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Mortgages Police statistics When looking to buy a house in a certain area, researching the crime rates in that location may be an important consideration before taking the plunge on your mortgage. We looked into the latest UK police statistics. Matthew Boyle 9/18/2019
Insurance NHS statistics Our beloved NHS is somewhat of a national treasure, providing healthcare services to over 66 million Brits across the country. Here at Finder, we’ve given the National Health Service a check-up to see how it’s getting on. Esther Wolffowitz 9/17/2019
Utilities Recycling statistics The waste that we produce can have a massive strain on natural resources and requires an astonishing level of energy and power to deal with. In 2017/2018, the total household waste volume in England was 23.1 million metric tonnes. Matthew Boyle 9/16/2019
Student GCSE statistics At the end of secondary school education, 16-year-olds in the UK take their GCSE exams – in 2019 over 4.6 million studentstook these exams. We unpacked the statistics to find out the lowdown on GCSE exams and results. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/16/2019
Student A-level and further education statistics We unpacked the latest statistics to see how many studentsare choosing to continue their education, what they are studying and how they got on in their exams. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/16/2019
Utilities Illegal streaming statistics From that first play of your favourite artist’s new album to catching the latest Hollywood blockbuster on the box, it’s all available right at your fingertips. But there are a select few who choose to consume content illegally and are facing the consequences. Matthew Boyle 9/13/2019
Student Education statistics Read about key stats about the UK’s education system, like the expenditure, number of schools, exam results and apprenticeships. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/13/2019
Money Eco vehicle intentions Flying cars aren’t really a thing (yet) and no one is expecting them to float in our skies anytime soon. Good news is, the focus has shifted and we’re getting closer to producing efficient and economically sustainable electric cars instead Chris Lilly 9/12/2019
Insurance Road accidents statistics We unpacked the latest statistics to see how dangerous Britain’s roads are, and to show just how important having the proper insurance is. Esther Wolffowitz 9/12/2019
Insurance Military statistics The British Armed Forces are not only responsible for protecting the UK and its overseas territories but also support international peacekeeping and provide humanitarian aid. Find out some stats about the workforce, including how people view their jobs. Esther Wolffowitz 9/12/2019
Money Buy-to-Let statistics Buy-to-let mortgage is a great way of borrowing the necessary funds to do so. We looked at the latest reports to see how many Brits are investing in property using this lending method. Matthew Boyle 9/11/2019
Shopping Yoga statistics Yoga is a popular form of exercise that focuses on strength, breathing and flexibility to boost your physical and mental wellbeing. We looked at the statistics to see how many Brits are bending and flexing their way into yoga in the UK. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/11/2019
Mortgages Historical house price statistics From getting your mortgage application accepted to dealing with perpetually rising house prices, getting your foot on the property ladder feels harder than ever in 2019. But just how much have property prices increased over the last 20 years? Matthew Boyle 9/11/2019
Shopping Subscription service statistics Subscription services are a great way of getting the most from your favourite brands, whether it’s free next-day delivery from Amazon Prime or getting healthy snacks delivered to your door with Graze. We’ve explored the latest statistics to see how many Brits are subscribed to services such as these in 2019. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/11/2019
Travel London underground statistics The tube is the underground network serving thousands of Londoners and tourists every day. With the tube linking 270 stations all over London, it is extremely efficient and can deliver you from one side of central London to the other in under 30 minutes. Find out more statistics and fun facts about how the tube runs. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/11/2019
