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Alternatives to OFX

Services like OFX for sending money overseas

OFX offers transfers and exchanges in over 50 currencies. If you’re a larger business looking to pay for exports – or just need to transfer a larger sum to an account overseas – this service may be the right fit for you.


  • No transfer fees
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Available in 190+ countries and territories and 50 currencies
  • Offers scheduled and recurring transfers
  • iOS and Android apps for mobile transfer and tracking
  • No maximum transfer limit


  • Bank-to-bank transfer only — no cash payment or pickup
  • Verify new accounts by phone
  • High minimum transfer amount of $1,000 per year

Xe Money Transfer Logo

1. Xe Money Transfer

Xe Money Transfer is a service designed to help you transfer your funds to a bank in a foreign currency — but it doesn’t allow same-currency transfers like OFX does. If you’re working far from home, Xe is ideal for getting cash to your family or making investments overseas. Given how easy it is to transfer your money to foreign companies in their currency, it’s especially ideal for business accounts — it trades in over 120 currencies, far surpassing OFX’s 50.

Why pick Xe Money Transfer instead?

  • Low transfer fees
  • Trade in over 120 currencies, allowing for money transfers to over 200 countries
  • Competitive exchange rates save you money in the long run
  • Quick turnaround means transfer is complete in three to five days
  • No maximum transfer amount


  • Bank-to-bank transfers only
  • Exchange rate comparison tool not available until after you’ve registered with the site
Currencies Direct logo

2. Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct is an international money transfer service dedicated to helping its customers save more when transferring money internationally. With 40+ currencies to choose from — and others that can be discussed with the company itself – it’s comparable in reach to the 50 currencies OFX allows transfers in.

Like OFX, which offers no-fee bank-to-bank transfers, Currencies Direct offers no fees for 90% of its transactions. However, while OFX has a high minimum transfer amount of $1,000, Currencies Direct allows for transfers as low as $100. Both companies have no maximum transfer limit, making them ideal for high-dollar transfers.

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Why pick Currencies Direct instead?

  • No fees for 90% of its transactions
  • Supports 40+ market currencies
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • Low minimum transfer of $100
  • Supports large transactions at a seemingly unlimited max
  • Monitors exchange rates for your ideal transfer


  • No cash pickup option — bank-to-bank transfers only
wise logo

3. Wise

Wise is a money transfer site designed to help you save money on exchanges through a peer-to-peer system. It’s basically trading money with another person, but it doesn’t cross borders. While OFX has no transfer fees at all, Wise has a complex system to calculate fees and charges a variable fee ranging from 0.41% to 1.5%. Wise also has daily transfer limits of $50,000, while OFX has no maximum transfer limit.

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Why pick Wise instead?

  • Uses mid-market exchange rate with no hidden fees
  • Low minimum transfer amount of $1
  • High transfer limits — can send up to $50,000 per day and $1 million per year
  • Apps for both iOS and Android


  • Transfers to bank accounts — no cash pickup option
  • Two-step process means you must first wire your money to Wise, which then deposits the money to your recipient’s bank account
  • Requires a social security number to send money
WorldRemit logo

4. WorldRemit

WorldRemit provides a variety of transfer options in more than 130 countries — including online, bank-to-bank and cash transfers. Unlike OFX, which has no transfer fees or maximum transfer limit, WorldRemit has fees that vary by country and a maximum transfer amount of $9,000. However, OFX doesn’t allow for cash pickup or home delivery, while WorldRemit offers both of these options.

Why pick WorldRemit instead?

  • Low minimum transfer amount of $1
  • Available in over 130 countries worldwide
  • Flexible payment options, including debit or credit card, bank transfer, Android Pay and ApplePay
  • Transfers to mobile wallet accounts
  • Cash pickup and home delivery available
  • Mobile airtime account transfers


  • The higher your transfer, the greater the transfer fees
  • Low maximum transfer amount of $9,000
Moneygram logo

5. MoneyGram

The second-largest international money transfer service in the world, MoneyGram is a big contender. It services transfer and exchange currencies in over 200 countries and territories to more than 350,000 agent locations worldwide. Unlike OFX, which only allows for bank-to-bank transfers, MoneyGram offers a large pool of services for sending and receiving funds, including home delivery and cash pickup options.

