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Key Currency review

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Key Currency
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Our verdict

Enjoy personalised services and competitive exchange rates.

Key Currency is a UK based currency broker which provides international money transfer services for both personal and business customers. It takes a hands on approach, providing you with a personal representative to discuss your money transfer needs with. You can also take advantage of FX tools such as forward contracts and limit orders to keep transfer costs as low as possible.


  • Competitive exchange rates. Key Currency has built relationships with leading banks in order to offer competitive exchange rates.
  • Personalised service. Once registered, you will be assigned a personal representative to guide you through the process.
  • No fees. As a currency brokerage, Key Currency doesn't charge fees for its service.
  • FX tools. You can make use of tools such as limit orders, forward contracts, rate alerts, regular payments and spot contracts.


  • Small transfers. The company primarily deals with transfers above £5,000, so it's not suitable for smaller transfers.
  • Transparency. You are unable to view exchange rates and costs ahead of time, instead you need to register to receive a quote.
  • Limited payment options. Payments are made by bank transfer only, there are no options to pay by card or cash.

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Product details

Product Name Key Currency
Pay by Bank transfer
Receiving options Bank account
Customer service Phone, Email
Personal account manager? Yes

How much are Key Currency’s transfer fees?

As a currency broker, Key Currency doesn’t charge any fees for its services. It’s free to sign up for an account. However, any fees or charges Key Currency incurs as a result of a currency conversion will be passed on to the customer.

How are Key Currency’s exchange rates?

While Key Currency doesn’t advertise its exchange rates, reports from previous customers indicate they are competitive. Like most money transfer providers, Key Currency adds a markup to the mid-market rate in order to make a profit. This may differ depending on the amount and which currencies are being exchanged.

What are the ways I can send money abroad with Key Currency?

Your personal representative will be able to help you find the best option for your transfer. Key Currency has several options available to help secure the best rate for your transfer:

  • Spot contracts. Make a one-time transfer at the current exchange rate offered.
  • Forward contracts. If you need to make a payment at a future date, you can protect yourself from unfavourable changes in the exchange rate by entering into a forward contract up to 12 months in advance.
  • Recurring payments. Set up regular payments for the transfer of salaries, pensions, mortgages and rent.
  • Limit orders. Set a target exchange rate and complete the transaction when it hits that level.

How to make your first international money transfer with Key Currency

To make your first money transfer with Key Currency, you will first need to sign up for an account.

What are Key Currency’s payment options?

Key Currency only supports bank transfers as a payment option. To pay for your international transfer, you will be asked to send funds to a segregated client account.

How long does an international transfer with Key Currency take?

Your funds will usually arrive at your chosen destination within 1-2 business days for most major currencies. However, if you transfer out of the SEPA zone or make a SWIFT transfer, it may take a few more days for your money to arrive.

Transfers typically takeClock icon for transfer speed

1-2 days

Key Currency reviews and complaints

Key Currency is rated as “excellent” on Trustpilot and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5, based on 1,489 customer reviews. Positive reviews highlight their professional customer service and competitive rates. Negative reviews mention how the company isn’t suitable for making small transfers abroad. 93% of customers rated them five stars and around 1% rated them three stars or lower. Despite the high number of positive reviews, it’s reading complaints before signing up.

Is Key Currency safe to use?

  • Regulation. FCA regulated and registered with the Bank of Spain.
  • Established. 2015.
  • Security. Client funds held in segregated accounts.
  • Reviews. TrustScore of 4.9/5* from ‎1,489 reviews on Trustpilot.

*According to Key Currency and Trustpilot on 24 March 2023.

Key Currency is an independent, privately-owned currency broker which is located in the UK. Its payments system uses highly secure technology and all money transfers are conducted through safeguarded client accounts.

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