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Retirement plans, explained

Know what to expect from your plan as you save and invest for retirement — and how to choose if you’re not nearly ready to retire yet.

  • 401(k). Both you and your employer can put money in tax-free, but it’ll be considered taxable income when you withdraw from it after retirement. This is one of the simplest and most popular retirement accounts.
  • Pension. One of the cushiest retirement plans, a pension is a benefit offered by an employer that gives you a guaranteed monthly income when you retire. The money is usually taxed as income, but some military and disability pensions are tax-free.
  • IRA. And individual retirement account, or IRA, lets you put money in each year until you turn 70½. Your contributions are tax-deductible, but the money will be taxed as income when you withdraw. There’s a cap on how much you can deposit each year, so IRAs are often used to supplement other retirement plans. (Read our guide to best IRA accounts.)
  • Roth IRA. Like traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs have caps on how much you can deposit per year. But there’s no limit on how long you can save, and qualified distributions aren’t taxed. While Roth and traditional IRAs are similar, they do have important distinctions. (Read our guide to best Roth IRA accounts.)
  • Individualized plans. Many people choose to utilize a combination of established retirement plans, savings accounts, CDs and stocks to create a personalized plan for retirement.

Retirement investing resources

There’s a lot to choose from. Here are some deeper looks into the details of some plans.


Max out your 401(K)?

Maximizing your retirement savings can sound enticing, but it may not be the right choice.

Retirement resources

Everyone’s retirement looks a little different. Learn how to plan for the future you want.

Retirement planning

Whether you’ve recently started your career or are a seasoned pro, it’s never too late to put a retirement plan in place.

Compare financial products for retirees

From car loans and insurance to credit cards and mortgages, compare financial products that are specifically tailored to those no longer working.

Credit cards for retired people

You can still get a credit card when you’re on a pension or if you’re retired. Compare your options and learn how to apply here.

Loans for retired people

Lenders will still consider you for a personal loan as a retiree. Find out what your options are and how to apply.

Reverse mortgages

You can use the equity in your home to retire comfortably. Learn how it works, when it’s a good idea and what to watch out for.

If you’re planning to take advantage of your retirement and see the world, make sure a mishap won’t clear out your bank account.

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