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Investment statistics According to our survey, almost 1 in 5 (18%) of Brits have owned stocks and shares before.
Saving statistics Learn more about the average savings in the UK, broken down by age and account type.
Digital banking statistics How many Brits have a digital-only bank account in 2023?
Buy now pay later statistics Here's what you need to know about the rise of buy now pay later services in the UK.
Credit card statistics We look at the latest statistics on credit card ownership and spending in the UK.
Side hustle statistics We look at the latest side hustle statistics and trends across the UK, including how many people have them and the average earnings.
Debt statistics What are the typical debt levels for people living in the UK?
Mortgage statistics From the average house price to how many outstanding mortgages there are, we explore all the latest statistics in the UK.
Banking statistics What are the biggest banks? How are opinions about banks changing? Find the latest UK banking statistics here.
Personal loan statistics Find out what the average interest rate on a personal loan is in the UK.
Debit card statistics How Brits are using their debit cards.
Credit score statistics We look at the average credit scores in the UK, including by age and by area.
Business loan statistics What are the latest statistics on lending to SMEs and small businesses?
Business credit card statistics The latest statistics for business credit cards explored.
Base rate survey Our panel of experts share their predictions on interest, mortgage and savings rates for 2023.
Working from home statistics 38% of people are working from home at least some of the time. Is hybrid working here to stay?
Cost of living statistics How is the cost of living crisis affecting the UK in 2023?
UK diet trends How many Brits will give up meat in 2023?
Black friday spending Latest statistics suggest that Black Friday spending will drop by almost a fifth to just under £4 billion in 2022.
Mobile internet statistics The latest mobile internet statistics on how we use the Internet on our phones.
Cryptocurrency statistics How many Brits own crypto?
Cardano price prediction Up, down or sideways – what lies ahead for the price of Cardano?
AI investing Is ChatGPT outperforming the top 10 most popular funds in the UK?
Outbound tourism statistics We summarise the latest outbound travelling habits of UK residents.
Cost of a flat What is the cost of a city centre flat in countries around the world?
Life insurance statistics Is the UK prepared for the worst?
Crypto friendly banks Find out which UK banks are crypto-friendly - and which aren’t.
Does BNPL affect your credit score? We asked all the major buy now, pay later providers in the UK, and found a credit score lottery.
Cryptocurrency adoption index The definitive ranking of the most popular cryptocurrencies across 26 countries.
First-time buyers statistics How many Brits are getting their foot on the property ladder and at what age are they buying their first house?
Payday loan statistics A closer look at the facts and figures of payday loans
Home insurance statistics Have homeowners in Britain got their homes covered?
CFD trading statistics CFDs are a highly risky way to trade. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) analysis has revealed 82% of CFD customers lose money.
Pension statistics Does the UK know how much to save up for retirement?
Travel insurance statistics How many Brits are taking out travel insurance when they go abroad?
Health insurance statistics Is health insurance worth the expense?
Monzo statistics With a valuation of £1.25 billion, Monzo is one of Britain's biggest startups to date.
UK business owners The typical business owner is 51, British and male
NFT statistics All the statistics, trends and market data you need on NFTs in 2022
Stocks and shares ISA statistics Less than 5% of Brits have a stocks and shares ISA. How much do Brits invest in stocks and shares ISAs?
London Airbnb statistics How has Airbnb grown in the UK’s capital?
Revolut statistics Valued at $1.7 billion (£1.3 billion) and funded to the tune of $336.5 million (£257 million), Revolut is one of the world's biggest fintech unicorns.
Travel money statistics Discover the latest travel money statistics from the UK.
Buy to let statistics How many Brits are buying homes to let them out?
Disposable income UK Which cities in the UK have the highest and lowest living costs?
Car insurance statistics Is the UK paying too much for car insurance?
Ripple price prediction What's in store for the price of XRP this year and beyond?
Market cap map We’ve compared the market cap of the world’s largest companies with the GDP of each country.
Money transfer statistics Where does the UK send its money?
Tax statistics Discover how much tax the average person pays and how the UK government gets taxes from and how they spend the money.
Guarantor loans statistics How many people have a guarantor loan in the UK?
Trading fees statistics How do trading fees differ for investing platforms?
Dogecoin price prediction Our panel is split on whether or not Dogecoin (DOGE) is worth investing in.
Overdraft statistics How much do Brits use their overdrafts and how much is the overdraft industry really worth?
Bank branch usage Are people still using bank branches? Is your area being affected by bank branch closures? Find out the latest data here.
Inflation vs savings Do inflation rates reduce the value of your savings?
Online shopping fraud Online shopping fraud and scams increased by 37% in the first half of 2020. Find out the latest figures and how to avoid online shopping scams.
Historical price tracker Here's how the prices of common items in the UK have changed since 1992 in comparison to inflation.
Remote working statistcs An estimated 11 million Brits plan to work remotely overseas in 2023.
ESG statistics A comprehensive study of the state of ESG in the UK.
Solana price prediction What's in store for the price of SOL this year and beyond?
Valentine's day spending How many UK consumers spend their money on February 14th?
Christmas spending statistics How much are Brits going to spend on gifts this year?
Cost of a pint We have compiled data on the average prices of beer in the most populated cities around the world.
Unwanted gifts Over 32 million Brits receive gifts they do not want, worth some £1.2 billion combined.
Gambling statistics 43% of Brits have gambled in some way in this year. We unpacked the latest stats to see what we are gambling on and how much we spend.
New Years resolution statistics How many Brits are making New Year's resolutions for 2023 and what are the most common?
Subscription service statistics Brits spend over £2 billion every single year on subscription services – but which are the most popular and how is the market growing?
Easter spending We look at how much people are likely to spend on Easter eggs and other treats.
Halloween statistics How much do British people spend on their spooky celebrations every year? Find the latest Halloween statistics here.
Finder's investment challenge Every year, we track 7 different ways to invest or save £1,000. What has performed well recently?
Student loan statistics All the statistics you need to know about student loans.
Student spending statistics Where are students spending their budgets?
Bitcoin statistics Here are the numbers you need to know about the biggest cryptocurrency.
Starling bank statistics Here's everything you need to know about the fintech company looking to revolutionise banking.
Women in investing Women are closing the investing gap to men.
Millionaire calculator Use our calculator to find out how long it would take you to save up a million pounds based on the interest on your savings account.
Current account statistics Get updated on how Brits are handling their current accounts.
Kids banking statistics Discover the latest pocket money statistics and see how children look after their money.
Buying vs renting What are the average rent and mortgage costs in the UK? We’ve done the calculations to help you decide which is the more worthwhile investment.
NFT game statistics What play-to-earn (P2E) adoption looks like across 26 countries.
Largest market crashes We compared the S&P 500's live market value with the worst market crashes of the last 50 years.
Currency predictions Our panel of experts shares their predictions on the course of the pound and its strength against the dollar and the euro.
Salary statistics We look at the average salary figures in the UK and whether wages have grown in line with inflation.
Electric vehicle statistics How big will the electric vehicle market be in 2030?
The cheapest cities to buy a house in the UK The UK's cheapest and most expensive cities to buy a property.
Drone industry forecast Will UAVs integrate into global industries over the next decade?
Solar power potential Discover key information on solar panels, including how many are needed to power your home, the UK, Europe and the world.
Business travel statistics Learn about the UK’s business trips.
iPhone sales statistics How has iPhone popularity changed in the UK?
Health statistics How healthy is the UK? We dived into all the latest stats to give you the figures on life expectancy, alcohol consumption, obesity and more.
Wedding abroad Brits to spend an estimated £17.1 billion on weddings abroad in 2023.

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