TV streaming statistics: The most popular streaming services in the UK

With two-thirds of UK households subscribed to a streaming service, we've looked into which platforms the UK uses to binge-watch our favourite shows.

Streaming services have changed the way we watch TV. No longer do you need to wait a week for the next episode of your favourite show. Whether you stream with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, NOW TV or another service, almost 19 million households in the UK now shell out from their bank accounts for at least 1 streaming subscription.

UK streaming statistics: Highlights

  • Two-thirds of Brits (65%) have a streaming subscription service, which is around 18.8 million households.
  • Almost half of Brits (45%) have 2 or more streaming subscription services, which is around 13.3 million households.
  • Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the UK, with more than half of households subscribed (57%).

How many people have a streaming service in the UK?

18.8 million households (65.4%) have access to a streaming subscription service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime as of December 2023. This number is down slightly from September 2023, when 19.3 million households (67.3%) were subscribed to a video-on-demand service. This decrease may be due to rising subscription prices and people cutting costs.

12.8 million households (44.7%) have 2 or more streaming services as of December 2023, down from 13.3 million households (46.4%) in September 2023.

Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the UK, with over 16 million households subscribed as of December 2023, more than half of UK households (56.7%). It is followed by Amazon Prime, which has 12.4 million households paying for a regular subscription, just over 2 in 5 households (43.1%).

Disney+ is in third place with 7.3 million subscribers, a quarter of households (25.6%), an impressive feat considering it was only launched in 2020. Paramount+ is the UK’s fourth most popular streaming service, with around 1.99 million subscribed households (6.9%).

Streaming service Number of users
Netflix 16.3 million
Amazon Prime 12.4 million
Disney+ 7.3 million
NOW 1.82 million
Apple TV+ 1.98 million
Paramount 1.99 million

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