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10 jobs most likely to provide a pay raise

Vets have the biggest pay increase potential.


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Considering asking the boss for a raise? To help you assess the chances of a bigger paycheck, finder.com analyzed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to uncover the careers most likely to provide pay increases.

Top dog on our list? Veterinarians, with those in the industry experiencing a 38% pay increase between 2016 and 2017.

But it’s not just pet lovers who can keep their eyes out for more money. Take a look at the top 10 careers with the biggest potential for a larger income, along with your chances of breaking into the industry.

What are the top 10 jobs with the biggest pay increase potential?

Ranking Occupation 2017 Median Salary* 2016 Median Salary* % Increase
1 Veterinarians $95,680.00 $69,576.00 37.52%
2 Surveying and mapping technicians $57,668.00 $42,172.00 36.74%
3 Producers and directors $77,428.00 $60,476.00 28.03%
4 Financial clerks, all other $46,904.00 $36,816.00 27.40%
5 Emergency medical technicians and paramedics $51,168.00 $40,508.00 26.32%
6 Meeting, convention, and event planners $56,160.00 $45,084.00 24.57%
7 Food processing workers, all other $35,152.00 $28,444.00 23.58%
8 Parts salespersons $40,872.00 $33,228.00 23.00%
9 Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop $23,920.00 $19,448.00 22.99%
10 Logisticians $63,960.00 $52,572.00 21.66%

*Median annual earnings of full-time wage and salary workers were calculated by multiplying BLS’s median weekly earnings by 52.

The emergence of digital maps hasn’t dimmed the spotlight on surveying and mapping technicians, which holds the No. 2 spot for salary increases. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of 2017 an average 50,000 people make a career out of outlining the geographical landscape. But this field managed to experience a 37% salary increase from 2016 to 2017.

Sliding into third place, producers and directors — a field that averages a salary of $77,000 — also experienced double-digit income growth. Facing deadlines and high pressure, these motion picture professionals saw paychecks of 28% more from 2016 to 2017.

Next in line are financial clerks, a broad title that includes administrative support for banks and other financial institutions. The BLS projects a 9% increase in job availability for this career until 2026. A salary increase of 27% from 2016 to 2017 only sweetens the attraction for prospective employees.

Rounding out the Top 5 spot for salary increases is those who save lives on the daily. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics saw a more than 26% increase in their salary from 2016 to 2017.

Interestingly, these top careers shift around when we zoom into demographics. For women, the top career with a high potential for pay raises is a cluster of construction and extraction occupations that brought in a 26% salary increase from 2016 to 2017, whereas for men, it’s surveying and mapping technicians, who saw a 41% in increase in their paychecks.

What are the top 10 pay raises for women?

Ranking Occupation 2017 Median Salary* 2016 Median Salary* % Increase
1 Construction and extraction occupations $41,704.00 $33,228.00 26.00%
2 Meeting, convention, and event planners $55,328.00 $44,304.00 25.00%
3 Insurance underwriters $57,980.00 $47,320.00 23.00%
4 Psychologists $74,724.00 $61,724.00 21.00%
4 Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders $26,832.00 $22,100.00 21.00%
5 Miscellaneous healthcare support occupations, including medical equipment preparers $31,356.00 $26,208.00 20.00%
6 Physicians and surgeons $91,468.00 $76,752.00 19.00%
7 Dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers $25,012.00 $21,164.00 18.00%
7 Insurance sales agents $41,340.00 $35,152.00 18.00%
8 Wholesale and retail buyers, except farm products $46,176.00 $39,780.00 16.00%
9 Miscellaneous personal appearance workers $27,976.00 $24,232.00 15.00%
9 Postal service clerks $48,100.00 $41,860.00 15.00%
9 Sewing machine operators $27,092.00 $23,504.00 15.00%
10 Marketing and sales managers $66,976.00 $59,384.00 13.00%

*Median annual earnings of full-time wage and salary workers were calculated by multiplying BLS’s median weekly earnings by 52.

According to the BLS, construction and extraction occupations — your carpenters, electricians, roofers and more — are projected to grow by 11% until 2026. Income increases coupled with fast-track growth justify this occupation leading our list of highest pay raise potentials for women.

