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10 best crypto exchanges and platforms

Discover our best crypto exchanges for 2022 and find out what factors you should be considering when choosing your own.

Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange or platform can help you avoid both real scams and high fees that feel like scams. We round up our top picks for crypto exchanges and platforms that focus on reasonable fees, safety and convenience.

10 best crypto exchanges and platforms

Our list includes crypto exchange and platform recommendations for everyone seeking to buy large amounts of cryptocurrencies — from beginners to traders and everyone between. We’ve highlighted four of the best crypto exchange and platform standouts to get you started.

Best crypto exchanges and platforms

To arrive at these choices, we compared more than 25 cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms on factors that include user experience, fees, payment methods and selection of cryptocurrencies. The best crypto exchange or platform for you depends on your unique situation:

  • Automated: SoFi

    SoFi is a personal finance company based in San Francisco, originally founded in 2011. SoFi offers an array of financial services such as investing, banking, and personal loans. They offer crypto in addition to traditional finance. SoFi got its start as an alternative to traditional banks for users to create savings accounts, refinance, and more.

    SoFi offers users investment options for stocks, ETFs, and IPOs while giving users the option to have SoFi automatically manage their investing for zero fees. There are currently 30 crypto assets available for buying and selling on SoFi. It should be noted that there are no options for depositing or withdrawing crypto on SoFi.


    • Free fiat transfers. SoFi doesn’t charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals of USD.
    • Simplicity. SoFi has stocks and crypto assets available in one place, allowing you to invest in both sectors.
    • Automated investing. Set financial goals and SoFi can automatically rebalance and diversify your portfolio at no cost.


    • No crypto transfers. You can’t deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies on SoFi.
    • Limited crypto selection. There are less crypto options on SoFi than other crypto exchanges.
    • Lack of exchange features.The only option to buy and sell crypto with SoFi is directly with fiat, and there are no limit order options.

    Fees: 1.25% on crypto trades, no commission for stock trades

    Investors: launched in 2018 and offers the ability to spend cryptocurrencies with a prepaid Visa card. This versatility makes an excellent choice for the frequent cryptocurrency investor looking to utilize cryptocurrencies for different use cases. Exchange benefits, such as staking rewards, are extended for users who hold the native cryptocurrency token CRO.


    • Earning interest. Holders of’s native token, CRO, can earn interest on staked investments.
    • Low fees. Deposits via bank transfer do not incur any fees, and cryptocurrencies can be purchased at cost.
    • Wide range of currencies. offers 20+ different fiat currencies for the purchase of 100+ cryptocurrencies.


    • Lack of educational resources. No basic information is provided for those just starting in the cryptocurrency sector.
    • Not the most intuitive platform. Due to the huge list of features, the platform can be overwhelming for new investors.
    • Limited access to features. Some features are accessible from the US, whereas others, such as loans, are not.

    Fees: Maker/taker fees start at 0.16%

    Cryptocurrency selection: KuCoin

    Launched in 2017, KuCoin has become a market-leading cryptocurrency exchange that hosts over 200+ cryptocurrencies. To accompany the expansive range of cryptocurrencies, KuCoin offers users a range of features, including margin trading, futures trading, peer-to-peer exchange, instant purchases and staking. For crypto variety, KuCoin is a clear choice.


    • Cryptocurrency selection. There are over 200 cryptocurrencies to choose from.
    • High liquidity. A popular choice for many, the exchange offers high liquidity on the majority of cryptocurrency markets.
    • No KYC checks. KuCoin upholds the decentralized belief by limiting KYC checks on customers.


    • No crypto-fiat pairs. Although altcoin pairs are varied, fiat trading pairs aren’t available.
    • Intimidating trading platform. For inexperienced cryptocurrency users, the trading platform can be overwhelming.
    • Limited payment methods. Bank deposits can’t be made to the platform to purchase cryptocurrency.

