Which airlines have free Wi-Fi?

The complete list of airlines offering free Wi-Fi in 2019.

For some of us, flying gives us a well-earned break from Facebook, Instagram and various instant messaging apps. For others, being connected to the world wide web at all times can make all the difference when choosing which airline to fly with.

But with inflight Wi-Fi (or “Fly-Fi”) getting more and more common, travellers won’t have to worry about not being able to answer messages while flying for long. We’ve looked at the commercial airlines that service the UK’s 10 biggest airports to see how many of them offer free Wi-Fi on their aircraft.

Quick facts

  • 15 airlines that fly from the UK offer some form of free Wi-Fi access.
  • This means that 12.93% of airlines that fly from the UK offer free Wi-Fi.
  • JetBlue intends to start flying to the UK in 2021, and would be the first arline to offer unlimited Wi-Fi on every plane.
  • In 2018, Brits took to the skies over 77 million times.

75% of all Europeans

report that they would use Wi-Fi if it was available to them on their next flight.
Of the 96 carriers that fly in and out of the UK, 15 offer free Wi-Fi to some extent. The best service appears to be from Air New Zealand, which allows limitless web access on most of its planes. Norwegian offers passengers unlimited web browsing when flying to Europe, Qatar Airways provides free Wi-Fi on selected routes and El Al allows unlimited “light browsing”. Interestingly, Xiamen Air operates a system that allocates free Wi-Fi to the first 50 passengers who apply for it.
Many of the airlines on our list offer unlimited use of messaging apps throughout the flight, while some allocate a certain amount of time or megabytes (MB) for free Internet access, before offering paid options for any amount more than that.

Airlines with free Wi-Fi

1. El Al

While flying the skies above with Israeli airline El Al, you can enjoy complimentary access to messaging apps, email and light browsing. If you want to watch videos, you must fork out around £7.75 when flying in Europe or £11.63 when heading to North America.

2. Norwegian

This Scandinavian airline offers free Wi-Fi as soon as you get on the plane for all its Boeing 737-800 and Dreamliner 787-9 aircraft. This Wi-Fi will get you unlimited web browsing, email and text-based messaging. If you want to do anything heavier such streaming, you must buy an upgrade for £11.

Picture not described

3. Qatar Airways

On selected aircraft, you can now browse the web as you please while flying. Not only does Qatar offer Wi-Fi access, but it even offers “Super Wi-Fi access”. To get Super Wi-Fi access, you need to look out for a unique access code either on your confirmation page or your confirmation email after booking.

4. Emirates Airline

On Dubai-based airline Emirates, you get 2 hours or 20MB of free messaging over the web – whichever ends first. If you want to do more than just messaging, you’ll have to put it on the plastic: £8 for 150MB or £12.50 for 500MB.

5. Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines offers their myPAL Wi-Fi to all customers. Every passenger gets 30MB of free data, which is about 5 minutes of video streaming. After that, you can get 100MB for £3.90.

6. Air New Zealand

While flying internationally, Air New Zealand offers free Wi-Fi without any restrictions on its 777-300, 777-200, A321neo and A320neo aircraft. Air New Zealand’s Wi-Fi seems to be able to handle the most intense scroller, but the airline does ask customers to stay off real-time multiplayer games.

7. Xiamen Air

China’s Xiamen Air operates a bit differently to other airlines. Once you’ve bought your ticket, you have from 30 days to 24 hours prior to departure to apply for one of the airline’s 50 free Wi-Fi spots. This runs on a strictly first-come-first-serve basis, so you’ve got to get in quick.

8. KLM

This Dutch airline offers free Wi-Fi for messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage on all its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. For more data consuming browsing, there are paid options available from £6.90.

Picture not described

9. TAP Portugal

TAP, like many other airlines, offers free Wi-Fi for messaging on its Airbus A330 fleet on routes between Europe and North and South America. For £12 you can get 14MB of data, or for £35 you can get 50MB.

10. Air France

Instant messaging services are available to all passengers, but if you want to browse the web or stream videos, you must purchase the “Surf Pass”. Right now this is available only on Air France’s Boeing 787 aircraft, but the airline is aiming to have Wi-Fi available on all its aircraft by the end of 2020.

11. Delta Airlines

Famous American airline Delta gives its customers enough free Wi-Fi to be able to keep in contact with their loved ones via messaging apps while flying. If you want to do more than just text, you can purchase Wi-Fi for a whole year for the steep price of £465 ($599.99). If you’re okay with just 24 hours of video streaming, £22 is the price for a full flight.

