Side hustle statistics UK: How many people have a side hustle?

Our research found that 43% of Brits have a side hustle in 2024.

Many Brits are earning additional income from side hustles like walking dogs, filling out surveys or selling handmade goods. Some of us even choose to set up an extra business, and if you are serious about your side hustle, you may decide to open a dedicated business account. We look at the latest side hustle statistics and trends across the UK, including how many people have them and the average earnings.

Side hustle statistics: Highlights

  • 43% of Brits have a side hustle as an additional source of income in 2024.
  • The average income from side hustles is £207 a week or £900 a month.
  • Around half of men (49%) make money from a side hustle, compared to 37% of women.
  • More than two-thirds of generation Z (68%) earn money from side hustles compared to just 7% of the silent generation.
  • Millennials earn the most from side hustles, with an average income of £1,208 a month.

How many people have a side hustle?

In 2024, 43% of Brits have at least one side hustle as an additional source of income, according to our nationally representative survey. Around half of men (49%) make money from a side hustle, compared to 37% of women.

Side hustles are becoming a popular way for Brits to earn extra cash during the cost of living crisis when many Brits are struggling to make ends meet or put money into savings.

Case study: The cost of living crisis has impacted Tracey's savings

Tracey Greyvenstein profile pic
Tracey Greyvenstein

Tracey is a Finder member from Abingdon who has been struggling to save due to the cost of living crisis. She tells us about her side hustles:

I already have 3 side hustles and am still battling to get by. I cook for the local squash club, I sell clothes on eBay, I enter competitions and I do online surveys for money.

I am not happy with how much I have saved. I have had to use some of it to pay for things like car insurance, tyres, MOTs, electricity bills and repairs.

What is the average side hustle income?

On average, Brits earn £207 from side hustles per week, which adds up to around £900 a month or £10,800 a year. Around a quarter of Brits (25%) have a side hustle that earns them between £1 and £200 a week.

Explainer: What exactly is a side hustle?

A side hustle is when you have a job or business in addition to your primary job that enables you to make extra money. For example, you could sell items online, do freelance work, drive people around in your car or do other odd jobs. You might also have a secondary part-time job in addition to your main job.

Side hustles provide an additional source of income but can also give people the opportunity to try a new challenge or have fun doing something they enjoy. It’s like having a hobby, but you get paid for it!

The rise of the gen Z side hustle

Remarkably, more than two-thirds of generation Z make money from a side hustle (68%), more than any other generation. Millennials are not far behind their younger counterparts, as 65% have a side hustle that earns extra cash, as well as 2 in 5 members of generation X (40%).

Side hustles are less common as an extra source of income among the older generations, with 23% of baby boomers and 7% of the silent generation (21%) earning money this way.

The popularity of side hustles among the younger generations could be related to several factors, including lower average income from their main employment and higher usage of apps and online platforms that allow easy ways to set up side hustles, such as selling clothes online or creating TikTok content.

Generation Percentage earning from a side hustle Average earnings (£)
Gen Z 68.18% £1,137.46
Millennials 64.91% £1,208.03
Gen X 39.55% £638.85
Baby boomers 22.84% £486.76
Silent generation 6.93% £84.47

Which region of the UK earns the most from side hustles?

Londoners are at the top of their game when it comes to side hustles in the UK, with 6 in 10 (61%) having a side hustle that makes extra money, earning an average of £1,643 a month!

Those in the North East are also earning big from side hustles, with an average income of £1,208 among the 39% making money this way.

Those in Wales are the least likely to earn money with a side hustle, with 1 in 5 (21%) doing so and earning an average income of £335 a month.

Region Average monthly earnings
Greater London £1,643
North East £1,208
Yorkshire and the Humber £978
North West £940
West Midlands £931
Scotland £805
South West £718
East Midlands £648
East of England £626
Northern Ireland £586
South East £562
Wales £335

According to external research, the top 3 most popular side hustles are:

  1. Selling old clothes on Vinted or similar
  2. A part-time second job
  3. Becoming a social media “influencer” on TikTok or similar

The most popular side hustles fall into 5 key categories:

  • Selling old or refurbished items
  • Creating content
  • Creating products and selling them
  • Having a secondary part-time job
  • Manual labour

We’ve grouped the top 30 UK side hustles in these categories in the table below:

Selling old or refurbished items Creating content Creating products and selling them Secondary part-time jobs Manual labour
Selling old clothes on Vinted or similar Becoming a social media "influencer" on TikTok or similar Drawing people’s pets Mystery shopping Putting flat pack furniture together for other people
Buying clothes from charity shops and selling them as "vintage" pieces Blogging/writing Making candles Web design Delivery services
Refurbishing electronics to resell OnlyFans DIY for other people Private tutoring Pet services (dog walking/pet sitting/grooming)
Bulk buying products, then selling them cheaper individually Vlogging Creating and selling your own products Admin/data entry House cleaning
/ Podcasting Baking Proofreading Painting people’s nails
/ Busking / Graphic design /
/ / / Translating /
/ / / Taxi services (either through Uber/Lyft or your own branding) /
/ / / Childcare /
/ / / Another part-time secondary job /
/ / / / /


  • Finder commissioned Censuswide in January 2024 to carry out a nationally representative survey of adults aged 18+. A total of 2,006 people were questioned throughout Great Britain, with representative quotas for gender, age and region.

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