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12 best stock apps with ‘best for’ categories that actually make sense

Our picks of the best stock trading apps for beginners, options traders, hands-off investors and more.

Mobile trading apps continue to grow in popularity among traders and investors as more people leverage the power and convenience of their smartphones to access the stock market. With access to real-time market data and advanced trading tools, coupled with the falling costs of investing, mobile trading continues to transform the way individuals invest.

While nearly every broker today offers a mobile trading app in some form, not all are created equal. The best stock trading apps are free to sign up, offer an intuitive interface with ample trading tools and features and have favorable customer reviews. We analyzed 18 U.S. brokers using a methodology that considers everything from investment options to trading costs and account fees to customer support to cash sweep programs to find the best stock apps for traders and investors. Find out which trading apps are best for you and your investing style.

12 best stock apps of June 2024

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Best overall

Interactive Brokers


Finder score

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Why it's the best overall: For its advanced and beginner-friendly mobile trading apps.

In addition to receiving high marks from both Apple and Android users, Interactive Brokers' (IBKR) main mobile trading platform, IBKR Mobile, offers the powerful trading tools that many brokers reserve for their web and desktop trading platforms. These include advanced, interactive charts with over 90 indicators, analyst ratings and price targets, earnings estimates, company financials and more. In other words, there's little you can't do with IBKR Mobile. What's more, Interactive Brokers offers the more beginner-friendly IBKR GlobalTrader and IMPACT mobile trading platforms for those looking for a more simplified investing experience.

IBKR Mobile is the most feature-rich mobile platform according to Finder's analysis, while IBKR GlobalTrader is a solid option for beginners. Tack on its wide range of investment options, low trading costs and access to global markets and you can see why IBKR is not only the best broker for mobile trading but also one of the best brokerage accounts on the market.

Other winning categories: Best brokerage account for day trading, Best for international trading

Best for beginners

SoFi Invest®


Finder score

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Why it's the best for beginners: For its user-friendly interface, no minimums, commission-free trading and educational resources.

In addition to trading stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds and alternative asset interval funds on a beginner-friendly interface, SoFi® members get access to no-cost financial advice and a range of other financial services that let you invest, bank and borrow from a single, integrated platform.

SoFi Invest offers one of the simplest trading experiences among the brokers we review, providing uncomplicated market access with a no-cost robo-advisor available if you want to automate your investing. It's also one of the only brokers in the industry that offers unlimited, complimentary access to certified financial planners, a service that can cost you several hundred dollars a session elsewhere. SoFi members can consult a CFP professional ahead of any of life's important financial decisions, and we think this is a standout feature worth recognizing.

Other winning categories: Best all-in-one financial app

Best for mobile experience



Finder score

3% IRA match with Robinhood Gold
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Why it's the best for mobile experience: For its unmatched mobile user interface.

It wasn't just its offering of commission-free trades that led Robinhood to transform the way people buy and sell stocks over the past decade but also its innovative, beginner-friendly mobile app with its intuitive design and agile interface, which simplified investing for the masses. Nothing's changed on that front. Expanded investment options, 24/5 trading and IRAs that pay matching contributions are just some of the upgrades Robinhood's made since first launching.

It's a uniquely engaging mobile platform for trading stocks, ETFs, options and crypto without commission, with fractional share trading and 24/7 live customer support to boot. As the pioneer of mobile-first trading and investing, Robinhood offers an unmatched mobile experience for effortless investing.

Best for options trading



Finder score

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Why it's the best for options trading: For its access to and competitive trading fees on options, futures, options on futures, options on micro futures and smalls futures options.

Designed primarily for derivatives trading, tastytrade boasts an impressive collection of trading products and some of the best pricing on options and futures contracts in the industry. Stocks and ETFs are commission-free, options have no closing commissions and its trading platforms are powerful, with advanced trading, research and analysis tools, including profit and loss visualizations and a quick roll feature to roll your option position into the future.

Meanwhile, tastytrade offers a comprehensive learning center with video and live demos to help you level up your trading.