12. Air China

Air China offers free Wi-Fi for laptops and tablets, but phones are not allowed on their planes and must be turned off. China also has its own “Great Firewall”, meaning that what you can do online is limited. If there’s anything outside of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Snapchat that has your interest, Air China has the Wi-Fi for you.

13. Vietnam Airlines

This Vietnamese airline has one of the most affordable price plans for its Wi-Fi, which is available on all Airbus A350-900 aircraft (VN-A886, VN-A887, VN-A888, VN-A889). You get 30 minutes of free messaging, but it’s £2.50 for two hours extra on domestic flights and £2.95 for international flights.

14. RwandAir

Rwandan national airline RwandAir operates over the African, Asian and European continents and offers all passengers 15 minutes of free Wi-Fi when travelling on its A330 and 737 aircraft. After that, it will cost you £7.70 for an hour, £15.44 for two hours and £23 for the whole journey.

15. Hainan Airlines

Hainan offers free Wi-Fi on its Boeings 787-9 aircraft. However, as the airline is Chinese, the apps and websites that you can access will be limited.

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JetBlue offers free Wi-Fi for all its passengers. You can message, stream and browse the web without any limitations, but as of 2019, *this airline does not fly to or from the UK. The airline is aiming to deliver its services to the UK by 2021.


If you’re taking a domestic flight from Australia with Qantas, you’re in luck! Chances are that you’ll get 100% free full-access Wi-Fi. The airline says that two-thirds of its 737-800 fleet and half of its A330 fleet now are equipped with Wi-Fi.

