Temporary car insurance for learner drivers

Practice makes perfect, right? Get insured to drive a borrowed car as you prepare for your driving test, thanks to short-term car insurance for learner drivers.

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Why get temporary car insurance for a learner driver?

Temporary car insurance is a good idea for a learner driver because it gives you the chance to put in more practice before your test, at a cheaper price.

Lessons with instructors are expensive, so if there’s someone around who is an experienced driver, owns a car and is willing to teach you (and is not likely to have a panic attack if you do something wrong), you should totally take advantage of it.

However, you will need to get insurance to drive their car. That’s were temporary insurance for learner drivers comes in.

How does temporary car insurance for learner drivers work?

Temporary car insurance for learner drivers gives you cover to drive a car for practice before passing your driving test, as long as you have an experienced driver by your side.

You can take it out for any period of time between one hour and five months and it’s usually quite easy and straightforward to set up. The only real limit is that you are normally not allowed to drive at night, as most policies for learners will only apply from 6am to midnight.

Temporary car insurance for learner drivers is a valid alternative to getting yourself added to someone’s existing policy, which can be difficult and expensive. Temporary car insurance is cheaper and personal to you, which also means that if anything goes wrong, the vehicle owner’s no claim discount is protected.

Am I eligible for temporary car insurance for learner drivers?

There aren’t many requirements, but you will usually need:

  • A provisional licence. You can apply for it online from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
  • A supervisor who is at least 25. They will need to have had their own driving licence for at least three years too. There is no need for the supervisor to be the owner of the car you will be driving, although you will obviously need their permission.
  • A vehicle with an existing long-term insurance policy. That’s unless you are the car’s owner. Insurers also typically ask that the car you use is worth £40,000 or less.

If you are planning to use your own car, you might need to make a couple of extra arrangements. First, it might be better to get your supervisor temporarily insured on your car, so they can drive it if the situation requires it. Compare temporary car insurance options for experienced drivers here.

Second, remember it’s illegal to own a car without insurance on it unless you can get a SORN. Once you pass the test and your learner policy expires, you will need to have a new policy ready to start immediately.

Are learner drivers covered under other people’s insurance?

No, they aren’t. Learner drivers are considered risky by insurers; that’s because they obviously have zero experience, so they are more likely to make a claim.

This means that most insurers will be resistant to the idea of adding a learner driver to an existing policy, and that insurance premiums will be more expensive.

Can a learner drive any vehicle with temporary learner driver insurance?

When you take out temporary insurance as a learner driver, you will be asked for the details of the vehicle you are planning to drive. This will be the only car you are covered for.

There’s nothing stopping you from taking out more than one for different cars, but it’s usually cheaper if you stick to one.

Do you need temporary learner driver insurance for a driving test?

If you are driving your instructor’s car for the test, then there’s no need. Instructors’ vehicles have specialist insurance that covers learner drivers, both for lessons and for the test.

If you feel more comfortable with another car, for example, because it’s the car you’ve been practising more often in, that’s also acceptable. You can use it for the test, but you will need temporary car insurance for it.

Do I still need temporary cover if I’m learning on private land?

It depends. You can do without insurance only if you are driving on private land in an area that the public has no access to whatsoever.

For example, if you are on private land, but there is a public footpath going through it, you will need to follow the usual rules. You’ll have to get insurance and only drive while supervised.

Can I get temporary learner driver insurance for one week?

You can. Flexibility is the best thing about temporary car insurance.

It’s totally up to you how long you want your policy to last. If you feel like you only need a bit of extra practice for, say, the week before the test, that’s absolutely fine.

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