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Find out how much would it cost to insure a BMW Z4, and how you could save on your premiums.

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In BMW’s own words, the Z4 model ‘epitomises boldness and sportiness to re-occupy leadership in the roadster segment’. Originally released in 2002 and a firm favourite ever since, the Z4 has the option of being either a fixed-roof roadster or a convertible. It’s a common sight on British roads and despite what you may think about convertibles Z4 car insurance actually works out as reasonable when compared to similar models from other companies.

Keep reading to see what insuring your BMW Z4 would look like and how you can save on your premiums.

BMW Z4 insurance cost by driver’s age

Model / Version Group (1-50) 20yrs 30yrs 40yrs 50yrs Get quote
M40i Sport Automatic 2d 37 £1,627 £944 £827 £667 Get Quote
M40i (Shadowline Plus Package and Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 37 £1,627 £944 £827 £667 Get Quote
M40i (Shadowline Plus Package) Sport Automatic 2d 37 £1,627 £944 £827 £667 Get Quote
M40i M Sport (Black Package and Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 37 £1,627 £944 £827 £667 Get Quote
M40i M Sport (Black Package) Sport Automatic 2d 37 £1,627 £944 £827 £667 Get Quote
M40i M Sport (Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 37 £1,627 £944 £827 £667 Get Quote
M40i First Edition Sport Automatic 2d 38 £1,667 £967 £847 £684 Get Quote
sDrive20i Sport Sport Automatic 2d 30 £1,562 £906 £794 £641 Get Quote
sDrive30i Sport Sport Automatic 2d 33 £1,550 £899 £788 £636 Get Quote
sDrive20i M Sport (Plus Package and Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 31 £1,557 £903 £792 £639 Get Quote
sDrive20i M Sport (Plus Package) Sport Automatic 2d 31 £1,557 £903 £792 £639 Get Quote
sDrive20i M Sport (Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 31 £1,557 £903 £792 £639 Get Quote
sDrive20i M Sport Sport Automatic 2d 31 £1,557 £903 £792 £639 Get Quote
sDrive30i M Sport (Plus Package and Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 34 £1,554 £902 £790 £638 Get Quote
sDrive30i M Sport (Plus Package) Sport Automatic 2d 34 £1,554 £902 £790 £638 Get Quote
sDrive30i M Sport (Technology Package) Sport Automatic 2d 34 £1,554 £902 £790 £638 Get Quote
sDrive30i M Sport Sport Automatic 2d 34 £1,554 £902 £790 £638 Get Quote

Average insurance rates for the BMW Z4

We aggregated insurance quotes from a variety of well-known car insurance companies, modifying the variables on the Z4 to achieve a sufficiently broad average. The research we conducted indicates that you’d pay an average of £53.08 per month in the United Kingdom, or £573.40 if you’d rather pay in a single annual sum.

You may be wondering what information we used to calculate these figures. Below we’ve listed the criteria we inputted in order to achieve the quote figures.

  • Driver was a thirty-year-old male teacher from Exeter.
  • Factory standard alarm/immobiliser technology.
  • Five years no-claims bonus.
  • An average of 10,000 miles driven per year.
  • This was the only car belonging to the driver.
  • Used for social, domestic, and commuting reasons.
  • Car parked in a driveway overnight.
  • We identified the car as a 2018 model BMW Z4 in all quotes.
  • Comprehensive insurance.

What factors can affect my premiums?

The circumstances for every driver are different, and these will have consequences in the insurance sphere. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of some of the most common factors that can change the price of your insurance premiums. If you keep reading, we’ll even tell you how to keep your premiums low!

  • Driver details. Insurance companies are interested in stability. The more stable and trustworthy a driver you appear to be, the more likely that your premiums will be lower. Factors to consider include details about the driver (age, sex, marital status, and geographical location), their profession, and their history within the insurance industry: have they claimed in the last five years, or been convicted for a driving offence?
  • Engine capacity. The engine capacity of your BMW Z4 will obviously have an impact on your insurance rates. The 3.0L Z4, for instance, costs an average of £11.54 more each month than the 2.0L equivalent.
  • Model age. How old is the model you’re looking to insure? The age of your car is certainly a factor when it comes to insurance premiums.
  • Mileage.How much do you drive every year? Would you say it’s within the ballpark of the national average, 10,000 miles per year? Insurance companies may look less favourably on drivers who drive significantly over the national average, indicating that they are more at-risk of traffic accidents.

How can I reduce my insurance premiums?

You’ve had a brief glance through some of the top factors that affect insurance rates, so get ready to see our handy tips that could potentially keep your premiums down:

  • The old faithful method of paying your premiums annually rather than monthly still applies for the BMW Z4. You could save an average of £63.60 if you opt to pay in a yearly sum!
  • Make sure any modifications on your BMW Z4 exist onto to reinforce its safety and security. Insurers will likely bring down premium for drivers who have invested in add-on trackers and safety technology. Other modifications, particularly those for racing, are frowned upon by the insurance community, and you will likely see your premiums go up.
  • Try to keep your annual mileage in the range of 10,000 miles per year, the national average.
  • Whilst it is difficult to pre-empt accidents, try your best to maintain your no-claims discount and lack of driving convictions. The more stable a driver you appear to be, the lower your quotes.
  • If you have a garage at home, park your car inside it! This improves the security of your vehicle, making your vehicle less risky to insure. Your premiums will come down as a result.
  • Only insure the car for drivers who will use the vehicle regularly.

Fun facts about the BMW Z4

  • The BMW Z4 has been released in three generations – the first in 2003, followed by revised editions in 2009 and 2018.
  • Whilst initially produced in the United States during the 2003-2008 period of production, the decision was made to move the production of Z4 models to Germany in 2008.
  • The third generation, 2018 model Z4 was hailed by Top Gear as a ‘return to form’ for the BMW roadster and coupé models.

Bottom line

The BMW Z4 is an exciting sports car, so of course it’s relatively expensive to buy and insure. However, it’s not as costly as other similar cars and the tips in this guide can help you reduce your premiums even further.

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