    Fees: Trading fees start at 0.1%

    Best for low fees: Robinhood

    Founded in 2015, Robinhood is an intuitive trading platform designed for straightforward access to the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged 24/7 with no commission payments, and accounts can be opened with no minimum deposits.

    Alongside cryptocurrencies, the platforms also offers users access to stocks, options and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Advanced features such as research reports, margin trading and instant access to larger deposits are available through Robinhood Gold, a premium service. Users can now also move their crypto from Robinhood to another wallet.


    • Commission-free. Trades are not charged a commission, which means cryptocurrencies can be exchanged freely.
    • No account minimum. No minimum amount of capital is required to sign up, which means the platform is accessible for all users.
    • Intuitive trading platform. Robinhood’s intuitive platform simplifies trading to a few taps.


    • Customer support. Robinhood does not offer phone or live web chat support for customers.
    • Limited cryptocurrencies. A wider range of cryptocurrencies can be found on other platforms like Coinbase and KuCoin.

    Fees: $0

    Large purchases: Binance.US

    Launched in 2019, Binance.US was formed as a US-regulated subsidiary of the Binance global exchange, which is the world’s largest in terms of daily trading volume. Offering both a basic and advanced trading platform, the low fees and over the counter (OTC) service means it is an option to consider for investors looking to make large purchases in the cryptocurrency markets.


    • Over-the-counter purchases. Any purchases over $10,000 can be completed using an OTC service to secure a competitive exchange rate with minimal transaction fees.
    • Low fees. Due to the success of Binance, Binance.US is able to charge some of the lowest fees in the market.
    • Cryptocurrency selection. Within US regulations, the exchange boasts one of the broadest range of cryptocurrencies.


    • Limited crypto-to-crypto pairs. Restricted cryptocurrency selection compared with the parent Binance exchange.
    • Strict KYL/AML procedures. Identity verification and signup may be slow for new users.
    • Variable access. Binance.US is not yet accessible from every single state in the US.

    Fees: Maker/taker fees start at 0.1%, with instant buys/sells costing an additional 0.5%

    Margin-seekers: FTX US

    The US subsidiary of FTX, FTX US, was formed in May 2020 and offers users the opportunity to place complex market orders to trade futures and leverage tokens, options and MOVE contracts. While many exchanges focus on instant buys or the exchange of cryptocurrencies, FTX focuses on trading cryptocurrency derivatives. Traders can also exchange cryptocurrencies at the spot price.


    • Margin trading. 10x leverage can be applied when trading cryptocurrency pairs, which means profits can exponentially increase — the same also goes for losses.
    • Instant purchase. Cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly with a credit card.
    • Professional trading platform. FTX US offers users a sophisticated trading platform on both desktop and mobile.


    • New platform. The platform has only been around since 2020 and isn’t as tried and tested as other exchanges.
    • Limited customer support. Customer support is only available through email.
    • Not beginner-friendly. Many advanced features, such as trading with leverage, may be intimidating for new users.

    Fees: Taker fees start at 0.4%, and a spread may be charged on transactions

    Advanced traders: eToro

    eToro has been around since 2007 and is often referred to as the social trading platform. The platform allows users to actively trade a wide variety of cryptocurrency/fiat pairings such as BTC/USD and XRP/EUR, utilizing multiple market orders. Users also have access to stocks, commodities, FX, ETFs and indices.


    • CopyTrading. Users track the trades made by profitable traders and copy them if they wish to.
    • Flexible market orders. Positions can be placed via market and limit orders.
    • Margin trading. Traders can utilize leverage, with eToro offering the ability to go long or short a cryptocurrency pairing.


    • No set fee structure. Each cryptocurrency is defined by a specific spread, making it difficult to determine associated trading costs.
    • Wide spreads. Market spreads on certain digital assets can often be variable and sometimes high.
    • Limited cryptocurrencies. The list of cryptocurrencies will be larger on other exchanges than eToro.

