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Name Product Available Cover Policy term Details
Temporary car and van insurance
1 hour - 28 days
Tempcover offer flexible cover from 1 hour to 28 days across a range of vehicles including cars, motorbikes and vans.
Insure Daily
Temporary car insurance
1-28 days
Insure Daily offer instant, comprehensive cover for anything between 1 and 28 days.
Safely Insured
Safely Insured
Short term & learner driver
1- 84 days
Safely Insured offer flexible cover for cars and vans from 1 to 84 days
Temporary car insurance
1 hour - 28 days
Fully comprehensive, extendable cover from 1 hour to 28 days
insurelearnerdriver car insurance
1-140 days
Temporary learner driver insurance now from 1 day to 140 days.
Simple pricing structure for provisional licence holders aged 17 – 30.
The policy is written in the name of the learner driver to protect the car owner’s No Claim Bonus.

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How does temporary car insurance work?

Short term cover can be extremely handy if you want to help share the driving on a longer journey, you’re borrowing a car for a weekend, or you’re loaning your car to a friend or family member whilst you’re away on holiday.

Temporary or short term car cover policies usually last between 1 and 28 days. This type of insurance policy offers the perfect solution for infrequent drivers, and people borrowing or lending a car on a short-term basis. During the pandemic, people have typically been driving fewer miles so more consumers have been considering options like temporary cover and pay-as-you-go policies as an alternative to traditional car insurance.

What does temporary car insurance cover?

Short term car insurance offers flexibility. In theory, you’ll have the option to decide whether you prefer fully comprehensive or third party, fire and theft coverage levels. However, most temporary car insurance companies will only offer fully comprehensive cover.

If you’re lending your car to someone, temporary car insurance policies often also protect your no-claims bonus in the event that the driver borrowing it has an accident.

Likewise, if you’re taking out short term insurance and already hold a no-claims bonus on a regular policy, it won’t be penalised in the event that you claim for an accident whilst driving another vehicle with a short term policy.

Who might wish to consider temporary car insurance cover?

  • Shared driving. Many of us go on holiday with friends or family and share transport to cut down on fuel consumption. If you’re sharing the driving on a long journey or weekend getaway, temporary car insurance can provide a cheaper alternative to amending your own policy. Similarly, if you’ve got a license but very rarely drive, it’d be more cost effective to take out short term cover (as long as it’s not for your own car!).
  • Borrowing a car. Whether this be borrowing a more reliable vehicle from a family member for a lengthy journey, loaning a friends car whilst yours is in for repair, or sharing your parents car whilst you’re home from uni, temporary car insurance is easy, accessible and affordable. However, it’s always best to check with your provider to look at their specific exclusions.
  • Test driving a car. Lots of car companies let potential buyers borrow a car to test drive for a period of time. If you’re already insured on your own vehicle, then you’ll most likely already be covered third party. However, if you’re test driving a pricey vehicle, it may seem appropriate to take out a temporary insurance policy that covers you on a fully comprehensive basis.
  • Moving house. If you’re moving house and planning to borrow a car or van from a friend or family member to make life easier – and less expensive than hiring a removal team – then temporary cover is a go-to.
  • Buying a new car. If you’ve bought a new car and don’t have the appropriate time to find the best annual cover right away, temporary car insurance offers a quick-fix in the interim period.
Temporary car insurance could be an option if You might not need temporary car insurance if
Renting a car You’re renting a car for an extended period but don’t want to pay the rental company’s higher car insurance fees. You’re renting a car and can get coverage through the rental company or your credit card. Check the fine print of your credit card coverage, as they often offer limited protection.
Borrowing a friend’s car You’re borrowing a friend’s car that you intend to use on a regular basis. If you’re borrowing a friend’s car for occasional use, your friend’s current policy will likely cover you, or you could get a nonowners policy. But if you’ll be driving a friend’s car on a regular basis, you’ll need to be added to the current policy or get temporary insurance.
Selling your car You’re buying a car that you’ll resell in a short period of time. You’re selling your car in the next few months. You can get a 6-month policy and cancel anytime from most insurers.
Moving You’ve moved outside your current insurer’s coverage area and need insurance for a short time until you choose a new long term policy. You’re moving but your insurer offers nationwide coverage. You can easily update your address and get a new quote online from most companies

Can anyone get short term car insurance?