Money Gambling statistics We looked into the statistics to see how Brits are spending their money on gambling and if we’re gambling responsibly or not. While gambling can be fun, you can also run into serious money issues and debt, so gambling responsibly is essential. Chris Lilly 9/10/2019
Shopping Drinking statistics From cracking open a cold one in Summer to sipping on mulled wine in December, us Brits use any excuse to finish another bottle. Read our page to find out a bit more about the nation's drinking habits. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/9/2019
Shopping Christmas shopping statistics From watching the lights turn on to tucking into a roast dinner, there's nothing quite like a white Christmas in the UK. Find out how Brits celebrate. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/30/2019
Money Debit card statistics Debit cards are an extremely versatile and popular way of spending, so we decided to investigate how we Brits are using them. Charlie Barton 8/29/2019
Travel Train statistics More people travel on trains now than ever before, last year hit record high of 1.7 billion users. With revenue reaching £10.3 billion, the highest figures recorded since 2014/15. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/29/2019
Shopping Shopping statistics While shopping on the high street and in shopping centres was the best option in the past, online shopping has revolutionised how Brits do their shopping. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/28/2019
Travel Living overseas statistics We looked at the statistics to see which countries are the most popular for Brits looking to purchase property overseas. Matthew Boyle 8/27/2019
Mortgages Home statistics Buying a home is a huge milestone, especially as house prices are rising all over the UK. Find out how first-time buyers and mortgages compare across the UK. Matthew Boyle 8/27/2019
Money Remortgaging statistics How many Brits are choosing to switch their mortgage provider? We looked into the latest facts and figures to find out. Matthew Boyle 8/27/2019
Shopping Beauty statistics Beauty treatments go a lot further than skin deep, and this power has been harnessed by companies and individuals alike, fueling the UK's £27 billion beauty industry as we know it today. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/23/2019
Money First-time buyer statistics Along with saving up for a deposit and finding the perfect home, you also need to consider which mortgage lender is right for you. Matthew Boyle 8/23/2019
Shopping Department store statistics Department stores, sometimes named non-specialised stores, will provide you the luxury of visiting only one store to cover all your retail needs. Read on to find out where Brits go for their one-stop shop. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/23/2019
Shopping Jewellery statistics For the things that aren't easy to express, say it with jewellery. From wedding rings to gold bracelets, these ornate gifts can be used to celebrate any special occasion. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/23/2019
Energy Electricity statistics We’ve looked at the latest statistics to see how much Brits are spending on their electricity bills, and to find out if you could save money by switching providers. Matthew Boyle 8/22/2019
Money Student Banking statistics It's worth thinking about which bank can offer you the most suitable student account. Charlie Barton 8/22/2019
Shopping Supermarket statistics Our weekly spend at grocery stores this year is £3 billion! How often do you go to the shop? Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/22/2019
Utilities Gas statistics We’ve looked into the latest statistics to see just how much gas the UK is using and producing, and to find out whether switching to a different gas provider could save you money. Matthew Boyle 8/22/2019
Insurance Motorbike statistics As well as making your commute easier and more thrilling, motorbikes tend to be cheaper than cars. So how many Brits are choosing a motorcycle in 2019? Esther Wolffowitz 8/21/2019
Utilities Business Broadband statistics How important is broadband to businesses? Matthew Boyle 8/20/2019
Insurance Van statistics Vans are a popular choice for individual or corporate use, so we've collected all the latest facts about van use in the UK right here. Esther Wolffowitz 8/19/2019
Money Bitcoin price tracker Cryptocurrency values have fluctuated madly over the past few years. Explore these changes and their main drivers through our interactive graph. Charlie Barton 8/19/2019