    Fees: Start at 0.75%, additional fees for longer positions

    Best for beginners: Coinbase

    Launched in 2012, Coinbase is now a tried-and-tested route for those seeking to enter the space. Coinbase is known for its user-friendly interface, and it provides inexperienced users a comfortable place to purchase a selection of high market cap cryptocurrencies.

    Educational content is offered through Coinbase Earn, and users are provided with a Coinbase digital wallet to initially store cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Pro is offered as a more advanced trading platform.


    • Simplicity. The beginner-friendly interface on Coinbase makes cryptocurrency purchases straightforward and comfortable.
    • Instant purchases. Cryptocurrency can be purchased directly from Coinbase, meaning cryptos can be accessed almost instantly.
    • Tried and tested. Coinbase is US regulatory compliant, has been around for years and holds 98% of cryptocurrencies offline in cold storage.


    • Higher transaction fees. Transaction fees on the exchange are variable but tend to be on the higher side compared to other exchanges.
    • Limited cryptocurrency selection. Coinbase offers a lower selection of cryptocurrencies than other exchanges.
    • Lack of advanced exchange features. The platform is not suitable for those looking to frequently exchange or trade cryptocurrencies.

    Fees: Starting at $0.99 + 0.5% transaction total

    Diverse payment options: Coinmama

    Since 2013, Coinmama has served as a brokerage focused on the ease of cryptocurrency purchases through a wide variety of payment options. Users can purchase cryptocurrencies using a credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Fedwire, FasterPayments, Sofort and Apple Pay. With a strong focus on customer support and service, Coinmama can be a convenient exchange for those looking to make their first cryptocurrency transaction.


    • Payment methods. A whole host of payment methods can be used on Coinmama.
    • Transaction speed. Purchases of cryptocurrencies are quick as a result of users purchasing directly from Coinmama.
    • Fast account verification. In terms of KYC checks, Coinmama offers some of the fastest in the business.


    • Expensive fees. Coinmama’s purchase and sales fees are beaten by other cryptocurrency exchanges.
    • No crypto exchanges. Coinmama can only be used for cryptocurrency purchases. Crypto-to-crypto exchanges can not be completed.
    • Customer support options. Support can only be found via email.

    Fees: 2% of transaction + additional fees based on payment method

    Swapping crypto for crypto: CoinSwitch

    CoinSwitch was launched in 2017 and is an exchange aggregator. This means CoinSwitch doesn’t focus on buying/selling crypto. Instead, it lets you trade cryptocurrencies through an order book for other cryptos.

    CoinSwitch finds the best rates across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges so the user can swap and trade cryptocurrencies with the optimum market rate at the time.


    • No registration required. This makes it one of the fastest options for swapping cryptocurrencies.
    • Cryptocurrency selection. Over 400 cryptocurrencies can be exchanged via the platform.
    • Beginner-friendly interface. Inexperienced cryptocurrency users shouldn’t have much trouble navigating CoinSwitch.


    • No fiat currencies. CoinSwitch focuses on crypto-to-crypto exchanges. You cannot purchase crypto with fiat.
    • Higher fees. Investors have to pay an exchange fee and network fee for each transaction.
    • Liquidity. Although CoinSwitch supports 400+ coins, price slippage may be an issue for less popular coins.

    Fees: Typically under 1%

    Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of cryptocurrency or any specific provider, service or offering. It is not a recommendation to trade.

    Is it safe to store your cryptocurrency on an exchange?

    Cryptocurrency is held in digital wallets. Some exchanges or platforms give you a wallet, which lets you hold cryptocurrency in your exchange account and then transfer it anywhere as desired. Others require you to have your own wallet at the time of purchase.

    We don’t recommend using an exchange or platform for long-term storage. Because the exchange or platform controls the private key to your wallet, you don’t have total control over your funds. And with exchanges or platforms regularly — and sometimes successfully — targeted by hackers, storing crypto on an exchange or platform can be risky.

    Learn more about cryptocurrency wallets

    Compare 20+ cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms you can use right now

    Use our table to compare crypto exchanges or platforms on fees, fiat currencies, deposit methods and more. Once you’ve found the right fit, select Go to site to get started.