Provided you hold a valid full UK driving license and are aged 18 to 75 you will be eligible to take out a temporary car insurance policy.

Unfortunately, learner drivers are not eligible to take out cover on a temporary basis.

Is temporary car insurance expensive?

Short term cover is a quick-fix insurance solution. It can be a cost effective way to insure a car in the short term, however, if you’ll be needing temporary insurance for a month or longer, it quite often works out cheaper to buy an annual policy.

Temporary car insurance is more expensive than annual policies, when you break it down to a daily charge. But, before making any definite decision, you need to also factor in any cancellation fees that could be incurred if you come to cancel your annual cover.

Short term car insurance options

Compare the easiest option for getting car insurance for a day, a week, a month or however long you need it.

  • Who are the best temporary car insurance companies? A summary

    • Veygo. Veygo is part of the Admiral group. It allows you to purchase temporary car insurance for any length of time, although its policies under 30 days are the most competitive.
    • Cuvva. This insurer allows you to set up your own temporary car insurance through a mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Its reduced overheads allow it to offer affordable temporary car insurance in most scenarios. You’ll even get a £10 discount on your insurance if you refer a friend.
    • InsureDaily. With InsureDaily, you can choose cover from 1 day up to 28 days. Your no-claim discount from annual policies will be unaffected if you make a claim. European cover is available.
    • tempcover. This is one of the UK’s biggest short-term insurance brokers. It partners with a panel of seven different short-term insurers, allowing it to consistently find a great deal for you.
    • Insure4aday. With this insurer, you can cover cars and vans for between 1 and 28 days. Your cover will begin from the moment you complete your application. It has a product specifically for learner drivers.
    • DayInsure. This company will cover a huge range of vehicles – from family cars to classic cars, vans and motorhomes – for between 1 hour and 30 days. Making claims won’t affect no-claim bonuses built up on annual car insurance policies.
    • Rental Cover. This insurer is a useful alternative to purchasing the extortionate excess reduction products offered by rental car companies. Instead, you can buy a temporary car insurance policy from Rental Cover, pay the full excess to the rental car company (in the case of an accident) and claim this amount back from Rental Cover.
    • LV= Flow. This is Liverpool Victoria’s pay-monthly car insurance, which you can manage exclusively through its mobile app. Your policy will keep rolling until you cancel, although your premium will fluctuate each month. You’ll be given seven days’ notice of your new monthly payment amount before you are charged. When you get started, LV= Flow quotes you a maximum price, which won’t be exceeded in the upcoming three monthly payments. A new maximum price will be quoted to you again every three months.

    How to find the best temporary car insurance

    With car insurance, having the right level of cover is really important. In the unfortunate event of an accident, if your temporary cover didn’t pay out for your claim, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble. Therefore, when comparing policies, the best temporary car insurance policies aren’t necessarily the cheapest ones and you should review all cover options before making a purchase.

    You can compare temporary car insurance providers below.

    Best temporary car insurance provider for reputation

    Finder's pick: Insure Daily

    Flexible cover duration

    Optional European cover

    Comprehensive as standard
    With InsureDaily, you can choose cover from one day up to 28 days with fully comprehensive cover. Your no-claims discount from annual policies will be unaffected if you make a claim and there is the option to upgrade your policy to include cover in Europe. InsureDaily are also renowned for price matching their policies if you were to find a cheaper deal elsewhere.
    • Instant, comprehensive cover for anything between 1 and 28 days.
    • If you need to, you can claim without affecting the main driver's no claims bonus.
    • European cover is available.
    • There is a detailed eligibility check list which may prevent a number of people qualifying for cover.
    • You can only pay upfront.
    • Website isn't easy to use.
    Roadside assistance No
    EU Coverage Optional extra for comprehensive
    No claims protection Yes
    Multi-car-discount No
    Courtesy Car No
    Claims Methods By phone
    Personal Accident Protection Yes

