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Only the best and most innovative companies make the grade in our annual awards.

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Finder’s mission is to help consumers make better decisions. We celebrate companies that create great products and services that customers love, and we highlight them on our site so users can see who’s really cutting it.

In March 2020, we announced the winners of our inaugural customer satisfaction awards. We didn’t choose these winners; the people who really matter did. We asked customers of dozens of major finance and insurance companies about their experience and whether they would recommend the brand.

The winners

The winners are based on both overall satisfaction scores and recommendation scores (the percentage of customers who said they’d recommend the brand to a friend).

Credit card winner
Personal loans winner
Insurance winner
Mortgages winner

Customer satisfaction ratings methodology

In December 2019, we ran a customer satisfaction survey across 9 categories, with a minimum of 750 customer responses per category.

The survey asked respondents how satisfied they were with their current insurance company (on a scale from one to five, and also whether they would recommend the brand to a friend or not). We turned the results into star ratings and shortlisted the top-performing brands for our awards. When there was a draw, we used the recommendation score (that is, the percentage of customers who said they would recommend the brand to a friend) as a tie-breaker.

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