Travel Airport Statistics The top 10 busiest airports in the UK look after a huge 252.2 million passengers per year. We decided to look into how they compare. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/19/2019
Insurance Rabbit Statistics Rabbits are prone to needing frequent jabs and checkups at the vet. Check out our rabbit insurance page to find out how you can protect your pet against unexpected events. Esther Wolffowitz 8/15/2019
Utilities Mobile Internet Statistics 8 out of 10 adults in the UK have a smartphone, but just how much are we using them and how much data are we consuming? We explore the stats. Matthew Boyle 8/19/2019
Utilities Broadband Speed Statistics We analysed the latest reports to see where in the UK has the best Internet connection and which areas are lagging behind. Matthew Boyle 8/19/2019
Insurance Golf Statistics Golf is much more than just hitting a ball around a green. The sport demands patience, technique and years of practice – and money. Esther Wolffowitz 8/16/2019
Insurance Horse Statistics From field rent to training equipment, horses are one of the most financially demanding pets you can own. But just how popular are horses in the UK? Esther Wolffowitz 8/15/2019
Travel Caravanning Statistics The caravanning industry contributes more than £6 billion to the UK economy every year and employs around 130,000 people. Esther Wolffowitz 8/14/2019
Insurance Cat Statistics As lifelong friends, cats can offer you the perfect companionship, so it's no wonder that cats are the UK's second favourite pet! Esther Wolffowitz 8/14/2019
Travel Cycling Statistics How many Brits are taking to the road on their bicycles? We analysed all the latest statistics to find out more. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/13/2019
Utilities TV Streaming Statistics Whether you stream with Netflix, Amazon, Now TV or another service, more than 13 million UK households now have at least one streaming subscription. Matthew Boyle 8/13/2019
Money Business Credit Card Statistics We looked into the latest statistics to see how companies in the UK are using business credit cards. Charlie Barton 8/12/2019
Money Contactless Card Opinions We did some research to understand contactless card trends in the UK and Brits’ attitudes are towards them. Charlie Barton 8/12/2019
Travel Hotel Statistics Unless camping is on the agenda, booking a hotel is a must for a trip around the UK. Check out our findings on hotel costs and occupancy rates in the UK. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/12/2019
Money Stocks and Shares Statistics With over £28 billion invested in adult and junior stocks and shares ISA accounts, we delved into the latest statistics to see the full breakdown. Charlie Barton 8/12/2019
Travel Business Travel Statistics Businesspeople jet off every day to scope out potential opportunities for their companies. Learn about the business trips taken from, to and within the UK. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/12/2019
Travel Inbound tourism Statistics Find out just how popular the UK is amongst overseas visitors. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/9/2019
Travel Car Hire Statistics Owning a car can be quite expensive, so it's no surprise that hiring a car is becoming a popular option for those wanting to avoid buying a car outright. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/9/2019
Money Share Dealing Statistics We looked into the latest share dealing statistics to give the stock market a health check and to see just how many companies are listed on the stock exchange. Charlie Barton 8/8/2019
Money CFD Trading Statistics We’ve dived into the latest statistics to give you the rundown on the CFD market. Charlie Barton 8/7/2019
Travel Flight Statistics With the number of Brits flying in 2018 being over 77 million and exceeding the UK population, air travel has never been more popular. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/7/2019
Money Employment statistics Our interactive map will show you how the UK’s employment rates vary by demographic. Noi Rotstein 8/5/2019
Money Mortgage Statistics Outstanding mortgage debt stands at over £1.370 trillion in the UK. But just how many Brits have mortgages – and can we afford them? Matthew Boyle 8/5/2019
Utilities Smart Meter Statistics What does the British public think about the new smart meter programme? Matthew Boyle 8/5/2019
Student International Study Statistics If you are keen to get your degree while exploring life in a foreign country, studying abroad could be perfect for you. Learn how many of your fellow students are doing the same. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/5/2016