Women interested in changing careers may want to check out the two No. 4 positions on our list. From now until 2026, BLS reports an average growth rate of 14% for psychologists, an occupation that experienced a 21% pay increase for women between 2016 and 2017. Additionally, we see a 21% pay increase for packaging and filling machine operators and tenders.

Even the last position on our top 10 is promising, offering the 90th percentile for this cluster of marketing and sales managers the potential to make up to $208,000 as of 2017.

What are the top 10 pay raises for men?

Ranking Occupation 2017 Median Salary* 2016 Median Salary* % Increase
1 Surveying and mapping technicians $57,928.00 $41,080.00 41.00%
2 Producers and directors $88,816.00 $63,856.00 39.00%
3 Emergency medical technicians and paramedics $58,188.00 $42,692.00 36.00%
4 Teacher assistants $33,384.00 $26,052.00 28.00%
5 Parts salespersons $41,600.00 $33,436.00 24.00%
5 Crushing, grinding, polishing, mixing, and blending workers $41,340.00 $33,384.00 24.00%
6 Logisticians $70,616.00 $58,032.00 22.00%
7 Diagnostic related technologists and technicians $73,008.00 $60,112.00 21.00%
7 Health practitioner support technologists and technicians $44,616.00 $37,024.00 21.00%
7 Sales and related workers, all other $59,644.00 $49,192.00 21.00%
7 Food processing workers, all other $36,452.00 $30,108.00 21.00%
8 Athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers $53,612.00 $44,824.00 20.00%
8 Stationary engineers and boiler operators $59,384.00 $49,608.00 20.00%
9 Compliance officers $78,052.00 $66,248.00 18.00%
10 Administrative services managers $84,708.00 $72,696.00 17.00%

*Median annual earnings of full-time wage and salary workers were calculated by multiplying BLS’s median weekly earnings by 52.

Looking over the list for men, you’ll see three spots tied for occupations offering a high potential for raises. But let’s start with surveying and mapping technicians, who take the lead for pay raises among men. This career offers 11% on average growth rate for jobs until 2026 , providing more opportunities to pursue it.

At No. 5, we see that parts salespersons — those behind the counters of auto parts stores, dealers and wholesalers — saw a 24% salary increase from 2016 to 2017. This career cluster for car aficionados can earn up to $52,330 in the 90th percentile, BLS reports.

At No.7, there is a striking four way tie between diagnostic related technologists and technicians, health practitioner support technologists and technicians, sales and related workers, and food processing workers which all witnessed a 21% salary increase from 2016 to 2017.

Finally, if you’re looking for a job that typically requires only a high school diploma but offers a potential salary increase of 20% on average, chances are the field of stationary engineers and boiler operators could be a fit. Making up about 36,000 jobs in the US, it’s expected to experience a 5% job growth rate until 2026. Tied for the same salary increase on our list is also the cluster of athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers.

What about decreases?

Not all careers reliably boost an employee’s finances. Plenty of careers failed to make our list due to rapidly declining salaries.

For women, a cluster of probation officers and correctional treatment specialists experienced the deepest salary decline among other occupations. These careers saw a 15% decline in salary between 2016 and 2017, from $52,208 to $44,616.

For men, we again saw a tie for careers offering the sharpest decline. Salaries for both bartenders and chemical engineers dropped 14% from 2016 to 2017. Male chemical engineers reported a median salary of $84,812 in 2017, down from a median $98,852 in 2016. In the same time, male bartenders saw their median salaries drop from $36,452 to $31,200.