    US Residency
    1 - 5 of 26
    Name Product Deposit methods Fiat Currencies Cryptocurrencies
    eToro USA LLC Cryptocurrency Trading
    Wire transfer, Online banking


    Get a $10 bonus when you deposit $100 or more.
    Disclaimer: eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.

    Copy the trades of leading cryptocurrency investors on this unique social investment platform. Non-US residents can read our review of eToro's global site here.
    FTX.US Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Bank transfer (ACH), Cryptocurrency, Wire transfer


    Sign up through Finder for a 5% discount on all trading fees. T&Cs apply.
    FTX exchange offers a range of cryptocurrencies, up to 10x leverage, access to global liquidity, no-fee debit cards for FTX users, fee-free first ACH deposit and benefits for FTT token holders.
    SoFi Cryptocurrency Exchange
    SoFi Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Bank transfer


    Win up to $100 in crypto with a qualifying first trade
    Instantly purchase a handful of leading cryptocurrencies with the SoFi app, which also insures your coins against potential hacks or theft.
    Uphold Digital Money Platform
    Bank transfer, Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer (SEPA)
    USD, GBP, AUD, EUR, CAD, CNY, JPY, SGD, INR, NZD & 10+ more


    Refer a friend to earn US$20 — $10 for you and $10 for the person you refer.
    Buy, send and convert from 27 currencies in seconds, all on one platform.
    KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Wire transfer, Credit or Debit Card, SEPA
    USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, AUD, KRW, JPY, TRY, VND & 40+ more


    Finder exclusive: Sign up and use code 1xf56 for one month of VIP 1 benefits. Deposit/transfer more than 0.1 BTC to KuCoin within 7 days of registration for 1 month of VIP 2 benefits. T&Cs apply.
    Browse a variety of coin offerings in one of the largest multi-cryptocurrency exchanges and pay in cryptocurrency.
    Disclaimer: Star ratings are only displayed for products with 10 or more reviews.

    Compare up to 4 providers

    1 - 5 of 11
    Name Product Deposit methods Fiat Currencies Cryptocurrencies
    Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Bank transfer (ACH)
    USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, RUB, TRY, NGN, UAH, PHP, CZK & 20+ more


    Trade an extensive range of reputable coins on this world-renowned exchange, popular for its high liquidity and multi-language support.

    US residents: As of September 2019, US-based users can only trade USD on the American dollar onramp of Binance, Binance.US.
    UK residents: In addition to normal crypto trading services, Binance offers margin lending. As this is a regulated activity which they are not authorised to offer in the UK, we advise you not to use this service. If you're interested in margin trading, see authorised providers.
    KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Wire transfer, Credit or Debit Card, SEPA
    USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, AUD, KRW, JPY, TRY, VND & 40+ more


    Finder exclusive: Sign up and use code 1xf56 for one month of VIP 1 benefits. Deposit/transfer more than 0.1 BTC to KuCoin within 7 days of registration for 1 month of VIP 2 benefits. T&Cs apply.
    Browse a variety of coin offerings in one of the largest multi-cryptocurrency exchanges and pay in cryptocurrency. App
    Credit card, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, TransferWise, SEPA
    USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, NZD, SGD, JPY, ZAR & 9+ more


    Buy 250+ cryptocurrencies, earn up to 14.5% p.a. on holdings, pay with your crypto for cashback at stores, get loans and more with this complete crypto-finance platform.
    Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange
    Bank transfer (ACH), Debit card, Wire transfer


    Get USD 25 in BTC when you trade USD 100 within 3 days of signing up. T&Cs apply.
    Execute multiple trade types with no fees on cryptocurrency and wire transfer deposits on this exchange.
    Changelly Crypto-to-Crypto Exchange
    Credit card, Debit card
    USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, MXN, HKD, RUB, NZD, SGD, JPY & 40+ more


    US residents: US-based users can not use Changelly.
    Access competitive crypto-to-crypto exchange rates for 150+ cryptocurrencies on this global exchange.
    Disclaimer: Star ratings are only displayed for products with 10 or more reviews.

