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UK diet trends

UK diet trends

Going meat-free is increasingly common in the UK, with many people opting to follow a vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan diet. We surveyed 2,000 adults to uncover what the UK is eating, and the cost of each diet. Read more…

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MoneyBank of England Official Bank Rate SurveyFinder’s Bank of England official bank rate survey. Read the forecasts of some of the UK’s brightest minds in economics and property.Naomi Hudson18 Dec 2018
MoneyHow much are Brits really paying in overdraft fees?Two in three Brits (67%) with an overdraft don’t know how much they’re being charged, according to a study of 2,000 British adults commissioned by Rotstein03 Jul 2018
MoneyUK Remittance StatisticsThe UK’s yearly remittance has gone up by 20.3% since 2010. Where is this money going?Noi Rotstein26 Sep 2017
Shopping & dealsBlack Friday statisticsBlack Friday, one of the biggest shopping days in the UK. But how much do we plan on spending – are what are shoppers’ biggest regrets?Noi Rotstein23 Nov 2018
Tech & telcoBroadband Statistics90% of UK homes are connected to the internet – but how fast is the average connection?Josh Cadman23 Apr 2018
Tech & telcoInternet use in the UKThe average UK resident spends 2.1 hours online at home every day. How does this vary across the country?Noi Rotstein26 Feb 2018
Shopping & dealsWhite liesAh, Christmas: the time of year when everyone gets together with their friends, families and loved ones, and… lies to each other?Noi Rotstein13 Dec 2018
TravelChristmas dinners around the worldFrom whale skin in Greenland to fried chicken in Japan and salted cod in Mexico, take a look at our map and to see what will be on people’s plates this Christmas.Noi Rotstein13 Dec 2018
Shopping & dealsChristmas Spending StatisticsOver 36 million Brits plan to shop up a storm this Christmas, totalling to the tune of £14.2 billion. But just how to we plan on funding these purchases?Naomi Hudson04 Dec 2017
MoneyPayment methods abroadBeing savvier with travel money could save the UK £1.4 billionNoi Rotstein26 Sep 2018
MoneyUK Credit Card Statistics for 2018Our guide includes the latest facts and figures, including average transaction values and historical data.Noi Rotstein18 Jul 2017
MoneyLondon Crime StatisticsFind out the latest crime statistics for London including which areas have the most crime, knife crime statistics and moped crime statistics.Josh Cadman25 Jun 2018
MoneyCryptocurrency StatisticsWe explore the latest statistics in the world of cryptocurrency including who is and isn’t buying cryptocurrency – and who have made their millions off these virtual currencies.Josh Cadman03 Apr 2018
MoneyBitcoin statisticsWe’ve rounded up the statistics on bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency.Noi Rotstein14 Jan 2018
MoneyCryptocurrency price tracker (BTC/ETH/XRP)Cryptocurrency values have fluctuated madly over the past few years. Explore these changes and their main drivers through our interactive graph.Noi Rotstein11 Jan 2018
MoneyDigital bank adoptionWe carried out a survey of 2,000 adults to see what stage the digital banking revolution is at.Noi Rotstein08 Jan 2019
MoneyThe cost of university around the worldWe explored the latest figures to see how tuition fees for university in the UK compare to other countries around the world.Noi Rotstein03 Sep 2018
MoneyEmployment statisticsOur interactive map will show you how the UK’s employment rates vary by demographic.Noi Rotstein27 Sep 2018
MoneyUK business ownersAn analysis of the individuals controlling the UK’s companies, including their most common ages, genders and nationalities.Noi Rotstein26 Jan 2018
MoneySide hustles and tax evasionAn estimated 5.7 million of us aren’t declaring our side hustle money, which results in £23.5 billion made off the books.Noi Rotstein18 Oct 2017
EnergyEnergy StatisticsBrits spend over £1,200 on energy bills every year but could save up to £300 by switching provider. We unpacked the latest statistics to find out more about our energy bills.Josh Cadman12 Jul 2018