Complete list of 317 jobs and rankings

OccupationRanking2017 Median Salary*2016 Median Salary*(+/-) % Change in Salary
2Surveying and mapping technicians$57,688.00$42,172.00+36.74%
3Producers and directors$77,428.00$60,476.00+28.03%
4Financial clerks,all other$46,904.00$36,816.00+27.40%
5Emergency medical technicians and paramedics$51,168.00$40,508.00+26.32%
6Meeting, convention, and event planners$56,160.00$45,084.00+24.57%
7Food processing workers, all others$35,152.00$28,444.00+23.58%
8Parts salespersons$40,872.00$33,228.00+23.00%
9Counter attendants, cafeteria, food concession, and coffee shop$23,920.00$19,448.00+22.99%
11Sales and related workers, all other$50,492.00$41,860.00+20.62%
12Crushing, grinding, polishing, mixing, and blending workers$40,092.00$33,436.00+19.91%
13Sewing machine operators$26,988.00$22,724.00+18.76%
14Stationary engineers and boiler operators$56,576.00$48,048.00+17.75%
15Counter and rental clerks$31,564.00$26,884.00+17.41%
16Miscellaneous personal appearance workers$29,484.00$25,480.00+15.71%
18Medical scientists$71,656.00$62,972.00+13.79%
20Packaging and filling machine operators and vendors$28,756.00$25,376.00+13.32%
21Network and computer systems$72,540.00$64,064.00+13.23%
22Physician assistant$90,844.00$80,288.00+13.15%
23Broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators$59,800.00$53,040.00+12.75%
24Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers$52,052.00$46,384.00+12.22%
25Compliance officers$72,332.00$64,636.00+11.91%
26Judges, magistrates, and other judicial workers$90,584.00$81,120.00+11.67%
27Aircraft mechanics and service technicians$60,788.00$54,444.00+11.65%
28Diagnostics related technologies and technicians$60,424.00$54,132.00+11.62%
29Painters, construction and maintenance$35,516.00$31,824.00+11.60%
29Butchers and other meat, poultry, and fish processing workers$30,524.00$27,352.00+11.60%
30Automotive and watercraft service attendants$26,728.00$24,024.00+11.26%
31Gaming service workers$35,984.00$32,448.00+10.90%
32Purchasing agents, except wholesale, retail, and farm products$58,864.00$53,248.00+10.55%
33Sales representative, wholesale and manufacturing$60,164.00$54,444.00+10.51%
34Sales representatives, services, all other$59,644.00$54,080.00+10.29%
35Chemical technicians$52,676.00$47,788.00+10.23%
36Aircraft pilots and flight engineers$90,272.00$82,264.00+9.73%
37Miscellaneous healthcare support occupations, including medical equipment preparers$30,524.00$27,924.00+9.31%
38Welding, soldering, and brazing workers$42,224.00$38,636.00+9.29%
39Other healthcare practitioners and technical occupations$61,516.00$56,316.00+9.23%
40Industrial production managers$77,272.00$70,772.00+9.18%
41Chemists and material scientists$74,100.00$67,912.00+9.11%
42Dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers$23,816.00$21,840.00+9.05%
43Public relations specialists$69,628.00$63,856.00+9.04%
44Computer network architects$85,027.00$78,104.00+8.92%
45Miscellaneous health technologists and technicians$42,172.00$38,740.00+8.86%
46Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses$42,380.00$38,948.00+8.81%
47Athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers$46,696.00$42,952.00+8.72%
48Miscellaneous media and communication workers$42,068.00$38,740.00+8.59%
49Architects, except naval$75,556.00$69,628.00+8.51%
51First-line supervisors of protective service workers, all other$49,556.00$45,760.00+8.30%
52Computer control programmers and operators$45,136.00$41,704.00+8.23%
53Printing press operators$39,416.00$36,452.00+8.13%
54Paralegals and legal assistants$49,140.00$45,448.00+8.12%
56Human resource managers$75,296.00$69,680.00+8.06%
57Physical scientists, all other$79,508.00$73,632.00+7.98%
58Cleaners of vehicles and equipment$27,560.00$25,532.00+7.94%
59Parking lot attendants$29,120.00$26,988.00+7.90%
60Automotive body and related repairers$42,692.00$39,572.00+7.88%
61Bill and account collectors$35,048.00$32,500.00+7.84%