Best day trading stock app



Finder score

Open a new account and transfer up to $20,000 via ACATS to earn a 1.5% cash rewards match or deposit $1,000 or more to get 15 fractional shares.
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Why it's the best day trading stock app: For its user-friendly, yet powerful mobile trading platform.

Moomoo's one of the most capable trading apps on the market, offering advanced, customizable charting and free access to pro-grade tools such as analyst ratings, real-time Level 2 market data and short sale analysis. Track market capital flow to help time transactions, view position cost distribution and other technical indicators and use Moomoo's Indicator Sentiment for a quick view of the overall status of all technical indicators. Choose from over 63 indicators and 38 drawing tools or customize technical indicators with over 190 pre-set functions, all on Moomoo's user-friendly mobile app. You'll also find a dedicated desktop trading platform and paper trading so you can practice and test your strategies before going live.

Best for alternative investments


Finder score

Get up to $10,000 and transfer fees covered when you move your portfolio to Public
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Why it's the best for alternative investments: For its access to crypto, music royalties, fine art and collectibles, in addition to traditional assets.

Public offers something most brokers we review have yet to include in their lineup of investments: alternative assets. While crypto's a common offering nowadays and a few brokers let you invest in precious metals, Public's growing list of alternatives makes it a no-brainer for investors who want to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional investments, and do it from a single platform. In addition to stocks, ETFs, options, bonds and US Treasuries, Public lets you invest in crypto, NFTs, fine art, music royalties and collectibles — things like rare comics, game-worn Air Jordans and one of the earliest copies of Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo NES.

Those looking to trade traditional and alternative assets — including a high-yield cash account that currently pays a 5.1% APY as of May 2024 — from a single platform will find Public's trading app to be both simple and intuitive. Public prioritizes accessibility, making it easy to get up and running, research assets and invest.

Best for social trading and investing



Finder score

Copy crypto picks from top traders
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Why it's the best for social investing: For its CopyTrader program and social community.

eToro's app doesn't skimp on features. TipRanks-powered analyst ratings and price targets, hedge fund activity, insider transactions and advanced charts, all on an easy-to-use interface. Stocks and ETFs trade commission-free and options are free of both commissions and contract fees — something we don't see often.

But its eToro's unique blend of cutting-edge technology and social networking that helped it popularize social investing and foster a dynamic community of traders and investors. Specifically, CopyTrader. CopyTrader lets you leverage the expertise of other eToro users by automatically tracking and replicating their crypto trades in your portfolio, and get paid when others copy you. While CopyTrader is currently only available for crypto, it's a defining feature of the platform and one that helps it stand out as the best broker for social investing.

Best for stock analysis



Finder score

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Why it's the best for stock analysis: For its advanced research and analysis tools and intuitive mobile app.

Webull's versatile but user-friendly trading app delivers an impressive collection of powerful tools for on-the-go traders without complicating the trading experience. Its trading tools include customizable filters, at least 10 different order types and advanced charts with drawing tools, more than 50 indicators and over 60 on-chart technical signals. Analyst ratings and price targets, a quant rating to evaluate stocks and technical summary scores provide a quick summary of the stock's activity. While other brokers offer similarly powerful analysis tools, few deliver it through an impressively intuitive mobile app like Webull's.

Meanwhile, Webull's learning center boasts over 500 courses, and its paper trading feature lets you hone your trading skills with virtual money.

Best for micro-investing



Finder score

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Why it's the best for micro-investing: For its spare-change investing feature.

Automated portfolio management with a level of customization unlike many other robo-advisors, Acorns has redefined how people save and invest their spare change. With its innovative 'round-up' feature, Acorns automatically invests spare change from your everyday purchases, effortlessly growing your portfolio. Its user-friendly app simplifies investing for beginners, while also offering a degree of freedom to investors who want to retain control over their portfolio — Acorns Premium members can customize their portfolios with the ability to add individual stocks. And Acorns' flat-fee subscription structure means the cost for portfolio management never changes, with minimal back-end fees and no account minimums.

Whether you're new to investing or simply want to automate portfolio management, Acorns is the go-to platform for turning small change into substantial savings.

