Methodology for insurance and breakdown cover ratings

Our reviews include a Finder score along with reviews from users. We gather some of these through an annual survey.

We publish 2 types of score:

  • Finder’s expert score. Our experts look at the features of a policy and what it offers to users, then rate it.
  • User reviews. We ask you to tell us about your experience as a customer of the brands we cover. You can submit a comment directly through the relevant review, and each year we gather more user reviews through a customer survey. We show the results of this survey in an annual league table, and use it to determine our annual customer satisfaction awards, too.

Finder’s expert scores

You’ll find our expert scores in our reviews. We rate insurance policies using a system of 1 to 5 blue stars.

★★★★★ – Excellent

★★★★★ – Good

★★★★★ – Average

★★★★★ – Subpar

★★★★★ – Poor

Your reviews and our customer survey

Many of our insurance and breakdown cover reviews feature reviews from users. You can submit a review of a brand directly through our site, but we also gather customers’ views in an annual survey.

We publish the survey results and use them to decide our annual customer satisfaction awards.

Our customer satisfaction survey

In December 2023, Finder conducted an independent customer satisfaction survey about insurance and breakdown cover providers. We asked customers about whether they were happy with their current provider, or a provider they’d used within the previous 12 months. We’ve shown results only where we received more than 30 responses for a brand, to ensure the results are statistically significant.

Here are the number of people were surveyed in each area:

  • Breakdown cover – 750
  • Car insurance – 750
  • Home insurance – 750
  • Life insurance – 750
  • Customer satisfaction ratings methodology

    We asked participants how satisfied they were with their provider – on a scale of 1 to 5 – and we asked whether they’d recommend the provider to a friend.

    To turn the answers into the scores you see on the page, we used the following method:

    • How many people would recommend the company versus how many people wouldn’t. If you would go as far as recommending a company to a friend, it must mean you think it’s really good. That’s why this counts as 50% of our customer satisfaction star rating.
    • The proportion of people who rated an insurer five out of five. Five out of five is a real vote of confidence! This counts for 25% of our customer satisfaction star rating.
    • The average score each insurance company got. This told us whether the insurer’s service levels match its ratings, or if it’s actually not that great. This score forms the last 25% of our customer satisfaction star rating.

    All of those things combined made the final customer satisfaction score, to give the following ratings:

    ★★★★★ – Excellent

    ★★★★★ – Good

    ★★★★★ – Average

    ★★★★★ – Subpar

    ★★★★★ – Poor

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