62Miscellaneous entertainment attendants and related workers$26,884.00$25,012.00+7.48%
63Insurance claims and policy processing clerks$37,128.00$34,580.00+7.37%
64Health practitioner support technologists and technicians$36,920.00$34,424.00+7.25%
65Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers$39,780.00$37,128.00+7.14%
66Food batchmakers$29,900.00$27,924.00+7.08%
67First-line supervisors of mechanics, installers, and repairers$56,784.00$53,040.00+7.06%
68Insurance sales agents$46,644.00$43,628.00+6.91%
69Therapists, all other$51,116.00$47,840.00+6.85%
70Court, municipal, and license clerks$38,376.00$35,932.00+6.80%
70Production, planning, and expediting clerks$47,372.00$44,356.00+6.80%
71Information security analysts$89,700.00$84,084.00+6.68%
72Childcare workers$25,064.00$23,504.00+6.64%
73Production workers, all other$34,476.00$32,344.00+6.59%
74Private detectives and investigators$50,076.00$47,008.00+6.53%
75Carpet, floor, and tile installers and finishers$32,812.00$30,836.00+6.41%
76Life, physical, and social science occupations$66,872.00$62,868.00+6.37%
77Radio and telecommunications equipment installers and repairers$52,520.00$49,400.00+6.32%
78Writers and authors$59,124.00$55,640.00+6.26%
78Detectives and criminal investigators$65,312.00$61,464.00+6.26%
79Brickmasons, block masons, and stonemasons$40,924.00$38,532.00+6.21%
80Operations research analysts$72,592.00$68,380.00+6.16%
81First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers$60,216.00$56,732.00+6.14%
82Computer programmers$77,116.00$72,696.00+6.08%
83Computer and information systems managers$95,836.00$90,376.00+6.04%
85Electrical, electronics, and electromechanical assemblers$32,448.00$30,680.00+5.76%
86Wholesale and retail buyers, except farmers$46,072.00$43,576.00+5.73%
87Drywall installers, ceiling tile installers, and tapers$32,968.00$31,200.00+5.67%
88Information and record clerks, all other$35,932.00$34,008.00+5.66%
89Engineering technicians, except drafters$54,756.00$51,844.00+5.62%
89Sheet metal workers$44,980.00$42,588.00+5.62%
91Stock clerks and order fillers$29,068$27,560+5.47%
92Environmental scientists and geoscientists$85,228.00$80,860.00+5.40%
93Protective service occupations$44,304.00$42,068.00+5.32%
94Social and community service managers$59,072.00$56,108.00+5.28%
95Packers and packagers, hand$24,960.00$23,712.00+5.26%
96Postsecondary teachers$68,224.00$64,844.00+5.21%
97Nurse practitioners$95,732.00$91,000.00+5.20%
98Teacher assistants$28,600.00$27,196.00+5.16%
99Interviewers, except eligibility and loan$34,892.00$33,228.00+5.01%
100Preschool and kindergarten teachers$34,164.00$32,552.00+4.95%
100Transportation, storage, and distribution managers$54,028.00$51,480.00+4.95%
101Production occupations$36,452.00$34,736.00+4.94%
102General and operations managers$69,056.00$65,832.00+4.90%
103Waiters and waitresses$25,636.00$24,440.00+4.89%
104Miscellaneous assemblers and fabricators$32,760.00$31,252.00+4.83%
105Reservation and transportation ticket agents and travel clerks$38,428.00$36,660.00+4.82%
106First-line supervisors of production and operating workers$50,232.00$47,996.00+4.66%
107Managers, all other$77,376.00$73,944.00+4.64%
108Grounds maintenance workers$27,300.00$26,104.00+4.58%
109Billing and posting clerks$36,192.00$34,632.00+4.50%
110Metal workers and plastic workers, all other$34,008.00$32,552.00+4.47%
111Non-farm animal crackers$26,312.00$25,220.00+4.33%
111Postal service clerks$48,880.00$46,852.00+4.33%
112Office clerks, general$35,464.00$34,008.00+4.28%
112Electrical and electronics engineers$93,756.00$89,908.00+4.28%
113Automotive service technicians and mechanics$39,572.00$97,960.00+4.25%
114File clerks$36,608.00$35,152.00+4.14%
114Taxi drivers and chauffeurs$31,408.00$30,160.00+4.14%
115Food preparation and serving related occupations$25,168.00$24,180.00+4.09%
116Cutting, punching, and press machine settlers, operators, and tenders, metal and plastic$34,580.00$33,228.00+4.07%