All airlines

To find out if your next flight has Wi-Fi access, see the full list of airlines that fly to and from the UK below.
Airline Wi-fi If applicable, how long do we get free wifi? Price after free time
ANA Wifi available on B777-300ER or B767-300ER Free for first class. 30min/15MB: $4.95 (£5) 1hr/30MB: $8.95 (£7) Full Flight/100MB: $19.95 (£15)
Malaysia Airlines Wifi available Messaging: 10 MB, 2 USD (£1.50) Light use and messages via apps: 50MB, 10 USD, £7.80 Business, streaming not encouraged: 200MB, 25 USD, £19.45
Level Wifi available Price start at €8.99 (£8)
Aeroflot Wifi available, on the A330 and B777 fleets. 15 min, 10MB. $5 (£3.88) 1 hour, 30 MB, $15. (£11.64) 3 hours, 100 MB, $40. (£31) Entire flight, 150 MB, $50 (£38.79)
Ethiopian Airlines Wifi available only on A350-900XWB aircraft. Platinum Sheba Miles members gets 100MB free. £7.74 for 100MB £15.49 for 200MB
Iberia Express Wifi available on their Airbus 330 and A340 planes. 22MB: £15.50 50 MB: £23.30 With any use thereafter charged at 13p for every 100 KBs used.
Garuda Indonesia Wifi available on the Airbus A330-200/300 and Boeing 777-300 ER. Different tariffs between Airbuses and Boeings. Boeing: 1 hour 11.95 USD (£9.29) 3 hours: 16.95 USD (£13,17) 24 hours: 21.95 USD (£17) text/chat: 5 USD (£3.90) Airbus: 30 mins/15 MB: USD 5 (£3.90) 1 hour/30 MB: 11.95 USD (£9.29) 3 hours/50MB: 16.95 USD (£13,17) Whole flight/100 MB: 21.95 USD (£17)
Air Canada Wifi available on selected North American, Caribbean and international flights. 1-Hour: $6.50 CAD (£4) Full flight: $21.00 CAD (£12.50) Air Canada Plan (1 month): $65.95 CAD (£39.40)
Virgin Australia Wifi available on selected international flights. £4.78 for one hour £10.63 for the whole flight
Qatar Airways Wifi available on selected domestic flights. Full flight Free
Qantas Wifi available on selected domestic crafts. Full flight Free (domestic)
British Airways Wifi available on selected aircrafts. Basic: 1 hour: £4.99 4 hours: £10.99 Full flight: £14.99 Fast: 1 hour: £7.99 4 hours: £17.99 Full flight: £23.99
United Airlines Wifi available on selected aircrafts. 1 hour: $7 - $14 (£6-11) Full day: $19 - $29 (£15-23)
Turkish Airlines Wifi available on selected aircrafts: B777, B787, A330, B737 MAX and A321 NEO aircraft. Free of charge for customers flying in Business Class and Miles & Smiles Elite and Elite Plus members. 1 hour: $9.99 (£7.70) 24 hours: $14.99 (£11.60)
Eurowings Wifi available on selected aircrafts: A330-300 and A330-2002. Small: €3.90 (£3.50) Medium: €6.90 (£6) Large: €11.90 (£10)
Eva Air Wifi available on selected aircrafts: 787, 777-300ER and A330-300. Lite Messaging Plan 30MB, USD 4.95 (£3.85) Standard Plan 100MB, USD 14.95 (£11.63) Business Plan 300MB, USD 29.95 (£23.30)
Rwand Air Wifi available on RwandAir A330 and 737 aircraft. 15 minutes for free. 1 hour: $10 (£8) 2 hours: $20 (£15) Full flight: $30 (£23)
Swiss International Airlines Wifi available on Boeing 777-300ER and the Airbus A330-300. 9 for 20 MB (£7) 19 for 50 MB (£14.85) 120 MB for 39 CHF (£30.50)
Finnair Wifi available on all intercontinental flights. Finnair Plus Gold members can enjoy complimentary internet access for one hour. For Finnair Plus Platinum members, the service is complimentary for the whole flight. 3 hours: £2.58 Full flight: £17.22
Aer Lingus Wifi available on aircrafts A330 and A321neoLR. £6 for 50 MB £12 for 120 MB £26 for 270 MB
Air Astana Wifi available on aircraft Boeing-767. Light, 15MB, £4 Business, 50MB, £12 Super, 100MB, £20
Egypt Air Wifi available on aircraft A330-300, you can message and do some light internet browsing. There are packages available based on time and usage, prices unknown.
Hainan Airlines Wifi available on aircraft 787-9 Full flight Free
Vietnam Airlines Wifi available on Airbus A350-900 (VN-A886, VN-A887, VN-A888, VN-A889) operated on selected routes. 30 minutes free messaging 2 Hours messaging on domestic flights: £0,0025 international: £2.95 Light internet browsing full flight or 25MB: £0,0085 on domestic. £7.74 for international flights. Streaming full flight or 80MB: Domestic: £0,025. International flights: £23.30
Thai Airways Wifi available on Airbus 380-800, 350-900, selected 330-300 and Boeing 787. 10MB: $4.99 (£4) 20MB: $8.99 (£7) 30MB: $9.99-12.99 (£8-10) 50MB: $14.99 (£12) 100MB: $19.99-34.99 (£15-27) 500MB: $34.99 (£27) Unlimited: $59.99 (£47)
Asiana South Korea Wifi available on A350. 1 hour: $11.95 (£9) 3 hours: $16.95 (£13) Unlimited use - $21.95 (£17)
Sri Lankan Airlines Wifi available on A330-300 and A320/321 Neo fleet. 4USD for 20 minutes/9MB of data (£3) 25USD for the full flight/240MB of data (£19)
Norwegian Air Shuttle Wifi available on 737-800 and Dreamliner 787-9. Free basic wi-fi (only messaging, no streaming) $14.95 (£11.70) for three hours of premium wifi.
Air New Zealand Wifi available for international hauls, on aircrafts: 777-300, 777-200, A321neos, A320neos. Full flight Free
Uzbekistan Airlines Wifi available Airbus A320neo. LITE - 20 Mb for messages MEDIUM - 50 Mb for communicating on social networks, STREAM - 120 Mb for online work or easy Internet surfing BUSINESS - 220 MB From £4.62 and onwards. For business class passengers, a 50 Mb Internet package is provided at no extra charge.
Jetblue Airways* Wifi available Full flight Free (in 2021)