Money Business Loan Statistics We have looked into how the state of borrowing for these businesses differs between the industry, over the years, and for the size of the business. Chris Lilly 8/2/2019
Money Guarantor Loan Statistics We have compiled statistics on how people are handling their guarantor loans. Chris Lilly 8/2/2019
Money Personal loan statistics In this report you can find whatever unsecured loans data you need from the past 10-25 years, updated monthly. Chris Lilly 8/1/2019
Shopping Cost of a Pint map Read on to find out where the UK sits globally and how beer prices compare between the world's and UK's major cities. Georgia-Rose Johnson 7/31/2019
Travel Outbound Tourism Statistics Over 70 million trips were taken by UK residents in 2016. Where were the most popular destinations? Georgia-Rose Johnson 7/30/2019
Money UK Remittance Statistics The UK’s yearly remittance has gone up by 20.3% since 2010. Where is this money going? Charlie Barton 7/30/2019
Energy Energy Statistics Brits spend over £1,200 on energy bills every year but could save up to £320 by switching provider. We unpacked the latest statistics to find out more about our energy bills. Matthew Boyle 7/29/2019
Tech & telco TV Statistics Brits are watching over 22 hours of TV every week, which is over 45 days every year. We dived into the latest figures to see just what we are watching, where we are watching and how much we are spending on our TV habit. Matthew Boyle 7/29/2019
Tech & telco Broadband Statistics 90% of UK homes are connected to the internet – but how fast is the average connection? Matthew Boyle 7/29/2019
Money Spare Change We have done some research to find out what Brits are doing with their coppers. A shocking one in eight (14%) are ditching our spare change by throwing them in the bin. Charlie Barton 7/26/2019
Money Tax Statistics Anyone who earns more than £12,500 during the 2019/2020 financial year should pay income tax. We took a look at where the tax money end up. Charlie Barton 7/26/2019
Money Student Loan Statistics The majority of people studying in the UK will consider taking out a student loan to cover university fees and living costs over the course of their degree. Chris Lilly 7/26/2019
Money Brexit Exchange Rate Tracker Follow the major events of Brexit and how they might affect you. With our interactive currency exchange rate tracker watch the rise and fall of the pound. Charlie Barton 7/23/2019
Energy Business Energy Statistics Our guide to the energy consumption of UK businesses. How much does the average office cost to run? Matthew Boyle 7/23/2019
Insurance Health and Safety statistics Over 600,000 people were injured at work in 2016 – we examined the latest statistics to see how safe it is to work in the UK and which industry is the most dangerous to work in. Esther Wolffowitz 7/23/2019
Money Car Loan Statistics Just how much are us Brits spending on car loans? We did some research to find out. Chris Lilly 7/23/2019
Insurance Health Insurance Statistics We found that, despite health insurance being so beneficial in terms of shortened wait times and cheaper costs for a number of treatments, only a small proportion of UK citizens are covered. Esther Wolffowitz 7/23/2019
Insurance Student Car Insurance Statistics As a student paying the costs that come with living on your own, is it worth spending additional funding to keep driving? Esther Wolffowitz 7/23/2019
Money Debt Statistics How far in the red are we? We explore the latest debt statistics for both the government and individuals in the UK. Chris Lilly 7/22/2018
Money Payday Loan Statistics A closer look at the facts and figures of payday loans. Chris Lilly 7/22/2019
Insurance Pet Insurance Statistics We've reviewed insurance costs for different pets so that you can help support your pet in every circumstance. Esther Wolffowitz 7/22/2019
Money Current Account Statistics You might consider if your current account is offering you the best features. Charlie Barton 7/19/2019
Shopping Student Shopping Statistics We put on our investigation shorts to have a look at where exactly the student's money goes. Georgia-Rose Johnson 7/19/2019
Student Student Money Statistics We've put together the real price of being a student around the UK. Georgia-Rose Johnson 7/19/2019
Money Digital Banking Statistics Our data suggests that people highly value good digital services from their main bank, which could explain the consistent increase in online banking penetration over the last ten years. Charlie Barton 7/18/2019