117Production, transportation, and material moving occupations$35,984.00$34,580.00+4.06%
118Maintenance and repair workers, general$43,056.00$41,392.00+4.02%
118Service occupations$28,288.00$27,196.00+4.02%
119Medical assistants$30,888.00$29,744.00+3.85%
121Industrial truck and tractor operators$32,448.00$31,304.00+3.65%
121Farming, fishing, and forestry occupations$28,028.00$27,040.00+3.65%
121Secretaries and administrative assistants$38,428.00$37,076.00+3.65%
122Insurance underwriters$59,956.00$57,876.00+3.59%
123Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists$27,456.00$26,520.00+3.53%
124Telecommunications line installers and repairers$45,708.00$44,200.00+3.41%
124Claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators$52,104.00$50,388.00+3.41%
125Recreation and fitness workers$32,032.00$30,992.00+3.36%
126Management, business, and financial operations occupations$69,004.00$66,768.00+3.35%
127Receptionists and information clerks$31,304.00$30,316.00+3.26%
127Chefs and head cooks$32,968.00$31,928.00+3.26%
128Office and administrative support occupations$36,452.00$35,308.00+3.24%
128Healthcare support occupations$28,184.00$27,300.00+3.24%
130Management, professional, and related occupations$63,648.00$61,776.00+3.03%
131Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians and mechanics$51,636.00$50,128.00+3.01%
132First-line supervisors of correctional officers$46,748.00$45,396.00+2.98%
133Personal care and service occupations$27,040.00$26,260.00+2.97%
134Bailiffs, correctional officers, and jailers$40,092.00$38,948.00+2.94%
135Transportation and material moving occupations$35,412.00$34,424.00+2.87%
135Sales and office occupations$37,336.00$36,296.00+2.87%
137First-line supervisors of retail sales workers$39,728.00$38,636.00+2.83%
138Marketing and sales managers$78,468.00$76,336.00+2.79%
139Combined food preparation and saving workers, including fast food$21,164.00$20,592.00+2.78%
140Water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators$47,164.00$45,916.00+2.72%
141Dental assistants$31,616.00$30,784.00+2.70%
142Electrical power-line installers and repairers$61,932.00$60,372.00+2.58%
143Sales and related occupations$39,676.00$38,688.00+2.55%
144Eligibility interviewers, government programs$44,148.00$43,056.00+2.54%
145Secondary school teachers$59,228.00$57,772.00+2.52%
145Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks$31,772.00$30,992.00+2.52%
146Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations$55,432.00$54,080.00+2.50%
147Janitors and building cleaners$28,028.00$27,352.00+2.47%
148Construction managers$74,256.00$72,540.00+2.37%
149Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations$27,144.00$26,520.00+2.35%
150First-line supervisors of landscaping, lawn service, and groundskeeping workers$37,596.00$36,764.00+2.26%
151First-line supervisors of office and administrative support workers$45,084.00$44,096.00+2.24%
153Customer service representatives$34,008.00$33,280.00+2.19%
154Driver/sales workers and truck drivers$41,444.00$40,560.00+2.18%
155Highway maintenance workers$39,572.00$38,740.00+2.15%
156Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, hand$30,056.00$29,432.00+2.12%
157Aerospace engineers$98,384.00$96,408.00+2.05%
158Maids and housekeeping cleaners$23,400.00$22,932.00+2.04%
160Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations$45,656.00$44,772.00+1.97%
161Security and fire alarm system installers$49,140.00$48,204.00+1.94%
162Natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations$41,652.00$40,872.00+1.91%
163Food service managers$39,156.00$38,428.00+1.89%
163Personal care aides$25,272.00$24,804.00+1.89%
164Data entry keyers$33,800.00$33,176.00+1.88%
164Security guards and gaming surveillance officers$30,992.00$30,420.00+1.88%
165Education, training, and library occupations$52,104.00$51,168.00+1.83%
166First-line supervisors of police and detectives$70,096.00$68,848.00+1.81%
166Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations$58,448.00$47,408.00+1.81%
