Best car insurance for young drivers in the UK right now

If you're a new or young driver in the 17–25 age bracket, we've compiled a list of some of the best car insurance policies out there for young drivers.

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Best overall provider for younger drivers

Finder's pick: Hastings Direct car insurance

Optional breakdown cover

Multi-car discount

24/7 claims helpline
This insurer offers a range of affordable policies especially for 17- to 25-year-olds. On top of that, it offers black box insurance discounts for multi-car policies. There’s a range of add-ons including breakdown cover and car key insurance, making it easy to tailor your policy to suit your needs.
  • Windscreen and windows glass cover included as standard in the Direct and Premier comprehensive policies.
  • Hastings Direct has Multi-car and Telematix cover options and cover is available to new and young drivers.
  • The claims team is available 24/7.
  • There isn’t a lot of information about the third party, third party, fire and theft or the Essential comprehensive policies available prior to quote stage.
  • The Hastings Direct website is not easy to navigate.
Roadside assistance Optional extra
EU Coverage Yes
No claims protection Optional
Multi-car-discount Yes
Courtesy Car Yes
Claims Methods Online or phone
Personal Accident Protection Up to £1000

Best provider for cheaper rates

Finder's pick: LV car insurance

Discounts for new customers

24/7 claims helpline

Multi-car discount
We ran quotes for a range of different age groups and found that LV= tended to offer competitive insurance quotes across the board. This insurer also offers multi-car discounts (up to 20% on an additional vehicle), plus you can typically lower your premium by adding a voluntary excess. LV= also covers European use, damage by uninsured drivers, vandalism and accidental damage as standard with its over-50s policies. Insurance prices have generally been falling during the pandemic as people have driven less, so it's always worth shopping around.
  • Offers a range of car insurance policies for standard, classic and electric cars.
  • Multi-vehicle insurance available.
  • A range of optional extras to enhance car cover.
  • Claims line is open 24/7.
  • A change in vehicle or named drivers can incur an admin fee.
  • Terminating a policy within or after the 14-day cooling-off period will cost you a £40 cancellation fee.
Roadside assistance Optional extra
EU Coverage Yes
No claims protection Optional extra
Multi-car-discount Yes
Courtesy Car Optional extra
Claims Methods Online or phone
Personal Accident Protection Yes

Best provider for young driver benefits

Finder's pick: Endsleigh car insurance

No curfews

Regular driving feedback

Easy black box installation
This insurer only offers car insurance to customers aged between 17 and 30, so its policies are understandably designed to suit younger drivers. It has policies tailored for learner drivers, students and new drivers, among others. Its features include black box insurance and finance deals for brand new cars.
  • You can receive 20% off MOT costs and 10% off servicing with comprehensive and third party policies.
  • Replacement car included as standard on comprehensive policies.
  • Affordable insurance for new and young drivers.
  • You will be subject to admin fees for the setting up and cancelling of your policy, as well as any changes you make.
  • Policy information is not easily accessible.
Roadside assistance
EU Coverage
No claims protection
Multi-car-discount No
Courtesy Car
Claims Methods
Personal Accident Protection

Best provider for Black Box insurance

Finder's pick: Churchill car insurance

Discounts for good driving

24/7 emergency helpline

Courtesy car as standard
Churchill's "DriveSure" telematics policy is available for 17- to 25-year-olds. You'll be guaranteed a discount on your premium with your first year of using this technology. It's one of the most affordable, intelligent and fair black box car insurance policies on the market. You'll be able to see your driving score on the DriveSure app – and will be able to claim another discount in the next year if your score is high.
  • Uninsured driver promise.
  • If your car is vandalised and you have a crime reference number, you won’t lose your no claims discount.
  • Access to a 24/7 legal advice helpline.
  • Telematics cover, called DriveSure, available.
  • No 24/7 claim line (emergency line available).
  • No third party only cover available.
Roadside assistance Optional extra
EU Coverage Yes
No claims protection Minimum 4 Years of NCD for it be protected
Multi-car-discount Yes
Courtesy Car Yes
Claims Methods Online or phone
Personal Accident Protection Yes

Top 5 car insurance providers for young drivers

  1. Hastings Direct We rate Hastings Direct as the best overall provider of car insurance for young drivers. It has created a range of competitively priced policies aimed specifically at younger motorists.
  2. LV= – This insurer has been doing business in the UK since 1843. It’s well-known for offering competitively priced premiums, particularly to younger drivers.
  3. Churchill Churchill has rightfully gained a reputation for providing in-depth car insurance, covering you in a variety of situations, with plenty of add-ons available at affordable prices. This is particularly true for younger motorists. We found its black box car insurance policies to be particularly enticing.
  4. Endsleigh Endsleigh is well-known for catering for new and young drivers with specific black box and learner driver policies. It offers 90 days of European cover as standard and you can start building up a no claims discount as a learner driver.
  5. Marmalade – This insurance company was formed in 2006 with a goal to provide better car insurance for younger motorists. Its policies are only available to those aged under 30. It tailors its policies specifically to the needs of this market.

