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Only the best and most innovative companies make the grade in our UK awards.

Finder is on a mission to help consumers make better decisions. We celebrate companies that create innovative products and services that make life easier, as well as those who provide outstanding service to their customers.

Finder holds two types of awards: The annual Customer Satisfaction Awards, and a series of Innovation Awards, which run throughout the year, focusing on a different sector each time.

Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards

We don’t decide the winners of these awards – you do!

For our latest Customer Satisfaction Awards, announced in January 2021, we surveyed the customers of dozens of major companies across 13 categories in finance, breakdown cover, insurance and TV streaming. We asked about their experience as a customer, and whether they would recommend the brand they use.

To find out which providers came out on top across all of our categories in 2021, watch our video below:

You can also check out our 2021 awards announcement, or click on the categories below to see both the winners and a full run-down of results for all of the providers featured in our surveys.

The results of our inaugural 2020 awards can also be found here.

Methodology for the Customer Satisfaction Awards

Our most recent awards, held in January 2021, were based on the results of a customer survey carried out across 13 categories in December 2020. There were almost 14,000 customer responses overall, with a minimum of 750 in each category (and 250 for business banking).

The survey asked respondents how satisfied they were with their provider (on a scale from one to five), and also whether they would recommend the brand to a friend or not. We turned these results into overall customer satisfaction star ratings, then shortlisted the top-performing brands for our awards, and identified the winning and highly commended companies in each category. If there was a draw between providers who had the same star rating, we used the recommendation score (that is, the percentage of customers who said they would recommend the brand to a friend) as a tie-breaker.

Finder Innovation Awards

Finder’s new series of Innovation Awards recognise providers that are innovating in their chosen field, by bringing new and impactful features to the market and delivering beneficial services to their customers.

These awards run on a rolling basis throughout the year, focusing on a different sector each time. In September 2020, Finder revealed the winners of the first Investing and Saving Innovation Awards, and in December 2020, announced the results of the first Banking Innovation Awards. The Insurance Innovation Awards were launched in March 2021, followed by the Lending Innovation Awards in June 2021. Find out more, including which companies scooped the top prizes, on the pages below:

Methodology for the Innovation Awards

The shortlist of finalists in each category was selected by Finder’s subject area specialists, who identified the providers they felt were displaying key innovations in their field.

The shortlist was then passed to an independent, expert judging panel, who decided the winning and highly commended companies by assessing the finalists across three different criteria: uniqueness of innovation, impact in the market and value to customers.

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