167Miscellaneous agricultural workers$26,884.00$26,416.00+1.77%
168Accountants and auditors$60,996.00$59,956.00+1.73%
169First-line supervisors of food preparation and serving workers$27,924.00$27,456.00+1.70%
170Professional and related occupations$60,320.00$59,332.00+1.67%
171Management occupations$72,384.00$71,240.00+1.61%
172Management analysts$77,948.00$76,752.00+1.56%
173Construction and extraction occupations$41,392.00$40,768.00+1.53%
174Computer and mathematical occupations$76,180.00$75,036.00+1.52%
174Credit counselors and loan officers$55,640.00$54,808.00+1.52%
175Personal finance advisors$74,100.00$73,008.00+1.50%
176Bus and truck mechanics and Diesel engine specialists$46,124.00$45,448.00+1.49%
176Food preparations workers$22,100.00$21,788.00+1.49%
177Elementary and middle school teachers$53,196.00$52,468.00+1.39%
178Computer system analysts$73,268.00$72,436.00+1.15%
179Business and financial operations occupation$61,048.00$60,372.00+1.12%
180Police and sheriff’s patrol officers$52,780.00$52,208.00+1.10%
181Speech-language pathologists$63,076.00$62,400.00+1.08%
183Business operations specialists, all other$59,072.00$58,500.00+0.98%
184First-line supervisors of housekeeping and janitorial workers$34,372.00$34,060.00+0.92%
185Software developers, applications, and systems software$93,184.00$92,352.00+0.90%
187Legal occupations$75,036.00$74,412.00+0.84%
188Computer support specialists$55,536.00$55,120.00+0.75%
189First-line supervisors of gaming workers$41,444.00$41,184.00+0.63%
190Dietitians and nutritionists$51,532.00$51,272.00+0.51%
191Social and human service assistants$38,428.00$38,272.00+0.41%
192Financial analysts$79,560.00$79,300.00+0.33%
193Special education teachers$53,248.00$53,092.00+0.29%
194Market research analysts and marketing specialists$61,048.00$60,892.00+0.26%
197Other installation, maintenance, and repair workers$40,248.00$40,196.00+0.13%
198Physicians and surgeons$99,736.00$99,632.00+0.10%
199Social workers$47,112.00$47,112.00+0.00%
201Web developers$64,220.00$64,272.00-0.08%
201Computer occupations, all other$64,088.00$64,140.00-0.08%
202Dental hygienists$53,716.00$53,768.00-0.10%
203Couriers and messengers$37,700.00$37,752.00-0.14%
204Advertising and promotion managers$69,160.00$69,264.00-0.15%
205Property, real estate, and community association managers$49,764.00$49,868.00-0.21%
206Purchasing managers$66,092.00$66,248.00-0.24%
206Miscellaneous community and social service specialists, including health educators and community health workers$43,108.00$43,212.00-0.24%
207Computer operators$42,068.00$43,172.00-0.25%
208Architecture and engineering occupations$76,856.00$77,064.00-0.27%
209Chief executives$119,392.00$119,756.00-0.30%
211Registered nurses$59,800.00$60,008.00-0.35%
212Training and development specialists$57,148.00$57,356.00-0.36%
213Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks$37,388.00$37,544.00-0.42%
214Personal care and service workers, all others$29,640.00$29,796.00-0.52%
215Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides$26,000.00$26,156.00-0.60%
215Physical therapists$68,484.00$68,900.00-0.60%
216Civil engineers$77,688.00$78,208.00-0.66%
217Engineers, all other$81,172.00$81,796.00-0.76%
218Crane and tower operators$46,904.00$47,268.00-0.77%
218Financial managers$73,424.00$73,996.00-0.77%
219Laundry and dry-clean workers$23,400.00$23,608.00-0.88%
220Educational administrators$71,084.00$71,812.00-1.01%
221Painting workers$36,036.00$36,452.00-1.14%
222Food servers, non-restaurant$24,596.00$24,908.00-1.25%
223Retail salespersons$31,980.00$32,396.00-1.28%
224Office and administrative support workers, all other$39,416.00$39,936.00-1.30%
225Securities, commodities, and financial service sales agents$69,264.00$70,252.00-1.41%
226Flight attendants$44,720.00$45,396.00-1.49%
227Mechanical engineers$79,768.00$81,120.00-1.67%
228Cost estimators$59,228.00$60,268.00-1.73%
229Industrial engineers, including health and safety$77,792.00$79,352.00-1.97%