Best for market news

E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley


Finder score

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Why it's the best for market news: For its in-app live-streaming market news.

Pioneer of online trading, E*TRADE offers its E*TRADE Mobile app for on-the-go investing and the Power E*TRADE app for serious traders who need a convenient but powerful mobile trading platform. Watchlists and alerts, advanced charts, earnings estimates and high-quality research reports are just some of the features E*TRADE delivers to mobile users.

E*TRADE's dedicated 'Markets' section in its app highlights market performance, market movers, upcoming earnings, futures quotes, today's news and live BloombergTV.

Best for low fees

Fidelity Investments


Finder score

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Why it's the best for low fees: For its competitive trading costs and industry-low account fees.

Few brokers come close to Fidelity in terms of overall cost. No minimums to open an account, no commissions for online US stock, ETF and options trades and no inactivity fees. Plus, an avoidance of miscellaneous account fees that we just don't see anywhere else.

With Fidelity, you'll find:

  • No IRA closing fee
  • No statement or confirmation fees
  • No wire fees
  • No mandatory reorganization fees

Should you decide to take your business elsewhere, no account transfer fees. Need an overnight check delivery? It's free. Hit with a returned check or need to stop a payment? No fees. Its robo-advisor has no advisory fees on balances under $25,000 and there's no minimum to use the service. Fidelity says it delivers on value, and we've got to agree.

Best for stock research

Charles Schwab


Finder score

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Why it's the best for stock research: For its thematic stock lists, market news and top-tier research tools.

Charles Schwab's mobile trading app offers the same look and feel as its web-based platform — sophisticated and easy to navigate, with many modern trading features. Its 40+ thematic stock lists — everything from artificial intelligence to caffeinated drinks to water sustainability — provide a convenient way to identify new investing ideas, while its educational resources offer mobile traders quick access to timely market commentary, podcasts and articles.

Charles Schwab also offers no shortage of big broker research for its mobile traders and investors, with access to Schwab Equity Ratings Report, Morningstar Equity Analyst Report, CFRA Stock Report and research reports from Argus.

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Methodology: How we choose the best stock trading apps

Finder’s investments experts review 18 brokers available on the market to find the best stock apps for specific types of traders and investors and different investing strategies, while also granting special recognition to brokers who offer exclusive standout features that none of their competitors have.

We analyze each platform based on 147 key metrics we collect directly from brokers and assess each provider’s performance across eight different categories, weighing each metric based on the expertise and insights of Finder’s investment experts. We then score and rank each provider depending on how it performs within each category.

How we weigh the overall rating

Investment options20%
Trading platforms and technology26%
Trading costs10%
Account fees5%
Account types and minimums5%
Customer support6%
Mobile app ratings and security7%
Features and amenities21%

We update our best picks as products change, disappear or emerge in the market. We also regularly review and revise our selections to ensure our best provider lists reflect the most competitive available.

Our top picks for trading apps

Best for beginners

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Get up to $1,000 in stock
  • No-cost financial planning and automated investing
  • Trade stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, alternative asset funds
  • $0 commission on stocks, ETFs and options, with no options contract fees

Top pick for advanced traders

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Get up to $5,000 cash
  • Trade options, futures, options on futures, stocks, ETFs
  • $0 commission to close options
  • Pro-grade platform and risk analysis tools

Best for mobile experience

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3% IRA match with Robinhood Gold
  • Earn 5% interest on uninvested cash with Gold
  • Get up to $50,000 in instant deposits with Gold
  • Easy, user-friendly trading

How to choose the best stock trading app

Choosing the best stock trading app isn’t a one-size-fits-all decision. Along with costs and investment options, you’ll want to know what an app looks like and how it performs on your device. Android and iOS versions of trading apps can have subtle differences. Trading features and research tools may also be different on mobile versions of trading platforms compared to browser and desktop versions.

