard Laycock is Finder’s insights editor after spending the last five years writing and editing articles about insurance. His musings can be found across the web including on MoneyMag, Yahoo Finance and Travel Weekly. When he’s not doing deep dives on data, he is testing the quality of cocktails in his newfound home of New York. Richard studied Media at Macquarie University and The Missouri School of Journalism and has a Tier 1 Certification in General Advice for Life Insurance.

“Data is a compelling storyteller.”

Sarah Barness, MFA

Editor, Credit cards

Sarah Barness headshot


Sarah Barness is the credit cards editor at Finder, keeping up with the latest products in the industry to present readers with unbiased reviews and guides. She has over eight years of digital media industry experience in fast-paced newsrooms in New York City and Los Angeles. Before Finder, Sarah was ranked as a top-viewed HuffPost editor and writer. She was also a lifestyle senior editor for A Plus, a digital media publication founded by Ashton Kutcher. Sarah holds an MFA in creative nonfiction from The New School, as well as a certificate in editing from Poynter ACES.

“What I like most about working at Finder is the people. It’s such a fun and supportive environment, and everyone is truly passionate about helping consumers compare the financial products they need.”

Sarah George

Writer, Insurance

Sarah George headshot


Sarah George is an insurance writer at Finder who’s penned over 400 articles, unraveling complicated topics about car, home and life insurance. Her insurance know-how has been featured in online publications and news networks, including CBS, CNET and, as well as Finder’s YouTube channel. Sarah’s working to become a Certified Educator in Personal Finance and was a panelist on Finder’s 2020 money-saving webinar.

“Insurance has so many factors that change along with your life, so it’s a good idea to compare policies when your life situation reshapes. Finder steps alongside so you’re not making decisions alone.”

Shannon Terrell

Senior writer, Investing

Shannon Terrell headshot


Shannon Terrell is a senior writer for Finder who has written over 400 personal finance guides. With a focus on investments and personal finance, she breaks down jargon-laden topics to help others make informed financial decisions. She is studying to become a Certified Educator in Personal Finance and makes frequent appearances on Finder’s YouTube channel as a finance expert. She’s also a published author whose work has been featured in academic journals from the University of Toronto.

“I want to empower readers with honest reviews that dive into the nitty-gritty. The best decisions are informed decisions.”

Sheri Bechtel

Editor, Investing

Sheri Bechtel headshot

Sheri Bechtel is the share trading and investing editor at Finder, where she mentors writers to break down complicated topics like asset allocation, capital gains and expense ratios into concepts even newbies can understand. She’s always up on the hottest IPOs to have on your radar, and makes frequent appearances on Finder’s YouTube channel as an investing expert. Sheri has 20 years of experience covering the financial markets, from stocks to bonds and everything in between. Her expertise has been featured on Yahoo News, Black Enterprise and Money Alignment Academy’s LifeBlood podcast, among others.

“Empowering our audience to make smart investment decisions is such a rewarding experience. Finder is unique in this regard. Our team really is dedicated to helping people, and it’s so satisfying to work with so many empathetic, passionate people.”

Steven Dashiell

Writer, Credit cards

Steven Dashiell headshot

@SteveAtFinder /in/stevendashiell

Steven Dashiell is a writer at Finder specializing in all things credit cards. With more than 300 articles under his belt, he aims to help readers embrace credit cards and maximize their rewards. Steve is studying to become a Certified Educator in Personal Finance, and is a frequent face on Finder’s YouTube channel, offering the latest in credit card hacks and advice. His expertise has been featured on numerous outlets, including U.S. News & World Report, Time, CBS, Fox Business, Lifehacker, Martha Stewart Living and more.

“The difference between a good card and a great card is all in the fine details and how — or whether — those details apply to the consumer.”

Zak Killermann

Publisher, Cryptocurrency

Zak Killermann headshot

Zak Killermann is a publisher at Finder. He’s ghostwritten hundreds of articles on fintech, finding his love for publication at St. Cloud State University. Traveling internationally for nearly half his life — and getting burned once by an OTC money exchange — Zak’s vowed not to settle for anything short of the mid-market rate again.

“What I do at Finder I do every day in my personal life — I help my friends and family make the best decisions on topics stretching as far as the eye can see.”

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