230Community and social service occupations$46,800.00$47,788.00-2.07%
231Graders and sorters, agricultural products$26,000.00$26,572.00-2.15%
232Artists and related workers$62,868.00$64,272.00-2.18%
233Construction and building inspectors$50,648.00$51,792.00-2.21%
234Administrative service managers$64,116.00$65,572.00-2.22%
235Technical writers$63,544.00$65,156.00-2.47%
236Compensation, benefits, and job analysis specialists$54,184.00$55,588.00-2.53%
237Order clerks$32,708.00$33,592.00-2.63%
238Payroll and timekeeping clerks$39,780.00$40,872.00-2.67%
239Medical, dental, and ophthalmic laboratory technicians$31,096.00$31,980.00-2.76%
240Real estate brokers and sales agents$49,556.00$51,116.00-3.05%
241Construction laborers$34,840.00$35,984.00-3.18%
242Respiratory therapists$49,972.00$51,896.00-3.71%
243Computer, automated teller, and office machine repairers$42,588.00$44,252.00-3.76%
244Postal service mail carriers$49,088.00$51,012.00-3.77%
245Computer hardware engineers$92,092.00$95,836.00-3.91%
246Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers$43,160.00$44,928.00-3.94%
247Loan interviewers and clerks$38,584.00$40,248.00-4.13%
248Miscellaneous vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics, installers, and repairers$31,876.00$33,332.00-4.37%
248Other teachers and instructors$46,644.00$48,776.00-4.37%
249Medical records and health information technicians$39,676.00$41,496.00-4.39%
251Industrial and refractory machinery mechanics$47,996.00$50,336.00-4.65%
251Human resource workers$56,472.00$59,228.00-4.65%
251Industrial and refractory machinery mechanics$47,996.00$50,336.00-4.65%
252Occupational therapist$67,652.00$70,980.00-4.69%
253First-line supervisors of personal service workers$32,188.00$33,852.00-4.92%
253First-line supervisors of personal service workers$32,188.00$33,852.00-4.92%
254Lodging managers$45,864.00$48,308.00-5.06%
255Chemical processing machine settlers, operators, and tenders$45,604.00$48,048.00-5.09%
256Miscellaneous legal support workers$49,764.00$52,468.00-5.15%
257Other education, training, and library workers$54,548.00$57,564.00-5.24%
258Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks$25,272.00$26,676.00-5.26%
259Tax examiners and collectors, and revenue agents$56,056.00$59,176.00-5.27%
260Bus drivers$31,460.00$33,332.00-5.62%
261Operating engineers and other construction equipment operators$45,136.00$47,840.00-5.65%
262Medical and health services managers$68,588.00$72,904.00-5.92%
263Pest control workers$32,032.00$34,060.00-5.95%
264Word processors and typists$35,516.00$37,960.00-6.44%
265Pipe-layers, plumbers, pipe-fitters, and steam-fitters$55,224.00$59,124.00-6.60%
265First-line supervisors of non-retail sales workers$55,224.00$59,124.00-6.60%
267Refuse and recyclable material collectors/tb>$27,144.00$29,224.00-7.12%
268Training and development managers/tb>$72,592.00$78,364.00-7.37%
268Miscellaneous life, physical, and social sciences/tb>$72,592.00$78,364.00-7.37%
270Hosts and hostesses, restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop$20,852.00$22,984.00-9.28%
271Cutting workers$27,092.00$29,952.00-9.55%
272Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists$45,812.00$51,584.00-11.19%
273Architectural and engineering managers$103,948.00$117,416.00-11.47%
274Baggage porters, bellhops, and concierges$28,444.00$32,500.00-12.48%
275Advertising sales agents$46,124.00$53,196.00-13.29%
276Chemical engineers$84,552.00$97,604.00-13.37%
277Public relations and fundraising managers$68,536.00$79,664.00-13.97%
278Biological scientists$59,280.00$69,992.00-15.30%
279News analysts, reporters and correspondents$49,140.00$60,632.00-18.95%
280Database administrators$71,812.00$90,012.00-20.22%
281Tax preparers$41,132.00$54,548.00-24.59%

*Median annual earnings of full-time wage and salary workers were calculated by multiplying BLS’s median weekly earnings by 52.

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