Compare M&S credit card offers for 2024

Find out more about the range of credit card offers from M&S, including 0% purchase and 0% balance transfer cards. Rates starting from 23.9%.

M&S Bank

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Compare the M&S range of cards

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Name Product Finder Score Finder score Balance transfers Balance transfer fee Purchases Annual/monthly fees Representative APR Incentive Link
M&S Bank Credit Card Purchase Plus Offer Mastercard
Expert analysis
0% for 12 months reverting to 24.9%
0% for 20 months reverting to 24.9%
24.9% APR (variable)
1 point per £1 spent with M&S and 1 point per £5 spent elsewhere. Enjoy 55 days interest free, preferential rates plus no cash advance fee when buying M&S travel money with the card.
Representative example: When you spend £1,200 at a purchase rate of 24.9% (variable) p.a., your representative rate is 24.9% APR (variable).
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M&S Bank Credit Card Transfer Plus Offer Mastercard
Expert analysis
0% for 26 months reverting to 24.9%
3.49%, min £5
0% for 3 months reverting to 24.9%
24.9% APR (variable)
1 point per £1 spent with M&S and 1 point per £5 spent elsewhere. Enjoy 55 days interest free, preferential rates plus no cash advance fee when buying M&S travel money with the card.
Representative example: When you spend £1,200 at a purchase rate of 24.9% (variable) p.a., your representative rate is 24.9% APR (variable).
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M&S Bank Rewards Credit Card Mastercard
Expert analysis
0% for 9 months reverting to 23.9%
3.49% (min. £5)
0% for 9 months reverting to 23.9%
23.9% APR (variable)
1 point per £1 spent with M&S and 1 point per £5 spent elsewhere. Enjoy 55 days interest free, preferential rates plus no cash advance fee when buying M&S travel money with the card.
Representative example: When you spend £1,200 at a purchase rate of 23.9% (variable) p.a., your representative rate is 23.9% APR (variable).

Approval for any credit card depends on your status. The representative APRs shown represent the interest rate offered to most successful applicants. Depending on your personal circumstances, the APR you're offered may be higher, or you may not be offered credit at all. Fees and rates are subject to change without notice. It's always wise to check the terms of any deal before you borrow. Most of the data in Finder's comparison tables is provided by Moneyfacts.

M&S offers a straightforward choice of cards with either an excellent 0% purchases offer or a 0% balance transfer offer. Get M&S points with any qualifying card spend and look out for regular bonus points offers for new customers.

One of the UK’s leading luxury food and clothing retailers, M&S’ financial arm is operated by the banking experts at HSBC. M&S Bank is a great choice if you want a warmer customer experience than you’d expect from a typical high street bank.

Types of M&S credit cards

Credit cards from M&S Bank are explicitly designed to save you money on interest charges and reward you for using an M&S credit card to pay for goods and services. Pick a card targeted at balance transfers, or save on the interest you would usually pay on shopping by choosing the Shopping Plus offer.

  • 0% purchases cards. These cards are designed to let you spread the cost of forthcoming expenditure, without incurring any interest. Don’t forget that when the introductory 0% period is up, any outstanding balance will revert to the card’s standard rate – normally much higher. Learn more about 0% purchase cards.
  • 0% balance transfer cards. If you have an existing interest-carrying balance on another credit card, think about applying for the M&S Transfer Plus offer. A very low balance transfer fee combined with a very competitive period of 0% in interest on any balance you transfer leads to very big savings on your existing interest bill. Learn more about 0% balance transfer cards.
  • Rewards cards. You’ll earn points each time you use an M&S credit card, but at a better rate when you use it in M&S. Every three months the points are converted into vouchers and sent to you along with your statement. M&S cards also come with an array of additional benefits. Learn more about rewards cards.

What benefits can I get with an M&S credit card?

  • Get rewarded for everyday credit card use. At the time of writing, M&S Bank will give you one M&S point for every £1 you spend at a Marks and Spencer store, and one M&S point for every £5 you spend everywhere else. You’ll receive a £1 Marks and Spencer voucher for every 100 M&S points you collect. Holders of M&S Premium Club membership get triple the standard award on spending in a Marks and Spencer store.
  • Easy access to travel money. Do you have travel plans? Your M&S Bank card makes it easy to access foreign currency at your local Marks and Spencer store. M&S Credit Card holders get preferential foreign exchange rates, pay no cash advance fee and receive 55 days of interest-free credit when they purchase foreign currency from M&S Bank.
  • Advanced security. M&S Bank implements advanced fraud monitoring and security systems that protect you from unauthorised spending on your credit card account.
  • Add an additional cardholder free of charge. You can add anyone over the age of 18 to your M&S credit card account. The additional cardholder can enjoy the same benefits you do, including the ability to earn M&S points on their credit card spend.
  • Mobile payments. Every M&S credit card is ready to go with all the common mobile payment technologies, including Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay. You can pay for goods and services by simply tapping your phone on any contactless terminal.

