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What are the different types of cover?

There are three main types of cover for car insurance: third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive. Each type of cover suits different requirements, so make sure to consider all your needs before choosing which option to go with.

Third party

All drivers are legally required to at least be covered with Third Party insurance. It offers the most basic form of cover, offering protection if you damage someone else’s car or cause injury to someone in an accident. It also covers you if you cause injury to passengers of your car. This is often a popular choice for first-time drivers, cheaper cars, and those on a budget.

What’s covered?
  • Injuries to others, both in your car and other vehicles.
  • Damages to property or other vehicles.
  • The cost of legal claims against you.
What isn’t covered?

  • Damages to your car.
  • If your car is stolen.
  • If your car is destroyed by fire.

Third party only car insurance.

Third party, fire and theft

This type of policy is offers slightly more cover than the legal requirement but it is still limited in what it protects you from. It covers you in the same way that third party car insurance does but it also includes cover for fire and theft. This is often a popular choice for those who need a bit more cover without the price tag.

What’s covered?
  • Injuries to others, both in your car and other vehicles.
  • Damages to property or other vehicles.
  • The cost of legal claims against you.
  • Replacing your car if stolen.
  • Damages to your car as a result of attempted theft or fire.
What isn’t covered?

  • Other damages to your car.
  • Cover for your personal injuries.
  • A pay out if your car is written off.

Third party, fire and theft car insurance.

Comprehensive cover

This is the most complete form of car insurance you can get, so if you’re looking for top cover, this is the option for you. Comprehensive car insurance covers you for third party, fire and theft, as well as you or your own vehicle in the event of an accident.

What’s covered?
  • Injuries to others, both in your car and other vehicles.
  • Damages to property or other vehicles.
  • The cost of legal claims against you.
  • Replacing your car if stolen.
  • Damages to your car as a result of attempted theft or fire.
  • Damages to your car.
  • Cover for your personal injuries.
What isn’t covered?

  • Any optional extras (see below).

Comprehensive car insurance.

This might surprise you, but in some cases comprehensive cover can work out cheaper than third party, fire and theft. Even if you don’t think you need fully comprehensive cover, it’s worth getting a quote so that you can compare the different costs.

Looking for extra cover?

  • Breakdown cover. This means that if you break down at any time, you can call someone to come and help get you out of trouble. Your provider will send someone out to you to try to fix your car or tow the car to a garage.
  • Courtesy car/hire car cover. If your car is being repaired or has been written off after a claim, this extra cover means you’ll be provided with an extra vehicle.
  • Legal expenses cover. Insurance providers can cover the legal costs of you taking someone to court in order to reclaim any costs as a result of an accident. It can cover you for pursuing compensation for medical expenses, hire car costs, loss of personal items such as jewellery. It can also cover you if someone brings a claim against you.
  • Cover for driving abroad. Whilst your insurance policy will already cover you for third party insurance abroad, you may want to consider taking out extra coverage. It wouldn’t break the bank to add fully comprehensive cover onto your policy and it may end up saving you a fortune.
  • Windscreen cover. Repairing a windscreen can cost you a lot, so this additional extra may just be a saving grace. For a few extra pennies, your insurer can cover the costs of any chips and cracks in your windscreen.
  • Personal accident cover. This will cover you if you or your partner suffer a serious injury as a result of a car accident. Your insurer would pay to help with medical treatments, lost income and recovery costs.
  • Replacement key cover. If you lose your keys or they’ve been stolen then this cover the cost of replacing them.
  • Protected no claims. If you have protected no claims cover then if you were to make a claim then your no claims bonus would stay intact. To purchase this you normally need to have about 3 or 4 years of no claims.

Optional extras to add onto your car insurance policy.

How to compare car insurance

You can compare car insurance quotes from hundreds of providers by clicking on the green button below. You’ll need to complete a short online form by providing basic personal details and will then be shown a range of competitive insurance quotes. You should always keep the following in mind when comparing car insurance:

  1. Always review your current policy. Many customers believe they may be entitled to a loyalty bonus by staying with the same insurance provider, but it’s actually the opposite is often the case. Insurers will often offer discounted policies to new customers, so it makes financial sense to compare your insurance options each year, instead of automatically renewing with the same provider.
  2. Use autofill. Autofill can help you save time when completing your insurance quote form, and can be turned on with most web browsers. If you want to review your quotes, or make small changes to your form, you can also do so by access the Finder quote email and clicking “Edit quote details”.
  3. Get your details right. The cost of cover is influenced by many different factors, including your age, location, occupation, and marital status, and changing one minor detail when completing your claim form can have a big impact on the quotes you receive. Make sure all your personal details and information are correct to ensure you’re getting accurate quotes.
  4. Compare your results. It may be tempting to just go with the cheapest quote you receive, but you should always do your own research to find the provider and policy that best suits your needs.

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