Factors you should consider when choosing the best trading app include:

  • Costs and fees. Most brokers on the market today are free to sign up, free to use and offer commission-free stock and ETF trading. However, brokers have other costs and fees to be aware of. For example, some brokers charge a fee for periods of account inactivity or a fee to transfer your account to another broker.
  • Investment options. A key part of choosing a trading app is determining which investment options you’re interested in adding to your portfolio. While the big brokers like Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab and Interactive Brokers offer the most traditional investment options, mobile-first trading apps are starting to step up their game when it comes to asset offerings. Most of the big brokers still don’t offer access to crypto. Choose a platform that offers tradable assets that align with your strategy and goals.
  • Platform availability. Mobile trading apps are growing in popularity for several reasons: time spent on mobile devices is increasing; mobile apps tend to offer a better user-experience; and mobile trading apps are increasingly becoming more powerful and are starting to include many of the same features you’d find on browser and, sometimes, desktop versions of the trading platform.
  • Reliability, security and customer reviews. Review the app’s security features, regulatory status and history of outages. Consider the number of reviews and how existing and previous users rate the app and platform.
A photo of Bob Haegele

Find the app that works for you.

Stock trading apps are a dime a dozen these days, but a few apps stand out above the rest. Even so, a strong rating doesn't necessarily mean a trading app will be the best pick for you.

For example, if a stock trading app has complex charts and metrics you don't understand, it probably won't work well for you. Finding an app that serves your purposes is just as important as finding one that's highly rated.

— Bob Haegele, Personal finance writer and expert

On what type of platform do you do the majority of your investing?

According to Finder’s Consumer Confidence Index, nearly a quarter of our survey respondents say they do a majority of their investing on a mobile app.

What to do now that you’ve found the right trading app

Now that you’ve found the right trading app for your goals, it’s time to put it to work. Dive into the app, sign up for an account and get comfortable with its features. You’ll need to deposit money to your new trading account via bank transfer to start investing, unless you choose to transfer assets from another broker.

Having accounts with multiple stock apps is an option if you aren’t completely satisfied with a single platform. Maybe it offers the tools and resources you need to research stocks but not the assets you want to build out your portfolio.

Define your investment goals, develop a strategy that suits your style and stay informed about market trends. Use any educational resources the app offers to learn how to invest and sharpen your skills. Regularly review your portfolio and adjust your strategy as needed.

The right trading app makes investing easier. But you also need a solid plan and the discipline to invest regularly and consistently to give you the best chance at building your wealth.

Compare and find the broker that's right for you

Match your experience level with your trading and investing goals to find the right broker for you.
If you're a And want to Consider this
Beginner investor Do most or all of your trading on your mobile device Best stock trading apps
Beginner investor Trade and invest with as few fees as possible Best discount stock brokers
Beginner investor Outsource portfolio management automatically and at a low cost Best robo-advisors
Beginner investor Gain exposure to multiple assets like stocks, bonds or gold through a single fund Best ETF brokers
Experienced investor Get an overall idea of providers on the market and what they're best for Best brokerage accounts
Experienced investor Invest internationally in stocks, ETFs and other assets Best international stock brokers
Retirement saver of any experience level Save for retirement with upfront tax benefits Best (traditional) IRA
Retirement saver of any experience level Save for retirement and enjoy tax-free withdrawals Best Roth IRA

Frequently asked questions about the best stock trading apps

Are stock trading apps safe?

Yes, provided you deal with a reputable broker. US brokers are highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) to ensure that they follow best practices when managing client money. Your investments are also protected by the Security Investors Protection Corporation (SIPC) in case your brokerage firm fails.

Apps from licensed, established brokers also feature high-level security features to help protect your privacy and your money. They use encryption and strong firewalls to protect your data and features like biometric logins and two-factor authentication to help keep your account safe.

Is Robinhood a good app?

Robinhood is among the best trading apps. It’s beginner-friendly, making it incredibly easy to start trading stocks, ETFs, options and crypto. It also has some of the lowest fees in the industry and offers the best mobile experience according to Finder’s analysis.

Are stocks a good investment?

In general, stocks are a good investment. Stocks are widely regarded as offering the greatest potential for growth over the long-term. But that doesn’t mean any stock is worth buying. Do you due diligence before investing.

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