Emirates Airline Wifi available Free 20MB/2 hours £8 for 150 MB, £12.50 for 500MB
Japan Airlines Wifi available 1 hour: £7.90 2 hours: £11.20 24 hours: £14.40
Xiamen Air Wifi available 50 free wi-fi spots on each flight. You must apply for a spot from 30 days to 24 hours prior to flight departure.
Etihad Airways Wifi available 90MB of free Wi-Fi for first class. Lite, 50MB, £4.63 Flex, 150MB, £12.41 Premium, 300MB, £23.30
KLM Wifi available Free messaging apps (on selected aircrafts). 1 hour: €8 (£6.90) Whole flight: €18 (£15.50)
Tarom Limited access to internet via their entertainment system Free for business class.
Delta Air Lines Wifi available Free messaging apps. 24 hours access in North America: $16 (£12) 24 hours globally: $28 (£22) 1 month in North America: $49.95 (£39) 1 year of wifi in North America: $599.99 (£465)
Virgin Atlantic Wifi available Wifi Light from £4.99 for 40MB of data, to £14.99 for 150MB of data (on 787s) or unlimited data (on A330s, A340s and 747s). On the latter aircraft, a messaging pass of £2.99 is available.
Air China Wifi available Free on laptops and tablets. Only for laptops and tablets, mobile phones are still banned. Limited on what you can visit on their wifi.
Air Serbia Wifi available 10 MB of wifi €2.90 (£2.50) 20MB of wifi for €4.90 (£4) 50MB of wifi for €8.90 (£7.70) 90MB of wifi for €13.90 (£12) 120 MB of wifi €18.90 (£16)
Avianca Wifi available Social media and email plan, Browsing plan and an All inclusive plan. Prices unknown.
American Airlines Wifi available From $10 (£8)
SAS – Scandinavian Airlines Wifi available Travelers in SAS Plus, SAS Business and EuroBonus Diamond, Gold and Silver members enjoy free WiFi all the way. £4 per flight
Lufthansa Wifi available FlyNet Message: €3, (£2.50) for messages only Surfing the internet without streaming: €7 (£6) Surf + stream: €12 (£10.40)
China Southern Wifi available First class and business class free You can apply for a spot on their wifi via their app. First come, first served policy.
TAP Portugal Wifi available Free messaging apps for routes between Europe and North and South America, on board its A330 fleet. 14 MB - $14,99 (£11.66) 50 MB - $45,00 (£35)
Philippine Airlines Wifi available 30 MB for free in economy class, 50 MB for free in business class 5 USD, £3.89 up to 100 MB
Air Mauritius Wifi available Chat, 15 MB (Full Flight), USD 4.95, £3.85 Start, 75 MB (1-hour), USD 9.95, £7.74 Classic, 150 MB (3-hour), USD 14.95, £11.62 Premium, 300 MB (Full Flight),USD 19.95, £15.51
Alitalia Wifi available Lite 10 MB: 2 USD (£1.55) Flexi 50 MB: 6 USD (£4.66) Flexi Plus 90 MB: 12 USD (£9.31) Business 200 MB: 20 USD (£15.52)
Oman Air Wifi available First Class free From £7.70
Air France Wifi available The free Message Pass: WhatsApp, iMessage and WeChat. Surf pass: Emails and stuff that doesn’t require much data. €3 short-haul flight (£2.59). €5 medium-haul flight (£4.31), and €18 per long-haul flight (£15.51) Stream pass: €30 per flight (£25.86)
Icelandair Wifi available Complimentary for Economy Flex for flights within Europe. Free for premium and premium flex Wi-Fi on flights within Europe: €6 EUR (£5) Wi-Fi on flights between Iceland and North America: €12 (£10)
Saudia Wifi available 1 Hour, up to 50 MB: $9.49 (£7) 3 Hours (up to 100 MB) $14.49 (£11) Flight Plan (up to 300 MB) $24.49 (£19)
El Al Wifi available Instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, access to email and browsing free portal sites. Browsing websites and short videos (up to 3 minutes): Europe: $9.99 (£8) North America: $14.99 (£12)
Austrian Wifi available Messaging, €3 (£2.59) Surfing, €7 (£6) Streaming, €12 (£10)
Air Europa Wifi available From £8 per flight
China airlines Wifi available 1 hour: A$15.90 if paid on board or A$15.60 if pre-paid. (£8.34-8.50) 3 hour: A$22.55 on board or A$22.20 if pre-paid. (£11.87-12) 24 hour: A$29.20 when paid on board or A$28.90 if pre-paid. (£15.45-15.60)
Vueling Wifi available From £3
Cathay Pacific Airways Wi-Fi services can be used on all Airbus A350 and selected Boeing 777. 1 hour: $10 (£7.77) Full flight: $20 (£15.55)
China Eastern Wifi available Only for laptops and tablets, mobile phones are still banned. Limited on what you can visit on their wifi.
Nok Air No wifi
Air India No wifi
Air Algerie No wifi
Royal Jordanian No wifi
Turkmenistan Airlines No wifi
Gulf Air No wifi
Azerbaijan Airlines No wifi
Royal Brunei No wifi
MEA No wifi
Brussels Airlines No wifi
Royal Air Maroc No wifi
Jet Airways No wifi
Biman Bangladesh Airlines No wifi
South African Airways No wifi
Arik Air No wifi
Aegan Airlines No wifi
Aeromexico No wifi
Kenya Airways No wifi
Croatia Airlines No wifi
LATAM Airlines No wifi
Bulgaria Air No wifi
Iran Air No wifi
Tunisair No wifi
Air Malta No wifi
LOT Polish Airlines No wifi
Ryan air No wifi
Aegean Airlines No wifi
Air Arabia No wifi
Air Baltic No wifi
EasyJet No wifi
Enter Air No wifi
Georgian Airways No wifi
Iraqi Airways No wifi
Jazeera No wifi
Montenegro airlines No wifi
Smartwings No wifi
Titan Airways No wifi
Uia No wifi
Westjet No wifi
Wizz No wifi
Air Transat No wifi
Flybe No wifi
Loganair No wifi
Pakistan International Airlines No wifi
Pegasus airlines No wifi
Air corsica No wifi
Air moldova No wifi
Arkia No wifi
Transun No wifi
Wideroe No wifi
Air Seychelles No wifi
BH Air No wifi
Edelweiss Air No wifi
Transavia France No wifi
Czech Airlines No wifi