Mortgage Manchester Crime Statistics We've looked into the crime rates in Manchester to find out more about the criminal activity occurring in this area. Matthew Boyle 7/18/2019
Mortgage Liverpool Crime Statistics All the stats from the Merseyside Police Department. Matthew Boyle 7/17/2019
Money Cash ISAs Statistics Where the UK stands with interest-free savings accounts. Charlie Barton 7/17/2019
Money Saving statistics When it comes to saving for a rainy day how good are Brits at setting money aside? We looked into the latest statistics to find out. Charlie Barton 7/16/2019
Money Investment Statistics With over 8 million Brits investing in stocks and shares ISAs we analysed the latest statistics to understand what is keeping more Brits from investing. Charlie Barton 7/16/2019
Money Bitcoin statistics We’ve rounded up the statistics on bitcoin, the first and largest cryptocurrency. Charlie Barton 7/16/2019
Money Business Banking Statistics A stable flow of finances is the lifeblood of your business, so picking the right funding is very important. So, how do the UK's businesses finance themselves? Charlie Barton 7/16/2019
Insurance Home Insurance Statistics Explore the latest home insurance statistics, including how many homes are uninsured, the average value of our homes’ contents and how much a burst water pipe might set you back. Esther Wolffowitz 7/15/2019
Insurance Travel Insurance Statistics 25% of Brits are travelling abroad without travel insurance, we dive into the latest stats to find out more about the world of travel insurance. Esther Wolffowitz 7/15/2019
Insurance Car Insurance Statistics We unpacked all the latest statistics to give you the rundown on UK car insurance statistics. Esther Wolffowitz 7/15/2019
Money Why we invest We asked Brits whether they would consider buying stocks and shares at some point in their life, and we found that over half of us (51%) are considering it. Charlie Barton 7/12/2019
Insurance Dog Insurance Statistics How many Brits insure their beloved pets? We wanted to see how many dogs were insured in the UK and some of the common costs that come with owning a dog. Esther Wolffowitz 7/12/2019
Utilities Mobile Statistics The power and convenience of our mobile phones has made them an everyday necessity for most people. We have collected the latest facts about mobile use. Matthew Boyle 7/12/2019
Money Cryptocurrency Statistics We explore the latest statistics in the world of cryptocurrency including who is and isn’t buying cryptocurrency – and who have made their millions off these virtual currencies. Charlie Barton 7/10/2019
Travel Travel Money Statistics UK tourists take over 70 million trips abroad a year, we dived into the latest statistics to see how much we are spending when we jet off on holiday. Charlie Barton 7/9/2019
Money UK Credit Card Statistics Our guide includes the latest facts and figures, including average transaction values and historical data. Chris Lilly 7/8/2019
Travel Sky-high Prices at Duty-Free Are we actually saving when shopping at the airport, compared to retail prices on the high street or online? Georgia-Rose Johnson 7/2/2019
Travel Petrol prices around the world Ever wondered how much petrol is in Yemen? Or Greece? Or Singapore? Well, there's no need to wonder any more. Georgia-Rose Johnson 6/24/2019
Insurance Life Insurance Statistics There are over 25 million insurance protection policies in place - but who has cover and who doesn't? Esther Wolffowitz 6/20/2019
Travel Uber vs taxi Sometimes it's more convenient to hop in a taxi than negotiating your way around public transport, but do you opt for an Uber or taxi? We've done some research to find out which is cheaper to help you make the decision. Georgia-Rose Johnson 6/18/2019
Shopping & deals Father’s Day dates around the world Check out the dates that different countries around the world celebrate Father's Day. Georgia-Rose Johnson 6/11/2019
Tech & telco Two thirds of Brits don’t use their data allowance According to our research, two thirds of UK residents (67%) don’t normally use all the mobile data they pay for. Matthew Boyle 6/11/2019
Tech & telco Missing social events to watch TV shows How many Brits would skip a social event to stay in with their favourite show? We did research to find out. Matthew Boyle 5/31/2019