    Best temporary car insurance provider for learner drivers

    Finder's Pick: Veygo (by Admiral) temporary car insurance

    Immediate cover

    Pay-as-you-go car insurance

    Flexible duration cover
    Veygo is a UK-based insurance company that was founded in 2017, and is part of the Admiral Group. Veygo specialises in learner-driver insurance and temporary car insurance. The company aims to help young drivers and drivers who need to borrow someone else’s car by providing them with an affordable way to get them on the road.
    • Flexible temporary insurance for whatever time frame you need.
    • The cover begins as soon as you purchase it.
    • The policy won’t affect the car owner’s no claims bonus.
    • Veygo short-term car insurance gets expensive if you’re looking for cover that’s approaching 30 days.
    • You’re not covered abroad with this insurance.
    Roadside assistance No
    EU Coverage No
    No claims protection Yes
    Multi-car-discount No
    Courtesy Car Yes
    Claims Methods Live chat or email
    Personal Accident Protection Yes

    Best temporary car insurance provider for instant cover

    Finder's pick: Cuvva

    Instant cover

    Flexible cover

    Comprehensive as standard
    Cuvva have gone all out with their technology and made it extremely easy for you to purchase cover through their app where you will be instantly covered upon purchase of a policy. All the associated terms, conditions and documents are stored within the app for you and you can easily make changes to your policy with a few clicks of a button.
    • Policy documents are handily stored in the app and emailed to you for reference.
    • App user experience is exceptional.
    • Instant cover.
    • Comprehensive cover as standard.
    • You will need to complete a quote and download the app in order to see what is and isn’t covered under a policy.
    • No optional extras available to bolt onto a policy.
    • No voluntary excess available on policies.
    Roadside assistance No
    EU Coverage Yes, but minimal and no option to get comprehensive cover
    No claims protection No
    Multi-car-discount No
    Courtesy Car No
    Claims Methods Online or phone
    Personal Accident Protection Yes

    Best temporary car insurance provider for European cover

    Finder's pick: Insure4aDay

    Comprehensive as standard

    Covered in the EU

    Flexible durations
    Insure4aDay have 3rd party only European cover included as standard but there is also the option to bolster this to comprehensive cover with little hassle. This insurer have a product specific to learner drivers and you can also cover cars and vans for between one and 28 days. Your cover will begin from the moment you complete your application.
    • Comprehensive cover as standard.
    • The cover can begin instantly.
    • 3rd party European cover included as standard with option to boost.
    • Cover for a maximum of 28 days only.
    • Can only pay upfront.
    • Website is difficult to navigate.
    Roadside assistance No
    EU Coverage Optional extra
    No claims protection Not specified
    Multi-car-discount No
    Courtesy Car No
    Claims Methods By phone, 24/7
    Personal Accident Protection Yes

    Best temporary car insurance broker

    Finder's pick: tempcover

    Flexible cover

    Optional EU cover

    Comprehensive as standard
    Since being established in 2006, Tempcover has grown to become one of the UK’s biggest short-term insurance brokers and now boasts over 16,500 reviews on TripAdvisor achieving an overall score of 4/6/5. Tempcover has partnered with many well-known insurance companies such as The AA to offer customers flexible, comprehensive temporary car cover.
    • Comprehensive cover as standard.
    • The cover can begin instantly.
    • Making a claim won’t affect a no-claims discount built up on an annual policy.
    • Cover can be enhanced with extra protection.
    • No discount available for buying temporary cover online.
    • Limited third party EU cover as standard.
    • Cover for a maximum of 28 days only.
    • Can only pay upfront.
    Roadside assistance Optional extra
    EU Coverage Optional extra
    No claims protection Yes
    Multi-car-discount No
    Courtesy Car No
    Claims Methods Online or phone
    Personal Accident Protection Yes

    Cost of temporary car insurance

    The cost of temporary car insurance can vary quite a bit and it can depend on a number of factors such as the length of cover you need, the vehicle that you’re driving, your age, your driving experience and where you live. As a general guideline, you may be able to get temporary car insurance for around £7 per hour, or from £20 per day

    If you’ll only be driving for a couple of hours as a one-off, it will likely be cheaper to get insurance at an hourly rate rather than a full day’s cover. It’s always best to compare quotes with different providers based on your own individual circumstances before purchasing a policy.

