World First: Award Winning Foreign Exchange Services

Find a cheap and easy way to send money overseas when you place an international funds transfer with World First.

World First aims to make it affordable and simple to send an international money transfer. With an easy transfer process and free transfers when you send $10,000 or more, World First offers safe and secure online transactions. It also offers better exchange rates than you’d expect to find from a bank.

World First Foreign Exchange

World First International Money Transfers

Exclusive offer for readers:
Because World First is a trusted partner of, you can send your money transfer overseas for free.

No fees: There is a $0 online transfer fee for all customers.

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Spot contracts, forward contracts and hedging options available
  • Weekly updates on market exchange rates
    Rates last updated January 19th, 2017
    Description Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Services Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received
    World First Foreign Exchange
    World First Foreign Exchange
    Exclusive offer: $0 transfer fee
    Transfer money into a range of currencies online and over the phone.
    USD 500 2 days Online, Phone Go to site More

    Note: Transfers can take between 1-2 days.

    Who is World First?

    World First has been looking after the international money transfer needs of its customers since 2004. In the ensuing years it has handled more than $56 billion worth of international money transfers.


    Based in the UK, World First has won a host of awards since its inception.

    • Being named leading customer-facing service business in Europe at the 2014 European Business Awards
    • Being awarded the 2013 Customer Experience Award in the Financial Services – Banking category.

    World First has a 3A2 credit rating from Dun and Bradstreet.

    How do you send money overseas with World First?

    When you want to send an international money transfer with World First, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account. To do this you’ll need to choose the type of account you want (personal, business or online seller) then provide your full name, your country, your phone number and your email address. You’ll also have to supply the details of the bank account you will be using to fund your transfers.

    Next, enter the details of how much money you’re sending and where you’ll be sending it to. You’ll also need to provide the details of the person you’re sending money to and the currency you want to send.

    World First will provide you with an exchange rate quote, and you have the option of sending your funds straight away or locking in the current rate for a future transaction. Once you deposit the funds with a World First, the company will convert them into your desired currency and send them to your recipient.

    World First allows you to place transfers online, over the phone, or by using its Android or iOS app.
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    What are the pros and cons of using World First?


    • No fees. You will not have to pay a transfer fee if you send more than $10,000 overseas with World First. However, a $10 fee applies if you send less than $10,000.
    • Customer service. World First has a customer satisfaction rating of 98%. You can get access to customer service online, over the phone or via their app.
    • Lock in a rate. If you like the exchange rates on offer now, but aren’t ready to make a transfer, World First allows you to lock in an exchange rate now for use on a transaction up to three years into the future.


    • Minimum transfer amount. World First has a high minimum transfer amount of $500, which can be limiting if you don’t wish to send a large amount of money.
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    What other products does World First offer?

    • Live rates, graphs and economic commentary. Keep up to date with developments in foreign exchange markets with these online tools and resources.
    • International business payments. World First offers a fast, safe and secure service for businesses that need to manage their international payments.
    • Solutions for online sellers. Online businesses trading in international markets need to find a cost-effective way of converting the payments they receive back into their own currency. World First can help them do just that.

    Shopping for an alternative? Compare competing services to World First.

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    Frequently asked questions

    I’m sending $1,000 from the United States to Europe – how much will the transfer fee be?

    Whenever you send an amount less than $10,000 with World First a flat fee of $10 applies to all transactions.

    Do the same fees apply for businesses?

    No, a different fee schedule applies to business accounts based on how regularly your business performs transactions with World First. Contact the company for more details.

    How long does it take to open an account with World First?

    The quickest way to get started with World First is over the phone — the application process can usually be taken care of in around 10 minutes. Applying online may take up to an hour or so as World First will need to satisfactorily verify your identity.

    Is there a minimum amount I can transfer?

    Yes, you must transfer at least $500 with each World First transaction, or an equivalent amount in another currency.

    How much can I save when I transfer money overseas with World First instead of with my bank?

    World First estimates that the savings you can enjoy typically range between 0.25 and 4 per cent of your transfer amount.

    Can I lodge a forward contract with World First?

    Yes, this feature is known as the ‘Buy now, pay later’ service. It allows you to lock in an exchange rate for up to three years, allowing you to take advantage of favourable market conditions. However, remember that you may need to pay an initial deposit now and the remaining balance at the end of the contract.

    Where does World First have offices around the world?

    World First’s offices are located in the UK, the USA, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. Its US offices are in Arlington, VA and Austin, TX.

    Of course, it always pays to shop around and compare companies to ensure that you find the best deal.

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