Money Airbnb vs hotels Airbnbs have surged in popularity, but are they better than hotels? To get to the bottom of this, we investigated whether British holidaymakers find the standards in Airbnbs are as good as those in hotels - or better - for important aspects such as cleanliness, value for money and authentic local experiences. Georgia-Rose Johnson 5/22/2019
Money Bitcoin price predictions The price of Bitcoin surged in May 2019, so we asked a panel of 10 fintech leaders why they think Bitcoin is on the rise; whether they think consumers should buy, hold, or sell; and what might be in store for the cryptocurrency. Charlie Barton 5/20/2019
Money Digital bank usage A growing number of Brits are ditching high-street branches in favour of apps for their banking, but how much are we actually using them? Charlie Barton 5/20/2019
Money Cost of convenience Finder's new research found that 1 in 5 Brits (20%) regularly spend money on the likes of Uber, Deliveroo and Just Eat, which equates to a whopping £19 billion a year. Georgia-Rose Johnson 5/10/2019
Money Brexit preparations We wanted to know if Brits are preparing for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. It turns out that 29% are planning to take special measures ahead of Brexit. Charlie Barton 5/6/2019
Money Chasing Points We have taken a closer look at who is most likely to use credit cards, how much they spend on them and what kinds of purchases they make in order to reap the benefits of the cards. Chris Lilly 4/17/2019
Money How much is spent on Easter eggs? Our research found that an estimated £381 million will be spent on Easter eggs this year; this is £154 million more than if consumers bought the same amount of chocolate but in bar form (£227 million). Georgia-Rose Johnson 4/16/2019
Money Easter Statistics UK: How much are we planning to spend this Easter? Our research revealed that 7 in 10 (69%) Brits plan to spend something specifically for Easter over the weekend, with this year’s total Easter spending is being predicted to be £1.1 billion. Georgia-Rose Johnson 4/9/2019
Money The Lazy Tax The loyalty penalty, or Lazy Tax, costs the average household that doesn’t shop around for key services a staggering £2,400 a year, our research shows. Amelia Glean 3/26/2019
Money London Crime Statistics Find out the latest crime statistics for London including which areas have the most crime, knife crime statistics and moped crime statistics. Matthew Boyle 3/25/2019
Money Why aren't more people buying Cryptocurrencies? While there are lots of people talking about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, many are yet to take the plunge and own any. Charlie Barton 3/19/2019
Money Consumer impact after the Bank of England base rate rise Changes in the base rate are supposed to impact many people’s money life directly, but 75% see no difference. Charlie Barton 3/19/2019
Travel Travelling to Europe after Brexit With Brexit around the corner, Finder carried out research to see how leaving the EU would impact British citizens’ European travel plans. Valentina Cipriani 3/15/2019
Shopping Drunk Shopping Statistics According to the ONS, 7.8 million people ‘binged’ on alcohol on their heaviest drinking day. But how many of us binge shop after a night out under the influence? Georgia-Rose Johnson 3/12/2019
Money Best countries for working women From the gender pay gap to maternity leave benefits, Finder compared 16 countries across 10 metrics to find the best countries to live in for working women. Charlie Barton 3/5/2019
Insurance Find out your odds of dying We’ve done the calculations to show your chances of living another 5, 10, 20 and 30 years. Mortality tables and graphs show your odds of hitting old age. Esther Wolffowitz 3/4/2019
Shopping & deals Valentine's Day: All you need is (self) love A quarter of Brits plan to treat themselves this Valentine’s Day. Georgia-Rose Johnson 2/7/2019
Shopping & deals Valentines Day Statistics How much does the day really cost — and just who are we shelling out for this February 14th? Georgia-Rose Johnson 1/30/2019
Shopping & deals UK diet trends Following a meat-free diet is becoming increasingly common in the UK with many people opting to follow a vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan diet. Georgia-Rose Johnson 1/30/2019
Money Overdrafts vs payday loans According to our recent survey, almost half of Brits have no idea which option is safer or which offers the best value. Chris Lilly 1/17/2019
Money Digital bank adoption We carried out a survey of 2,000 adults to see what stage the digital banking revolution is at. Charlie Barton 1/8/2019
Energy Energy Tariff Options 8.16 million Brits don’t know or understand their energy tariff options Matthew Boyle 1/3/2019
