Revolut international transfer fee calculator and review

Revolut can save you a lot of money in overseas transfer fees, but make sure you're aware of your plan's limits.

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Revolut has made a name for itself as a favourite for frequent travellers by offering great currency services. Stick within the “fair usage” limit for your plan and the pricing is hard to beat for popular currencies.

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Please note: You should always refer to quotes you receive from transfer services themselves directly for exact amounts as they may vary from our estimates.

How much does Revolut charge for international transfers?

Revolut’s pricing is extremely competitive, but you could be forgiven for getting lost in some of the terms. The cost of your international transfer will depend on the following factors:

  • Which Revolut plan you’re on. Standard and Plus plans have the same fee structure on currency exchange, while Premium and Metal plans can work out cheaper.
  • How much you exchange within a month. Standard and Plus plans have a “fair usage” limit of £1,000 of currency conversion (spending in a foreign currency, buying other currencies or sending money overseas) per month. Over £1,000, there will be 1% fee.
  • Where you’re sending to. Fees vary according to destination, with transfers within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) being free within your fair usage limit, Monday to Friday.
  • Which day of the week you’re sending on. Transfers at the weekend (when forex markets are closed) will involve a mark-up. That means that the exchange rate you’re offered will be worse.

What are Revolut’s international transfer exchange rates?

Revolut states that it uses the “real” exchange rate for money currency exchanges, Monday–Friday. Outside those hours, forex markets are closed and Revolut uses the latest available exchange rate with a small mark-up on top to cover any fluctuations in its costs.

How long does an international transfer with Revolut take?

Transfers to other Revolut users are instant, SEPA transfers typically land within 30 minutes and other international SWIFT transfers can take up to 5 working days. When you get your live quote in the Revolut app, you’ll also be able to see an estimated arrival time.

Revolut international transfers pros and cons


  • Free for smaller transfers to specific countries… …with a few caveats!
  • Most transfers use the interbank exchange rate. The interbank rate is generally the best rate going, but most money transfer services (including almost all banks) add a mark-up on top of this – essentially hiding a fee in an adjusted exchange rate. Revolut doesn’t do this during market hours.
  • A beautiful, easy-to-use app. Revolut wrote the book on great user experience – along with Monzo it’s an OG fintech disruptor. It offers a bunch of other features which you can read about in our review of the Revolut app.
  • No upper limits. For most currencies, you can send as much as you like. Just bear in mind that when you’re sending thousands, a specialist broker with a bit of human hand-holding can translate into meaningful savings.


  • Complicated terms. Revolut isn’t doing itself any favours with the fiddly terms. We’ve crunched the numbers, and for most people Revolut will be extremely competitive. But some people may be put off by the elaborate exceptions to the free transfers (especially if Revolut chops and changes them, as it did in July 2022).
  • It’s all self-service. Revolut has one of the best personal finance apps around, but it’s less about the human touch.

How do I make an international transfer with Revolut?

Revolut app screenshot showing how to create a new international payee

  1. Open your app, navigate to the wallet you wish to transfer from and hit “Transfers”.
  2. Click “New transfer”.
  3. Choose “Send international”.
  4. Select the country your recipient’s account is based in.
  5. Input how much you wish to transfer. At this point you can see the live rate and any applicable fees, along with the estimated arrival time. If you’re happy to proceed, choose “Continue”.
  6. You’ll now be prompted to enter your recipient’s details. The account reference number(s) you’ll need can vary depending on where you’re sending to, but normally it’s just the “IBAN”. Select “Add recipient” once you’ve added their details.
  7. Finally confirm your transfer.

Are Revolut international transfers safe to use?

Revolut is above board. Founded in 2015, it operates in more than 200 countries and has over 18 million users. It’s headquartered in London and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with reference 900562.

While its global transfers are generally cheaper than the banks’, because it’s authorised in the UK as an “e-money institution” rather than a bank, FSCS protection does not apply. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme can pay out compensation in the event that a bank goes bust while holding consumers’ money.

The verdict: Are Revolut international transfers any good?

Free is hard to beat! But it’s crucial to know the limits of the plan you’re on (Standard, Plus, Premium or Metal) to avoid charges. If you only tend to make 3-figure transfers to countries within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and you’re happy to do that Monday–Friday, then look no further.

Overall, Revolut international transfers are very competitive and easy. It’s just a shame about all the small-print!

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