How we fund this site

At Finder, we're committed to providing you with free, current and accurate information to help you make better decisions.

Creating and maintaining useful information is a massive task involving hundreds of staff and complex technology systems, so we rely on the support of our users and our partners to help us meet the costs of delivering our services.

As a business, we make money in several ways:

  • When you click a link on Finder that leads to a third-party product or service. This doesn’t mean that we’re paid every time you click a link or apply for a product or service; we usually receive a payment only if you decide to complete the transaction.
  • When partners buy advertising on our site, in our email newsletters or in our social media channels. Like many publishers, we use display advertising to help cover our costs. We always make sure adverts are clearly distinguished from our editorial content.
  • When partners contribute towards the cost of an article series or videos. We’ll always disclose this with a “presented by” or “paid content” message, and we won’t let companies influence our content or any reviews of products associated with them.
  • When we list products or services on our site (for example, in tables) our partners may feature more prominently, either as a clearly labelled “promoted” brand, or in a group of partner brands. In all cases, we’ll explain this clearly, and these commercial arrangements don’t affect how we review or write about these services. Our comparison results, editorial content and reviews are based on our objective analysis. We stand by editorial principles that ensure our information is fair, accurate and trustworthy.

Check out our editorial guidelines and our terms of use to learn more about Finder.

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