Shopping & deals Most gifted gifts Take a walk down memory lane with us as we find out what Christmas gifts defined each year from 2007 to 2018. Georgia-Rose Johnson 12/27/2018
Money Bank of England Official Bank Rate Survey Finder’s Bank of England official bank rate survey. Read the forecasts of some of the UK’s brightest minds in economics and property. Charlie Barton 12/18/2018
Shopping & deals White lies Ah, Christmas: the time of year when everyone gets together with their friends, families and loved ones, and… lies to each other? Georgia-Rose Johnson 12/13/2018
Travel Interactive map: Christmas dinners around the world From whale skin in Greenland to fried chicken in Japan and salted cod in Mexico, take a look at our map and to see what will be on people’s plates this Christmas. Valentina Cipriani 12/13/2018
Money London Airbnb Statistics The number of Airbnbs in the UK’s capital has quadrupled between 2015 and 2018. Georgia-Rose Johnson 12/12/2018
Money Lending generosity quiz Each year UK residents lend around £16.6 billion in total to their family and friends. What role do you play in this country’s unofficial lending economy? Chris Lilly 12/5/2018
Shopping & deals Black Friday statistics Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days in the UK. But how much do we plan on spending – are what are shoppers’ biggest regrets? Georgia-Rose Johnson 11/23/2018
Money The effects of controversies on share prices How can a single event affect the value of a company? Our graphs reveal the impact. Charlie Barton 11/12/2018
Money Pension Statistics Does the UK know how much it needs to save up for retirement? Charlie Barton 10/20/2018
Money Disposable income around the UK Where in the UK can you make the most, and spend the least? Chris Lilly 10/10/2018
Money Payment methods abroad Being savvier with travel money could save the UK £1.4 billion Charlie Barton 9/26/2018
Money Cost of a city centre apartment map around the world How do property prices in the UK compare to the rest of the world? We estimated the cost of a city centre two-bed flat in 91 countries to find out. Matthew Boyle 9/18/2018
Money Map: The cost of university around the world We explored the latest figures to see how tuition fees for university in the UK compare to other countries around the world. Georgia-Rose Johnson 9/3/2018
Money Celebrity debt Debt is a serious issue that can affect anyone. While you might expect that fame and riches would grant a person immunity from such problems, certain celebrities have proved otherwise. Chris Lilly 8/10/2018
Money Mates' rates Millions of Brits have lent money to their friends, and they’re not getting all of it back. Chris Lilly 8/7/2018
Travel Holiday planning Ever found yourself researching your next holiday during work hours? You’re not the only one. Georgia-Rose Johnson 7/26/2018
Money Cryptocurrency Exchanges What does 24 hours look like in the world of Bitcoin? Charlie Barton 7/19/2018
Insurance Most expensive countries to be hospitalised in Where in the world will one night in hospital set you back more than £2,500? Ouch! We’ve analysed the cost of hospital beds vs luxury hotels around the world, and why it pays to get your travel insurance before you jet off on holiday. Esther Wolffowitz 7/11/2018
Energy A World Comparison of Energy Prices With energy prices always changing, it’s a good idea to compare energy providers as often as possible to ensure you’re not paying over the odds. But are prices in the UK fair, or are we getting a bad deal? Matthew Boyle 7/3/2018
Money How much are Brits really paying in overdraft fees? Two in three Brits (67%) with an overdraft don’t know how much they’re being charged, according to a study of 2,000 British adults commissioned by Charlie Barton 7/3/2018
Shopping & deals Calories and alcohol We list popular drinks – 7 spirits and 12 brands of beer – to find out which have the fewest calories, for the most alcohol. Georgia-Rose Johnson 6/25/2018
Energy Map: How to power every country with just solar panels 87% of countries included in this analysis could power themselves using less than 5% of their land. The UK, at 12%, is not one of them. Matthew Boyle 4/19/2018
Tech & telco Netflix UK vs the World Can one country’s Netflix catalogue be considered the best? We compiled the libraries of a few countries to get an idea of how their sizes compare. Matthew Boyle 4/11/2018
