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How does help you make investment decisions?

At we stay on top of investment products, keeping our information fresh and up to date. We present this information to you (whether that is rates, fees, features or benefits) and combine it with our simple guides, helping you to make the right investment decisions.

How to make smart investment decisions

No one has the right answer, otherwise we’d all be rich! There are, however, ways to make sure that your investment decisions are smart every time. This is different from decisions being right every time. Don’t assume that a decision that goes wrong wasn’t a smart decision at the time, with the information available at the time. Here are some things to keep in mind when investing.

1. Find out which investment option suits your needs

There are a lot of financial tools for you to choose from that have the potential to grow your investment. Working out which one is best suited to your current financial situation is the first step. Read our guides to get an idea of which products suit you best.

2. Compare providers who offer the services

Once you’ve settled on an investment option, you should compare the providers in that area. Look at cost, but also things like flexibility, frequent trader rates, ease of access. There are a lot of considerations to make, our tables and guides aim to make this process a bit easier.

3. Choose the option best suited to you

Once you’ve done your homework, it’s simply a case of signing up to the provider of your choice. Apply directly through our tables, and you’ll be up and running in no time! Always double check (or triple check) that you’re happy with your decision, and if you’re uncertain seek financial advice.

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