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Ford cars are a common sight on UK roads, and it’s no wonder. For many years Ford was the top-selling new car brand in the UK. While in 2021 its crown was taken by Volkswagen, you’d still be hard-pressed to walk far down an urban road without spotting a Fiesta or Mondeo. If you’re one of the many Ford owners in the UK – or are thinking about becoming one – read on to find out how to get the best Ford car insurance rate.

About Ford

Ford is an American carmaker that was established in 1903 and remains one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world. Popular models include the humble Ford Fiesta, which topped the UK’s small car market for years, the family-friendly Ford Focus and its recent best-seller the Ford Puma compact crossover.

Facts about Ford

  • Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 in the US – the first model (Model A) was sold that same year for US$850.
  • Three Model A cars were brought to the UK in 1903.
  • The first UK Ford dealership was opened in 1910.
  • In 1909, Ford Motor Company (England) Ltd was established. It became more widely known as Ford of Britain in 1960.
  • The popular Ford Fiesta was first marketed in 1976. Now in its eighth generation, it’s been one of Britain’s best-loved cars for decades.
  • A descendant of Henry Ford is the current executive chairman of the company.
  • Prices for new Ford models start at £18,000 for a Fiesta and can go up to £47,000 and beyond for a Mustang. Its former cheapest model, the Ford Ka+, was discontinued in 2019.
  • In 2021, the Ford Puma was the best-selling new Ford in the UK, outranking perennial favourites the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus.

Where can I get Ford car insurance?

You can get insurance for your Ford from most insurance providers in the UK. Ford UK also offers its own insurance through Ford Insure.

If you’re looking to compare insurance options, you can compare a range of quotes now.

Does Ford offer its own insurance?

Yes. Ford’s insurance cover is called Ford Insure. It offers:

  • Standard annual insurance, which offers cover for a single car
  • Multicar insurance, which offers cover for 2 or more family cars. It can include cover for non-Ford cars
  • Electric and hybrid car insurance, which includes everything that a standard policy has, plus dedicated cover for electric batteries and charging cables

What’s covered under Ford’s car insurance policy?

Like any car insurance, comprehensive cover from Ford Insure will cover damage to or loss of your car following an accident, fire or criminal activity. As standard, Ford says its policy includes:

  • Windscreen cover
  • Repairs carried out using genuine Ford parts or, in the case of windscreens, manufacturer-spec glass
  • A courtesy car while your car is being repaired at an authorised repairer following a claim
  • 24-hour emergency helplines
  • Replacement locks if your ignition key is lost or stolen, up to £300
  • Personal injury cover up to £5,000 (you can pay extra for higher cover levels)
  • Child seat and pushchair cover
  • Personal belongings cover up to £150
  • A new replacement car of the same spec if yours is written off while it’s less than 12 months old and you are the first owner (some policies may only offer replacement with a like-for-like used car)

You can also pay extra for optional add-ons such as breakdown cover and legal expenses cover.

Bear in mind that you don’t have to buy cover directly from Ford to get most of these features. With a bit of shopping around, you should be able to find policies from standalone insurers that offer most of these perks, and potentially for a lower price.

What car insurance group and tax bands do Ford models fall into?

Both a vehicle’s car insurance group and how much car tax you’ll need to pay will depend on the specific make and model of your Ford. Popular models will generally fall into the following groups and bands. There may be a few outliers (such as more powerful, less widely made cars) that fall into a higher insurance group or tax band.

Ford modelCar insurance groupsCar tax bands
Ford Focus7–40E–J
Ford Fiesta2–16D–H
Ford Mondeo12–29A–J
Ford Mustang39–45I–M
Ford Ka1–6B–G
Ford Kuga14–27B–J

Generally, the higher the insurance group, the more expensive a car will be to insure. And the higher the tax band, the more you’ll pay in annual vehicle tax.

How much does insurance for Ford cars cost?

The insurance cost for a Ford varies greatly depending on the model you select and your own circumstances.

For example, typically you’ll pay more to insure a powerful and pricey Ford Mustang than a more modest Ford Fiesta.

We ran quotes for a 2019 Ford Fiesta Zetec on a price comparison site. From the top 5 results, the average quote was around £810 a year for fully comprehensive cover with no optional extras. Your actual premium will depend on where you live, your driving record and the number of miles you drive in a year, plus other factors.

How to compare Ford car insurance

  1. Work out what you want from a policy. Do you need comprehensive or third-party cover, for example? And what features do you need? Think about what’s essential and what’s just “nice to have”.
  2. Run quotes using price comparison sites. It’s a good idea to check at least a couple, as different comparison sites may have slightly different deals. Some insurers, such as Direct Line, aren’t on price comparison sites so you might want to check with these directly too.
  3. Draw up your shortlist and check the details carefully, to make sure you’re comparing like with like. Go for the policy that offers the best balance of price versus quality of cover.
  4. Review your provider each year. It’s always worth seeing whether another provider is offering the same or a similar policy at a cheaper price.

How can I cut the cost of Ford car insurance?

Nobody wants to pay more than they need to for car insurance. Shopping around every year is the best way to keep costs down, as the cheapest insurer in year 1 may not be the cheapest down the line. But there are other tactics you can use to minimise the cost of insuring your Ford, including:

  • Pay annually rather than monthly if you can afford to. Paying monthly incurs interest and could cost you more than £100 extra per year.
  • Drive safely to reduce the risk of claims and convictions. It may sound obvious, but having claims or convictions on your record will hike up your premium.
  • Consider a telematics (or “black box”) policy. These insurers install a small tracker – or black box – in your car to monitor your driving. Safe driving is rewarded with lower premiums.
  • Drive less, if you can. You could save money on your insurance by being more sparing with your car usage. Opting for public transport or walking when you can will help keep your mileage, and premiums, lower.
  • Up your car’s security. The safer you make your car, the better your premium will be. By investing in extra safety features, or parking in a secure location, your vehicle will be considered less of a risk to insure.
  • Don’t assume that third-party policies are cheaper. Surprisingly, comprehensive cover is competitively priced – or sometimes even cheaper – compared to third-party cover. So don’t rule out comprehensive cover from the get-go.

If you’re in the market for a new car and are happy to keep your options open, here are some popular alternatives to Ford models to take for a test drive. Click on the links to find out how much you can expect to pay to insure each model.

Ford modelAlternative car models to consider
Ford FocusCitroen C4, Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf
Ford FiestaHonda Jazz, Mazda 2, Volkswagen Polo
Ford MondeoBMW 3 Series, Volkswagen Passat
Ford EdgeAudi Q5, BMW X3
Ford KaFiat 500, Volkswagen Up
Ford KugaBMW X1, Mazda CX-5, Volkswagen Tiguan
Ford EcosportNissan Qashqai, Suzuki Vitara

Bottom line

How much you’ll have to shell out for Ford car insurance depends on the specific model you own, plus personal factors such as where you live and your driving history. You can, of course, keep insurance costs down by opting for models that fall into lower insurance groups. For example, a low-spec Ford Fiesta will likely cost much less to insure than a high-end Ford Kuga with a powerful engine. But even if choosing a cheaper model isn’t a viable option, there are plenty of other ways to keep costs down by following the advice in this guide.

Frequently asked questions about Ford

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