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You may remember us from these appearances


Some of our favourite campaigns

Obama impersonator

Obama visits us

It’s been almost a decade in the making, but finally made its way across to America. To celebrate, we invited the world’s best Obama impersonator to come party with us, along with some top-notch guests and our very own Tesla!

Party in the USA

America's Spare Bedrooms

America’s spare bedrooms

Why America’s spare bedrooms are worth $174.9 billion. It’s not unusual to have an extra bedroom in your house. Indeed, a analysis of United States Census data suggests that there are 33.6 million of them across the nation.

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America's Poll

President Poll

Who would the world elect as the next US President? We surveyed 18,000 people over the age of 18 in 9 countries and asked them who they would vote for out of four candidates (two Republican and two Democrat).
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