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BMW is a German company, originally founded in 1916 as an aircraft engine manufacturer. At the end of World War I, their production was halted due to the Versailles Armistice Treaty. Eventually, the restrictions were lifted and BMW began manufacturing motorcycles, soon followed by cars.

When World War II began, BMW briefly returned to its roots and started to produce airplane engines. But, they then carried on developing their motorcycles and cars to eventually create the luxury models we know today.

Average insurance cost of owning a BMW

The average cost of insuring your BMW will be decided mostly by the model you purchase. BMW have manufactured a vast range of different cars aimed to suit multiple types of lifestyle, including electric cars, sports cars and luxury SUVs. So, the insurance rates for different models varies greatly.

The model you choose will have a huge impact on your insurance cost, but it will also depend on your driving history, location and the insurance provider you choose.

Take a look at the list of BMW car models below. Click on the model you are interested in and you can find out the average insurance cost, base cost of the car and where it ranks in our list of most expensive cars to insure.

BMW Car models

Interesting BMW facts

  • BMW’s emblem has been displayed on all of their products since 1917 and incorporates the Bavarian state colours, symbolising the company’s roots.
  • A BMW is a huge investment so you’ll want to make sure you are as protected as possible. As it’s a luxury car, you’ll probably want more than a basic car insurance policy.
  • In the aftermath of World War II, BMW stopped motorcycle production and began producing pots, pans and bicycles. In 1948, their motorcycle production began again.

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*Based on independent online research by Consumer Intelligence (March ’20). 51% of car insurance customers could save £285.88.

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