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Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer that produces a range of popular hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs as well as the Mazda MX-5 and RX-8 sportscars.

Where can I get Mazda insurance?

Most car insurance providers in the UK will offer policies to cover your Mazda. However, you may be limited to certain types of insurance depending on the age and condition of your car. You can compare quotes for a range of Mazda insurance policies here.

You can also get insurance directly from Mazda UK.

How much does Mazda car insurance cost?

The approximate average cost of insurance for popular Mazda models are:

Mazda 2 – £500
Mazda 3 – £530
Mazda MX-5 – £470
Mazda RX-8 – £1370

However, the average insurance cost of a Mazda will vary depending on the model you choose and the insurance group it is in, as well as your location, age and driving history.

Using a specific profile, we ran quotes to find the average insurance cost of a Mazda CX-3, a popular compact SUV model in the UK. The average cost was £1,036 a year, or £94 a month, for fully comprehensive cover with no optional extras.

What insurance group is Mazda in?

This depends on the make and model of your Mazda, but the insurance groups of popular Mazda models are:

Mazda 2: Insurance groups 11-20
Mazda 3: Insurance groups 13-25
Mazda MX-5: Insurance groups 24-30
Mazda RX-8: Insurance groups 31-35
Mazda CX-5: Insurance groups 15-23

How a vehicle from Mazda affects insurance costs

When determining the cost of insurance, insurance companies look at a car’s safety ratings, its likelihood of being stolen and how costly it is to replace or repair, among other factors.

Mazadas’ good safety ratings and relatively low price tag make this an affordable brand to insure. Although some models are more likely to be targeted by criminals, which could result in increased premiums.

Are there any standout models?

The 2019 Mazda MX-5 RF is special. It is a hardtop convertible with a sleek design and a lot of bite. It’s SKYACTIV Technology makes the car both fuel efficient and high-performing. It handles very much like a sports car but boasts a low and light chassis. It also comes in a RF Sports Black version with a black rear spoiler and 17″ gun metal alloy wheels.

Prices start from £22,995.

Pros and cons of insuring a Mazda


  • Affordable price tag
  • Reliable
  • Extremely good safety ratings


  • Some models are targeted by thieves
  • More than third party cover is recommended

Mazda car facts

  • Mazda is generally an affordable brand. The Mazda2 hatchback starts at around £13,000, the compact SUV CX-3 starts at around £19,000 and the mid-size SUV CX-5 is priced from around £25,000.
  • The price to insure your Mazda will vary greatly depending on the level of cover you want in your policy.
  • As some models are more of a target with criminals, you may want more than third party cover, opting instead for third party fire and theft or comprehensive cover.

What is My Mazda?

My Mazda is an app that lets drivers access all their vehicle’s information from anywhere and at any time. Features of the My Mazda app include tracking the car’s service history and schedule, getting reminders about upcoming services, and accessing the vehicle’s manual. Drivers will also be able to call for roadside assistance with the push of a button. The My Mazda app is available as a smartphone and tablet app for iOS and Android.

Our Verdict

Mazda’s good safety ratings, dependability and lower price tag make this an affordable car to insure. But remember that some models are more appealing to criminals which can push premiums up.

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Frequently asked questions about Mazda

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