Insurance How much do we spend on our pets? An analysis of the costs involved in keeping pets finds that we spend over £2.4 billion on them each month in the UK. Esther Wolffowitz 4/9/2018
Insurance Finder's Safe Driving Report 2018 Texting, grooming and drink driving – what else are people doing behind the wheel? Dig into the details with Finder’s safe driving report 2018. Esther Wolffowitz 4/4/2018
Tech & telco The best film directors, according to IMDb data We analysed over 80,000 titles on IMDb to see what the average score is, and how each director compares to that mean. Matthew Boyle 3/21/2018
Money Millennial money statistics Find out over 50 unique stats about millennials and how they manage their finances. Charlie Barton 3/15/2018
Insurance Map: The most popular dog breeds around the world In Afghanistan, people search for the Afghan Hound more than any other dog. Use this interactive map to explore our findings for the rest of the world. Esther Wolffowitz 2/28/2018
Tech & telco Map: Internet use in the UK The average UK resident spends 2.1 hours online at home every day. How does this vary across the country? Matthew Boyle 2/26/2018
Tech & telco iPhone Sales Statistics We estimated the number of iPhones bought in the UK every year since 2011. Matthew Boyle 2/1/2018
Money Kids' allowance Survey finds an estimated 9.06 million parents give their kids £5.38 billion in allowances annually. Charlie Barton 1/29/2018
Money UK business owners An analysis of the individuals controlling the UK’s companies, including their most common ages, genders and nationalities. Chris Lilly 1/23/2018
Tech & telco Marvel vs DC Our summary of the past half a century of superhero shows. While DC’s heroes have made the most appearances, Marvel seems to be winning the hearts of the masses. Matthew Boyle 1/3/2018
Shopping & deals Unwanted gifts Our unwanted gifts are totaling to some £5.03 billion combined, with 1 in 10 of us knowingly giving terrible presents! Georgia-Rose Johnson 12/22/2017
Shopping & deals Christmas Spending Statistics Over 36 million Brits plan to shop up a storm this Christmas, totalling to the tune of £14.2 billion. But just how to we plan on funding these purchases? Georgia-Rose Johnson 12/4/2017
Shopping & deals The problem with impulse spending 78.2% of Brits have fallen prey to impulsive online spending. But just how much is wasted on regretful purchases each year? Georgia-Rose Johnson 11/13/2017
Money Insights Money Transfer Money transfers is a huge industry, but over 17 million Brits have little choice in what provider they use. Charlie Barton 10/27/17
Utilities Data Streaming Differences When it comes to understanding the difference between streaming data over Wi-Fi and over mobile data on our mobile phone, how many of us really know the difference? Matthew Boyle 10/24/17
Utilities Mobile Phone Obsession With our dependency increasing, what exactly are we using our handsets for and just how addicted are we? Matthew Boyle 10/20/2017
Money Side hustles and tax evasion An estimated 5.7 million of us aren’t declaring our side hustle money, which results in £23.5 billion made off the books. Charlie Barton 10/20/2017
Utilities TV-streaming Habits Over 17 million Brits are subscribed to a TV streaming service, costing a whopping £303.16 million every month. Matthew Boyle 10/19/2017
Tech & telco Android vs iPhone on Twitter iPhone tweeted about 1.3 times as much as Android but had 3 times the number of negative tweets. Matthew Boyle 10/10/2017
Utilities Illegal Downloading Statistics 77.8% of pirates intend to continue watching by illegal methods, totalling to over 7.7 million pirates! Jon Ostler 8/28/2017
Tech & telco The Price of iPhones We have to pay almost £100 more in the UK for the iPhone X than in the US. Matthew Boyle 9/4/2017
Shopping The Cost of Great British Bake Off This is how much it’d cost you to bake the recipes from TV. Noi Rotstein 8/30/2017
Shopping Save Money Baking Cakes We found that if the premade cake industry didn’t exist, we’d save around £735,000,000 per year as a nation. Georgia-Rose Johnson 8/23/2017
Money Map: Will Millennials Ever be Able to Buy Properties? Is it possible for Millennials to save enough to buy their own property in London? Noi Rotstein 7/21/2017
Shopping The Best Easter Eggs The UK chocolate Easter egg market is worth £220m, and for consumers, there’s more selection than ever. Georgia-Rose Johnson 4/10/2017
Tech & telco How fast can you stream videos in different countries? In most countries, you can now reasonably expect to stream Netflix in HD. Matthew Boyle 1/8/2017
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