EnergyThe cost of energy around the worldIn the UK, we pay over 50% extra to power our homes compared to the global average. In this map we show where people pay the most, and the least.Noi Rotstein03 Jul 2018
EnergyHow to power every country with just solar panels87% of countries included in this analysis could power themselves using less than 5% of their land. The UK, at 12%, is not one of them.Chris Lilly19 Apr 2018
EnergyBusiness Energy StatisticsOur guide to the energy consumption of UK businesses. How much does the average office cost to run?Josh Cadman26 Jan 2018
MoneyBrexit Exchange Rate TrackerFollow the major events of Brexit and how they might affect you. With our interactive currency exchange rate tracker watch the rise and fall of the pound.Jon Ostler15 Nov 2018
InsuranceMost expensive countries to be hospitalised inWhere in the world will one night in hospital set you back more than £2,500? Ouch! We’ve analysed the cost of hospital beds vs luxury hotels around the world, and why it pays to get your travel insurance before you jet off on holiday.Noi Rotstein11 Jul 2018
Shopping & dealsCalories and alcoholWe list popular drinks – 7 spirits and 12 brands of beer – to find out which have the fewest calories, for the most alcohol.Noi Rotstein25 Jun 2018
InsuranceHealth and Safety statisticsOver 600,000 people were injured at work in 2016 – we examined the latest statistics to see how safe it is to work in the UK and which industry is the most dangerous to work in.Josh Cadman22 May 2018
InsuranceFinder’s Safe Driving Report 2018Texting, grooming and drink driving – what else are people doing behind the wheel? Dig into the details with Finder’s safe driving report 2018.Noi Rotstein04 Apr 2018
InsuranceHealth StatisticsWe gave the UK a checkup to see how healthy we really are. Exploring the latest statistics in obesity, alcohol consumption and more.Josh Cadman07 Feb 2018
MoneyCost of a city centre flat around the worldHow do property prices in the UK compare to the rest of the world? We estimated the cost of a city centre two-bed flat in 91 countries to find out.Noi Rotstein18 Sep 2018
InsuranceHome Insurance StatisticsExplore the latest home insurance statistics, including how many homes are uninsured, the average value of our homes’ contents and how much a burst water pipe might set you back.Josh Cadman15 May 2018
InsuranceTravel Insurance Statistics25% of Brits are travelling abroad without travel insurance, we dive into the latest stats to find out more about the world of travel insurance.Josh Cadman17 Apr 2018
InsuranceCar Insurance StatisticsWe unpacked all the latest statistics to give you the rundown on UK car insurance statistics.Josh Cadman01 Mar 2018
InsuranceLife Insurance StatisticsThere are over 25 million insurance protection policies in place – but who has cover and who doesn’t?Josh Cadman16 Feb 2018
MoneyThe effects of controversies on share pricesHow can a single event affect the value of a company? Our graphs reveal the impact.Sam Smith12 Nov 2018
MoneyInvestment StatisticsWith over 8 million Brits investing in stocks and shares ISAs we analysed the latest statistics to understand what is keeping more Brits from investing.Josh Cadman29 May 2018
Tech & telcoiPhone Sales StatisticsWe estimated the number of iPhones bought in the UK every year since 2011Noi Rotstein07 Sep 2017
MoneyMortgage StatisticsOutstanding mortgage debt stands at over £1.370 trillion in the UK. But just how many Brits have mortgages – and can we afford them?Josh Cadman21 Mar 2018
MoneyOverdrafts vs payday loansAccording to our recent survey, almost half of Brits have no idea which option is safer or which offers the best value.Noi Rotstein17 Jan 2019
MoneyPayday Loan StatisticsA closer look at the facts and figures of payday loansVicky Ng06 Nov 2017
MoneyPension StatisticsDoes the UK know how much it needs to save up for retirement?Noi Rotstein20 Oct 2018
MoneyLending generosity quizEach year UK residents lend around £16.6 billion in total to their family and friends. What role do you play in this country’s unofficial lending economy?Noi Rotstein05 Dec 2018