    Best cars to insure temporarily

    The best cars to insure temporarily are those that are deemed to be the safest and the cheapest to replace. These are the lowest risk for insurance companies to cover.

    Every car on the road has been categorised within 1 of 50 groups, based on their risk to insurance companies. Insurance group 1 has the lowest-risk cars which will be cheapest to insure, while Insurance group 50 has the highest-risk vehicles.

    For your convenience, we have created a list of all the cars in insurance group 1.

    How can I save on temporary car insurance?

    The best way to cut back on the cost of taking out temporary car insurance is to shop around. Compare and pick out the best temporary car insurance provider and quote. Here’s some other hints to help steer you in the right direction to saving on short-term insurance.

    • Compare and contrast quotes. If you’ve already got a can insurance policy it’s worth contacting your existing provider to get a quote for additional cover on the temporary vehicle. Then, you’ll need to compare this side by side with temporary insurance quotes. You could find that by going back to your existing car insurance provider and stating you’ve found a lower quote elsewhere, that there’s some room for negotiation.
    • Consider your coverage needs. If you’re borrowing a valuable vehicle for a long journey laden with motorways and heavy traffic, then comprehensive cover could be advisable, especially if the owner would be devastated by any damage caused to the vehicle. However, if you’re moving house, and only travelling a short distance a handful of times, it might be worth seeking out a provider that offers temporary third party, fire and theft cover.
    • Compare providers. There are literally hundreds of temporary car insurance providers out there. Make sure you compare quotes from a diverse range of companies rather than picking the first quote you get.
    • Discount codes and coupons. Here at finder, we’re in the loop when it comes to discounts and deals. If there is a discount or offer on temporary car insurance we will be the first to let you know and elicit those savings you’re after.

    Things to consider before you buy

    Here’s a list of the top things to think about before you choose temporary car insurance cover:

    • Do you really need it? It’s ideal if you don’t have an existing policy already, or if you’d prefer the extra security of being fully comp on a borrowed car, but if you already have your own existing fully comprehensive policy, you may already be covered to drive the car third party without the additional cost.
    • How long will you be needing the cover to last? Remember, if it’s a month or more, it might be more cost effective to take out an annual policy and cancel it when you no longer need it. Just don’t forget to factor in any cancellation fees applicable to annual policies before finalising your decision.
    • What level of cover do you need? Whilst most insurance companies do only offer fully comprehensive policies on a short term basis, there are some out there that will offer temporary third party, fire and theft cover. If you’re an occasional driver taking out a short term policy, for example to share the driving, consider what level of cover you need. And be realistic.
    • What’s your driving history? Things like convictions, points on your license and previous insurance claims will factor into the quotes you receive.
    • Are you road tripping across Europe? Some temporary insurance companies will allow you to take out European cover for an additional fee. Handy if you’re planning a sightseeing road trip.

    Bottom line

    There are many insurers that offer short term car insurance so make sure to compare deals.

    It’s also worth remembering to be as realistic as possible with the length of time you’ll need cover for as every extra hour or day is likely to increase your premium.

    Common questions about short-term car insurance

    The offers compared on this page are chosen from a range of products we can track; we don't cover every product on the market...yet. Unless we've indicated otherwise, products are shown in no particular order or ranking. The terms "best", "top", "cheap" (and variations), aren't product ratings, although we always explain what's great about a product when we highlight it; this is subject to our terms of use. When making a big financial decision, it's wise to consider getting independent financial advice, and always consider your own financial circumstances when comparing products so you get what's right for you.

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