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Chris Lilly is a publisher at finder.com. He's a specialist in credit-based products including business and personal loans, mortgages and credit cards, and is passionate about helping UK consumers make informed decisions about their borrowing. In his spare time Chris likes forcing his kids to exercise more.

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Thanks for getting in touch. What you're describing is classed as a money transfer rather than a balance transfer, so a money transfer card can be the safest bet, because it’s designed for this purpose. Some issuers apply the same promotional deals to money transfers that they do to balance transfers, but frustratingly, this isn't the case across the board. If you have a particular card in mind, look for the "summary box" – this is a standard document that all issuers are obliged to provide, and it's sometimes the quickest way to get a straight answer! You're looking for two things: the interest rate that applies to money transfers and the fee that applies to money transfers. If a card issuer doesn't declare these things in the summary box, it may be that it doesn't offer this facility. We include the same details in our card reviews – you can browse issuers in our A-Z and see the cards available with links to the full reviews. I hope this helps, and do let us know how you get on!

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Hi Mel, thanks for getting in touch. It depends on how much you pay off each month. Let's say you had £2,400 outstanding, and it was accruing interest at 19.95% annually. If you paid £200 each month, you'd need around 14 months to clear the debt. If you paid £100, it would take around 31 months. A balance transfer at that point could help clear the debt faster (and more cheaply). With a long enough 0% interest deal, paying £200 each month would clear the debt in around 12 months (or potentially 13 months, if there's a transfer fee and it's lumped in with the balance), and paying £100 each month would clear the debt in around 24 months. I hope this helps you, Mel. We'll soon be adding more calculators, guides and videos to help with exactly this sort of question. Kind regards, Chris

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Hi Mike, Thanks for your question about Tesco credit cards. You can indeed arrange to pay your bill in-full or in-part each month by direct debit. You’re actually not the first person to ask, so we've published a full list of the cards currently available in the UK with the direct debit repayment options for each. https://www.finder.com/uk/pay-your-credit-card-bill-by-direct-debit Cheers, Chris

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