With its low minimum transfer amount of $1 and maximum online transfer amount of $6,000, MoneyGram is better suited for smaller money transfers. OFX, on the other hand, can handle larger transfers with its $1,000 minimum transfer amount and unlimited maximum amount.

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Why pick MoneyGram instead?

  • Extensive global network of 350,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories
  • Large pool of services available for sending, receiving or financing
  • Fast transfers, with same-day service in many locations
  • Home delivery and cash pickup options
  • Low minimum transfer amount of $1


  • Maximum online transfer amount of $6,000
  • Fees vary depending on payment type and transfer destination
  • Transfers must be made in US dollars from the US (no exchanges before transfer)
  • Local exchange rates vary by transfer destination
Sharemoney logo

6. Sharemoney

Sharemoney is a part of the Omnex group, a company that’s specialized in money transfers for over 25 years. While OFX can transfer funds from anywhere in the US, Sharemoney is limited to 36 US states and can only transfer money to 21 countries — a far cry from OFX’s 195 countries. While OFX only offers bank-to-bank transfers and has no fees, Sharemoney allows for cash transfers and door-to-door delivery, but with transfer fees. Sharemoney has low minimum and maximum daily transfer limits — $20 to $2,999.99 — while OFX requires you to transfer at least $1,000 with an unlimited maximum.

Why pick Sharemoney instead?

  • Low transfer fees starting at $2.99
  • Low minimum transfer amount of $20
  • Exchange rate calculator helps you see how much money you’ll get for your dollar, with rates updated hourly
  • Fast and easy service, with cash and bank transfers taking as little as 15 minutes to 24 hours
  • Door-to-door delivery as quick as 48 hours
  • Discounts available on Facebook


  • Sharemoney is only licensed to operate in 36 states
  • Only offers one-off transfers
  • Exact location must be specified for cash pickup
  • Can only transfer money to 21 countries, which are largely limited to South America and select Asian countries
  • Daily transfer limits of $2,999.99 every 15 days, and $9,999.99 every six months

Still looking for other options?

Our table lets you compare the services you can use to send money abroad. Compare services on transfer speeds and fees, then click Go to site when you're ready to send.
Alternatively, learn more about OFX in our review.
Name Product Filter Values Fastest Transfer Speed Fees (Pay by Bank Transfer)
Within minutes
After spending $15k in your first 90 days, receive a one-time $500 bonus that will automatically be credited to your account on any FX conversion.
Airwallex can help you make business payments to 150+ countries in 60+ currencies.
Wise (TransferWise)
Within minutes
From 0.41%
Wise uses the mid-market rate and transparent fees to help you send money in 45+ currencies.
Cash App
Within minutes
From $0
With this peer-to-peer payment app make payments to your friends and family with no transfer fees within the US or from the US to the UK or EU.
24 hours
From 0%
New Instarem customers will get a special FX rate and zero-fees on their first transfer.
Instarem offers offers rewards on every transaction.
Within minutes
From $0
MoneyGram has fast cash pick-up transfers to more than 350,000 agent locations worldwide.
Western Union
Within minutes
From $0
Enjoy $0 fee on your first online transfer. Western Union makes money from currency exchange. Not valid on credit cards or sends to Cuba.
Western Union sends money online to friends and family in 200+ countries and territories around the world.
OFX International Money Transfers (Business)
24 hours
Business customers: Send safe, no-limit transfers with no fees and competitive exchange rates.
CurrencyTransfer for Business
24 hours
Increase business efficiency with zero transaction fees and same-day transfers.
24 hours
OFX has no maximum limit transfers, with competitive exchange rates for 45+ currencies.
Xe Money Transfer for Business
24 hours
Save your time and money with Xe Money Transfer for business.
Currencies Direct (business)
24 hours
Minimizes costs of international transactions and offers custom solutions for business clients. Currencies Direct may call you to confirm your transfer, so be prepared for a phone call shortly after initiating a transfer.
Within minutes
Xe has fast transfers with low fees and a range of foreign currency tools.
24 hours
CurrencyTransfer lets you shop around for the best exchange rate on its online marketplace.
Currencies Direct
24 hours
CurrenciesDirect makes transferring money abroad simple with bank-beating exchange rates. Currencies Direct may call you to confirm your transfer, so be prepared for a phone call shortly after initiating a transfer.