    Compare up to 4 providers

    Disclaimer: Cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex and involve significant risks – they are highly volatile and sensitive to secondary activity. Performance is unpredictable and past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Consider your own circumstances, and obtain your own advice, before relying on this information. You should also verify the nature of any product or service (including its legal status and relevant regulatory requirements) and consult the relevant Regulators' websites before making any decision. Finder, or the author, may have holdings in the cryptocurrencies discussed.

    Our methodology for finding the best exchanges or platforms

    We analyze a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges or platforms compared on this page. We look at how friendly the exchange or platform is for beginners as well as its suitability for fiat currency purchases, fees, cryptocurrency selection and advanced trading features to narrow down the best within each category.

    We focus on popular and familiar exchanges and platforms, though our list isn’t exhaustive. Some exchanges or platforms may be better for specific situations and currencies. What’s best for you depends on your own circumstances.

    How we analyze each of the five categories


    We assess the level of beginner-friendliness by looking for exchanges or platforms that offer direct fiat purchases, have a managed cryptocurrency wallet for customers, use a clean and intuitive user interface, allow quick signups and have a reputation for good customer service.

    To be one of the best beginner-friendly exchanges or platforms, it must be a broker through which customers can simply buy cryptocurrency, rather than needing to deal with other traders on the open market.

    We weighed more heavily regulated exchanges or platforms with specific, legally enshrined consumer protections.

    Fiat currency purchases

    To be eligible in this category, an exchange or platform naturally needs to offer fiat currency purchases. We then compared exchanges or platforms to find one where any eligible customer who wants to buy cryptocurrency with their local currency could, regardless of their preferred payment method. We weighed more heavily a wide selection of payment methods, including some with low- or no-deposit fees, some which can be processed instantly and cash payment facilities.


    We assessed 0.5% per trade as a cutoff point, above which an exchange or platform could not be determined to have low fees. We then looked for the exchanges or platforms with no hidden costs, such as excessive withdrawal fees, and include options for reducing fees even further, such as different trading-fee tiers and other ways of reducing fees. The value of these fee reduction techniques was judged based on how much they reduced fees by and how accessible they are to a wide range of users.

    Cryptocurrency selection

    Cryptocurrency selection was judged on the sheer range of cryptocurrencies but also strongly considers how quickly exchanges or platforms typically are to list newly released cryptocurrencies and how often an exchange is the first major platform to list a given token.

    Suitability for active trading

    Factors for this category include the suitability of an exchange or platform for a wide range of different types of traders. For example, we weigh an exchange or platform that is equally suitable for an experienced or inexperienced trader, or a frequent or infrequent trader, more heavily than a narrowly focused platform.

    We also considered fees, liquidity, selection of cryptocurrencies, the ability to go both long and short on cryptocurrencies, access to leverage, advanced trade types, bot or API trading support and other features.

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      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for getting in touch! As of this writing, our pages don’t show information on an exchange that can be used for STK coins. For now, you can search for this information by doing a quick web search.

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    Why are there so many fake “ bitcoin traders” on Instagram? How do you know if someone is real?
    I am looking for someone real to help me invest with quick earnings and reinvestment.

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      Hi Juliana,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      People who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency often turn to social media for information so it provides scammers access to people who lack the expertise to tell a legitimate from an illegitimate offer. In addition to this, digital currencies including Bitcoin aren’t controlled by any financial institution or government so when Bitcoin fraud is committed, it is impossible to recover any losses.

      Our guide on common Bitcoin scams has helpful information on how to detect a Bitcoin scam and ways on how you can avoid it. Using our checklist can also help you identify if a particular cryptocurrency website is a scam or not.

      As a reminder, cryptocurrencies are speculative, complex, and involve significant risks. Please verify the nature of any product or service and consider your own circumstances before making any decision.

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