How can I apply for an M&S credit card?

  1. First, decide which M&S credit card suits you best. The card with the best balance transfer offer has a short promotional period for purchases, while the top purchases card has a shorter balance transfer period.
  2. Check that you meet the eligibility criteria. Both M&S cards on offer at the time of writing have long promotional periods so you will likely only be accepted if you have a good credit history. You won’t be able to apply if you’ve held an M&S credit card in the last 12 months.
  3. Choose the right card on the M&S website and proceed with the application form. Always complete all the details correctly as this speeds up the application process and makes it less likely that your application will be referred for manual review.
  4. Submit your completed application form. You could get an instant reply, or M&S Bank may take a couple of business days to get back to you.

What supporting documents and information will I need?

You will be asked to enter the usual credit application details when applying for an M&S Bank credit card. Make sure you know your full address history for at least three years, including postcodes. You will also need to enter your employment history including income as well as your current account sort code and account number.

M&S Bank customer reviews

M&S Bank fared well in our 2024 customer satisfaction survey, with 91% of customers saying they’d recommend the brand to a friend. Several customers commented on the rewards and good, “straightforward” customer service.

One said: “It’s very good because every time you use the card you collect points that can be converted into M&S vouchers.”

Another commented: “This is our main card and it is used for the majoriy of our purchases through the year. The points earned although not vast add some payback for the use.”

Overview of M&S Bank credit cards

Representative APR From 23.9% to 24.9%
0% balance transfer offer Up to 26 months
0% purchases offer Up to 20 months
0% money transfer offer No money transfer offer available
Cashback with brand Up to 1%
Cashback elsewhere Up to 1%
Cash advance From 29.9%
Introductory bonus offer No introductory bonus offers available

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Finder credit card ratings

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8 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    SueNovember 10, 2019

    How do I add an additional card holder when applying for a m & s credit card

      TomNovember 11, 2019Finder

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for your question. If you want to add an additional cardholder, you’ll need to call M&S Bank on 0345 900 0900. The additional cardholder will need to be at least 18 years old and live at the same address as you. They made also need to provide proof of ID before they can be added to the account.

      You’ll earn points whenever they use their card, but as the main account holder, you’ll ultimately be responsible for the use of the additional card. You can also cancel the additional card at any time.

      I hope this answers you question, but please let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.



    Default Gravatar
    JillNovember 2, 2018

    Applied for a credit card over a week ago. Heard nothing yet – no acceptance confirmation or rejection. Can I be sure it is being processed as the indication was that I should hear in a couple of working days?

      JhezelynNovember 2, 2018Finder

      Hello Jill,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Please note that there are credit card providers that take between one to two weeks to review an application. If you still haven’t heard back from the provider about your application process after 2 weeks, you may contact the provider and check the status of your application to confirm.

      Please see our guide on how to track your credit card application status here.

      Should you wish to have real-time answers to your questions, try our chat box on the lower right corner of our page.


    Default Gravatar
    EddieSeptember 6, 2018

    I have just bought an expensive iPhone on my Matercard do I get cover for loss or theft ?

      joelmarceloSeptember 7, 2018Finder

      Hi Eddie,

      Thanks for leaving a question on finder.

      Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, your credit card company is jointly liable if something goes wrong with a product or service you’ve paid for by credit card.

      You can claim for any breach of contract or misrepresentation by the company from which you’ve bought your iPhone.

      This means your credit card company shares equal responsibility with the retailer or trader for the goods or service supplied, allowing you to put your claim to the credit card company.

      You don’t have to reach stalemate with the retailer or trader before you can contact your credit card provider – you can make a claim to both the retailer and credit card provider simultaneously.

      Section 75 is particularly useful if the retailer or trader has gone bust, or you’re getting no response to your letters or phone calls. To be sure, I suggest you speak with your credit card company to clarify on this.


    Default Gravatar
    MargaretJune 11, 2018

    What is the address for the bank s head office

      JoshuaJune 12, 2018Finder

      Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Here’s their address:

      M&S Bank
      PO Box 10565
      51 Saffron Road
      LE18 9FT

      You might also want to visit their official website’s Contact Us page to get more details about how to get in touch with them.

      I hope this helps. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out again.

      Have a wonderful day!


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