Valentine’s Day statistics 2024: What is the average spend?

We look at the latest Valentine's Day statistics, including how much money is spent by Brits.

Each year, when the day of love arrives on 14 February, people across the UK spend significant amounts on their significant others, beloved pets or even themselves. It’s safe to say that Valentine’s Day has grown to become a special day all over the world… and it’s also a big day for our credit cards! So, how many are celebrating, and how much does the average Brit spend?

Valentine’s Day statistics: Highlights

  • Two-thirds of Brits (65%) will celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024, around 34.8 million people.
  • The average spend on Valentine’s Day is predicted to be £50 per person in 2024.
  • The UK is predicted to spend a total of over £1.5 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2024.
  • Millennials are the most likely generation to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, with 4 in 5 (80%) marking the occasion.
  • Londoners will spend the most of Valentine’s Day with a planned average spend of £68 each.

How many people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

In 2024, an estimated 34.8 million Brits plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which is almost two-thirds (65%) of the population. Around 3 in 5 Brits (58%) also plan to spend at least some money on their Valentine’s Day celebrations, around 30.9 million people.

Plans for Valentine's Day Percentage Estimated number
Celebrating Valentine's Day 65% 34,811,680
Celebrating Valentine's Day and spending money 58% 30,875,752
Celebrating Valentine's Day without spending money 7% 3,935,927
Not celebrating Valentine's Day 35% 18,376,524

What is the average spend on Valentine’s Day?

Brits are planning to spend an average of £50 each for Valentine’s Day, whether that’s buying gifts for a loved one or enjoying a nice meal. Men are planning to spend more, with an average spend of £59 each compared to £51 each for women.

How much money is spent on Valentine’s Day?

With 30.9 million people planning to spend at least some money on the occasion, the UK is predicted to spend a total of over £1.5 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2024. This is a substantial increase from 2021, when an estimated £926,000 was spent on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day spending by generation

Millennials are the most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, with 4 in 5 (80%) marking the day of love. 73% will be spending at least some money, with an average spend of £61 each. Generation Z is not far behind, as three-quarters of this cohort (75%) will be celebrating and 72% spending money. They have a higher planned spend than millennials, at £67 each.

Generation Celebrating Valentine's Day Average planned spend (£)
Gen Z 75.14% £66.57
Millennials 79.62% £61.28
Gen X 68.02% £45.03
Baby boomers 52.15% £30.86
Silent generation 39.36% £38.60

The likelihood of celebrating Valentine’s Day decreases with age, perhaps as the novelty wears off over time! Around two-thirds of generation X (68%) and just over half of baby boomers (53%) will celebrate the day of love, while only two-fifths (39%) of the silent generation will mark the occasion.

These generations also plan to spend less than the younger generations, with an average spend of £45 for generation X, £31 for baby boomers and £39 for the silent generation.

Valentine’s Day spending by region

Londoners will be spending the most this Valentine’s Day, with the average resident planning to shell out £68 on the occasion. Those in Northern Ireland are not far behind, planning to spend £66 each.

Northern Ireland residents are also the most likely to celebrate, with almost three-quarters (73%) making plans for Valentine’s Day. Those in London (71%) and the East of England (71%) are next on the list of regions planning to celebrate with their loved ones.

Meanwhile, people in Scotland are least likely to celebrate, with 56% planning to do so. Residents in the East of England will be the thriftiest this Valentine’s Day, with a planned spend of £38 each on average.

Region Average planned spend Average planned spend
Northern Ireland 72.73% £66.06
Greater London 71.15% £68.20
East of England 70.74% £38.13
South West 69.54% £39.18
North West 66.36% £53.37
West Midlands 65.71% £63.80
Yorkshire and the Humber 65.64% £43.27
South East 63.31% £40.02
East Midlands 60.27% £41.45
North East 60.00% £48.99
Wales 59.57% £45.50
Scotland 56.29% £52.46


    Finder commissioned Censuswide to carry out a nationally representative survey of adults aged 18+. A total of 2,000 people were questioned throughout Great Britain between 1 February and 5 February 2024, with representative quotas for gender, age and region.

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