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International money transfer limits

Send as much or as little as you need with the right provider.

Money transfer providers lower fees and more competitive exchange rates than traditional banks, but which one is best for you depends on how much you’re sending.

What’s the most amount of money I can send in a day?

It depends on which provider you choose. While some transfer companies have caps as low as $999 a day, others let you send any amount you want.

Keep in mind that if you’re sending more than $10,000, you may need to report it to the IRS — and your recipient may need to report it in their country at an even lower threshold.

What’s the smallest amount I can send?

Send as little as you want, including less than $1 with some providers. But sending small amounts will limit which providers you can use, as some companies impose minimum transfer amounts.

Compare minimum and maximum transfer limits

Money transfer specialistMinimum transferMaximum transfer
Currencies Direct$1£25,000 per online transaction
HSBC$10$200,000 per day
MoneyGram$1$10,000 per online transaction
$10,000 every 30 days
OFX$1,000No limit
Paypal$1$10,000 per online transaction
Placid Express$0$9,900 every 30 days (differs for Arizona residents)
Ria$1$2,999 a day
$7,999 every 30 days
Sharemoney$20$2,999.99 a day
$2,999.99 every 15 days
$9,999.99 every 180 days
TorFX$200No limit
Wise$1$1 million per transaction for business and personal users
USPS$1$1,500 a day
Walmart$0$10,000 per per online transfer
$10,000 every 30 days
Sendwave$1$999 a day
$2,999 a month
Western Union$1Up to $3000 without verifying your account
Up to $50,000 once you’re verified
No limit for in-person transfers
WorldRemit$1$9,000 every 24 hours
Xe$50$500,000 per online transaction
XoomDepends on country.$2,999 a day
$6,000 every 30 days
$9,999 every 180 days

Different types of limits

With most international money transfer providers, you’re limited to a specific amount per transaction. But you’ll find providers that limit how much you can send in a variety of ways.

Per-day limits

A limit on the total amount you can transfer each day.

Per-month limits

A limit on the total amount you can transfer in one month. Some providers will have other time-based limits, like a per-week or per-year limit.

Per-person limits

In some circumstances, a provider will limit the amount of money you can transfer to any one person or account.

Transfer method limits

Providers may also limit how much you can send by the transfer method you select. For example, if an online transfer is limited to $5,000, you might be able to send a larger amount by visiting the nearest branch to place the transfer in person.

How to choose a money transfer provider

When comparing money transfer providers, factor in:

  • Transfer limits. Make sure the providers you’re interested in are willing to send the transfer amount you want.
  • Currency. Does the transfer provider offer the currency you want to send in?
  • Affordability. Finding the best exchange rate is critical to getting the best value for you money — but you’ll need to factor in fees, too.
  • Convenience. Consider how quick and easy it is to send a transfer with each provider. Is the transfer system easy to use? Can you complete transfers online or over the phone, or do you need to visit a physical location?
  • Flexibility. You might be able to save money with a forward contract or limit order that locks in a low rate or save time by scheduling recurring payments in advance.
  • Speed. While some providers can send money almost instantly, other take days to transfer funds.
  • Customer support. Check online reviews to get an idea of how helpful the customer support team is, and look for multiple ways to get support, including over the phone, via live chat or email or in person.

Bottom line

By comparing transfer limits along with a range of other features, you can find an international money transfer provider that offers an affordable and convenient way to meet your specific needs when sending money overseas.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the cheapest way to send a large transfer?

If you’re sending a large money transfer, you’ll get the most competitive exchange rates using either a money transfer provider or a peer-to-peer transfer service. Which one is best for you depends on how much you’re sending, where you’re sending it and how fast you need the money to arrive.

Read our guide to sending a large money transfer to learn more.

How negotiable are transfer limits?

It depends on the provider. Some money transfer companies may offer higher transfer limits for long-term or verified customers. Contact the provider you’re interested in directly to find out more.

What are the legal limits to how much money I can send?

As long as you report the transfer to the IRS as necessary, you can send as much as you want. But if you’re sending money to a country under US sanctions, contact a professional to help you navigate any legalities.

Whether products shown are available to you is subject to individual provider sole approval and discretion in accordance with the eligibility criteria and T&Cs on the provider website.

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PayPal (business)
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Provides business solutions for small business owners in over 24 currencies worldwide. Try 3 months free of Spotify Premium when you sign up with PayPal.