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Shepherds Friendly is one of the oldest financial mutual societies in the world. It offers a range of savings options for adults and children.

What savings options does Shepherds Friendly offer?

Stocks and Shares ISA

  • Easy access to your money.
  • Open with a regular monthly payment of £30 a month.
  • Or open with a lump sum of £100.
  • You might get an annual bonus if investments perform well enough.
  • Low-medium risk with this investment option.

What is a cash ISA?

A cash ISA is a savings account where you don’t pay tax on the interest you earn. There’s a limit on the amount you can deposit into ISAs each year, which is set by the government.

Junior ISA

  • Parent or guardian can only open this type of account.
  • Pay in monthly, with a minimum of £10 a month.
  • Or start with a lump sum of at least £100.
  • The annual limit for junior ISAs currently stands at £9,000.

How do I decide which account is for me?

Firstly, you need to decide what you’re looking for in a savings account. How often will you want to take money out? Are you looking to squirrel away bigger or smaller amounts?

You need to work out what you need before comparing the different offers available for certain types of savings accounts. Once you have done that, it’s useful to look at:

  • Interest rates
  • Fees (If there are any.)
  • Access to cash (If you need quick access, for instance.)
  • Rewards and loyalty schemes (If you’re into add-ons or switching bonuses.)

Does Shepherds Friendly offer online banking?

Shepherds Friendly lets you apply and manage your accounts online. You can do a range of things in the online members area, including:

  • View your plan details and recent transactions.
  • Check how your plan is performing.
  • Make online payments to your ISA quickly.

What are the pros and cons of banking with Shepherds Friendly?


  • Online banking. Managing your savings accounts online means you can get instant access to your account. There’s no need to call up or send a letter.
  • Insurance. A few of the options discussed above offer life or sickness cover, which may give you added peace of mind.
  • Free voucher. You might get a Love 2 Shop gift voucher of up to £50 when you open an account.


  • Little choice for junior savers. You will get a wider selection of savings accounts elsewhere.
  • No high-street presence. It might not be suited to those who prefer face-to-face banking. However, you can contact Shepherds Friendly over the phone, online and also by post and email.

Customer service information for Shepherds Friendly

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