Other companies that include car insurance for younger drivers

  • Admiral – This insurer offers tailored policies for learner drivers and new drivers. It is well-known for its enticing multi-car deals.
  • Bell – Bell is part of the Admiral group. Its black box car insurance could be particularly noteworthy to younger drivers, as it only requires the telematics technology to be fitted for three months.
  • Direct Line Direct Line is well-known for offering competitive car insurance policies and great customer service. This insurer won’t be found on price comparison websites, so you will need to contact Direct Line directly for a quote.
  • Tesco Bank – Tesco Bank is another insurer offering black box insurance. It also offers car insurance policies tailored for students, plus noteworthy discounts for those who have a more experienced named driver on their policy.

Why these are the top 5 providers for young drivers

Car insurance policies for younger drivers can vary hugely in costs with different factors to account for such as the insurance group the car falls under, the driver’s experience, the driver’s age and the location.

To score the top five, we’ve taken into account a number of different factors that are relevant to younger drivers such as the discounts available, the age bracket the policies cater for and any specific benefits that are catered to young drivers.

Also, with customer service being a vital aspect in any insurance policy, we’ve included our customer satisfaction score as part of the weighting and this helps make up the final score. For our customer satisfaction score, we asked hundreds of car insurance customers to rate their insurer and we used that data to help compile our top five.

How to find the best cheap car insurance for young drivers

  • Shop around. You could easily save hundreds per year by using our partner Confused to compare and find the best deal.
  • Choose your vehicle sensibly. The value of your vehicle plays a huge role in how much insurers will charge you. That’s why it’s recommended for young motorists to drive a low-cost vehicle during their first years on the road. Modifications can also send premiums skyrocketing, so these should also be avoided by young drivers looking to cut insurance costs.
  • Complete Pass Plus training. Pass Plus covers elements of driving that aren’t covered before your driving test, such as motorway driving and night driving. Many insurers offer cheaper premiums to young drivers who have completed this training.
  • Add yourself to a multi-car policy. Insurers tend to offer discounts to households that ensure more than one vehicle with them.
  • Add a named driver. Adding a more experienced driver onto your policy as a named driver can often cut the cost of your premium.
  • Increase your excess. Your insurer may be willing to reduce your premium if you’re willing to pay out more when making a claim.
  • Consider black box insurance. A “black box” (also known as a telematics device) uses GPS to monitor your vehicle and inform your insurer whether you’re a safe driver. A few insurers will grant young motorists a discount on their premiums if they install this technology within their vehicle.

Companies that offer black box insurance for new drivers

Black box technology has been available for many years now. Yet, there are still a limited number of insurers offering this technology to new drivers. See our guide on black box insurance for a full list of companies offering it.

We took a deeper look at all of the major insurers’ policies for young drivers in order to create this list of the best car insurance companies for young drivers.

Cost of car insurance for younger drivers

There are number of factors determining the cost of a car insurance premium other than age. However, it is true that younger drivers tend to be charged more due to the higher risk of them getting into an accident. Statistically, this has been proven. Data also proves that they’re more likely to get into serious accidents.

Statista conducted a study in 2019 that suggested that a 20-year-old motorist can expect to pay £851 per year for their car insurance. This figure was based on the average of the top 5 cheapest quotes offered to a 20-year-old with 2 years of driving experience and no previous claims on their insurance, driving a brand new Ford Fiesta (the most popular car in the UK in 2019).

The data suggests that younger drivers with less experience can expect to pay even more than this.

Best cars for cheap insurance for young drivers

All vehicles are categorised based on their “risk” to insurers. This risk factor mostly considers the likelihood of a car being damaged and the cost of replacing it. There are 50 categories in total, with category 1 cars being the cheapest to insure and category 50 vehicles costing the most.

For your convenience, we have compiled a complete list of vehicles in insurance category 1.

Bottom line

Everybody’s circumstances will vary so car cover that might work for you might not work for someone else. Do your research, shop around and compare deals in order to find the best car insurance for you.

Frequently asked questions

*51% of consumers could save £504.25 on their car insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next 5 cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from September 2023 data. The amount you could save depends on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.
The offers compared on this page are chosen from a range of products we can track; we don't cover every product on the market...yet. Unless we've indicated otherwise, products are shown in no particular order or ranking. The terms "best", "top", "cheap" (and variations), aren't product ratings, although we always explain what's great about a product when we highlight it; this is subject to our terms of use. When making a big financial decision, it's wise to consider getting independent financial advice, and always consider your own financial circumstances when comparing products so you get what's right for you.

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