MoneyMates’ ratesMillions of Brits have lent money to their friends, and they’re not getting all of it back.Noi Rotstein07 Aug 2018
MoneyDebt StatisticsHow far in the red are we? We explore the latest debt statistics for both the government and individuals in the UK.Josh Cadman06 Mar 2018
MoneyKids’ allowanceSurvey finds an estimated 9.06 million parents give their kids £5.38 billion in allowances annuallyVicky Ng29 Jan 2018
MoneyMillennial money statisticsFind out over 50 unique stats about millennials and how they manage their finances.Noi Rotstein01 Dec 2017
MoneyPersonal loan statisticsIn this report you can find whatever unsecured loans data you need from the past 10-25 years, updated monthly.Noi Rotstein09 May 2018
InsuranceHow much do we spend on our pets?An analysis of the costs involved in keeping pets finds that we spend over £2.4 billion on them each month in the UK.Noi Rotstein09 Apr 2018
InsuranceThe most popular dog breeds around the worldIn Afghanistan, people search for the Afghan Hound more than any other dog. Use this interactive map to explore our findings for the rest of the world.Chris Lilly28 Feb 2018
MoneySaving statisticsWhen it comes to saving for a rainy day how good are Brits at setting money aside? We looked into the latest statistics to find out.Josh Cadman19 Nov 2018
MoneyDisposable income around the UKWhere in the UK can you make the most, and spend the least?Noi Rotstein10 Oct 2018
MoneyCelebrity debtDebt is a serious issue that can affect anyone. While you might expect that fame and riches would grant a person immunity from such problems, certain celebrities have proved otherwise.Sam Smith10 Aug 2018
Shopping & dealsMost gifted giftsTake a walk down memory lane with us as we find out what Christmas gifts defined each year from 2007 to 2018.Noi Rotstein27 Dec 2018
Shopping & dealsUnwanted giftsOur unwanted gifts are totaling to some £5.03 billion combined, with 1 in 10 of us knowingly giving terrible presents!Noi Rotstein22 Dec 2017
Shopping & dealsThe problem with impulse spending78.2% of Brits have fallen prey to impulsive online spending. But just how much is wasted on regretful purchases each year?Noi Rotstein04 Aug 2017
MoneyLondon Airbnb StatisticsThe number of Airbnbs in the UK’s capital has quadrupled between 2015 and 2018.Noi Rotstein12 Dec 2018
TravelHoliday planningEver found yourself researching your next holiday during work hours? You’re not the only one.Noi Rotstein26 Jul 2018
TravelTravel Money StatisticsUK tourists take over 70 million trips abroad a year, we dived into the latest statistics to see how much we are spending when we jet off on holiday.03 Jul 2018
TravelThe cost of a pint of beer around the worldUse finder’s interactive world map to learn about variations in beer prices globally. Find out where in the world you’d pay a whopping £8.58 for a pint.Noi Rotstein08 Dec 2017
TravelOutbound Tourism StatisticsOver 70 million trips were taken by UK residents in 2016. Where were the most popular destinations?Noi Rotstein27 Nov 2017
Tech & telcoTV StatisticsBrits are watching over 22 hours of TV every week, which is over 45 days every year. We dived into the latest figures to see just what we are watching, where we are watching and how much we are spending on our TV habit.Josh Cadman13 Jun 2018
Tech & telcoNetflix UK vs the WorldCan one country’s Netflix catalogue be considered the best? We compiled the libraries of a few countries to get an idea of how their sizes compare.Noi Rotstein11 Apr 2018
Tech & telcoThe best film directors, according to IMDb dataWe analysed over 80,000 titles on IMDb to see what the average score is, and how each director compares to that mean.Noi Rotstein21 Mar 2018
Tech & telcoMarvel vs DCOur summary of the past half a century of superhero shows. While DC’s heroes have made the most appearances, Marvel seems to be winning the hearts of the masses.Noi Rotstein03 Jan 2018
Tech & telcoHow fast can you stream videos in different countries?In most countries, you can now reasonably expect to stream Netflix in HD.Alex Kidman08 Jan 2017
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