Which is the best airport in the UK?

Speaking of flying from the UK, we wanted to find out which airport in the UK is the best. In the table below, we’ve looked at important factors from sockets to parking to decipher which airport rules the roost. And the good news? They all offer free Wi-Fi for at least one hour.

In 2018, Heathrow hosted over 80 million travellers, which makes it the most visited airport in the UK. It also hosts more airlines than any other airport in the UK, with 84 airlines docking at its gates every year.

Runways 2
Airlines 84
Gates 231
Most popular destination New York (JFK)
Fast track £12.50
Lounges 12: One free, the rest £24.99-£50.00
Number of sockets available 3,050 power plugs
Seats and rest zones Plenty
Wi-Fi Free, unlimited
Shops 79
Restaurants/cafés 37
Hotels 6
Runways 2
Airlines 50
Gates 115
Most popular destination Barcelona
Fast track Passport control: £9.99. Security: £5
Lounges 7, £21-£38
Number of sockets available Plenty
Seats and rest zones Plenty
Wi-Fi 90 minutes free
Shops 39
Restaurants/cafés 32
Hotels 6
Runways 2
Airlines 56
Most popular destination Amsterdam
Fast track Passport control: £7 Security: £6
Lounges 2, £21-£30
Number of sockets available Few
Seats and rest zones Plenty
Wi-Fi 4 hours free
Shops 26
Restaurants/cafés 27
Hotels 16
Runways 1
Airlines 22
Gates 88
Most popular destination Dublin
Fast track From £8
Lounges 1, from £25
Number of sockets available Few
Seats and rest zones Poor
Wi-Fi 4 hours free
Shops 22
Restaurants/cafés 20
Hotels 10
Runways 1
Airlines 11
Gates 28
Most popular destination Amsterdam
Fast track Security: £6
Lounges 1, £22.49-£50
Number of sockets available 440
Seats and rest zones Limited
Wi-Fi 4 hours free
Shops 23
Restaurants/cafés 16
Hotels 4
Runways 2
Airlines 37
Destinations 157
Most popular destination Amsterdam
Fast track From £5
Lounges 2, from £25.99
Number of sockets available Plenty
Seats and rest zones Limited
Wi-Fi 2 hours for free
Shops 23
Restaurants/cafés 15
Hotels 5
Runways 1
Airlines 50
Destinations 143
Most popular destination Dublin
Fast track Passport control £5, Security £3.75
Lounges 4, £24.99-£34
Number of sockets available Limited
Seats and rest zones Limited
Wi-Fi Free
Shops 23
Restaurants/cafés 13
Hotels 6
Runways 1
Airlines 30
Destinations 101
Most popular destination Amsterdam
Fast track Security: £4.99
Lounges 2, £23-£40
Number of sockets available Plenty
Seats and rest zones Plenty, frowned upon passengers sleeping
Wi-Fi 1 hour free
Shops 18
Restaurants/cafés 14
Hotels 5
Runways 1
Airlines 13
Destinations 125
Most popular destination Palma
Fast track Security: £3.95
Lounges 2, £22.99-£34.99
Number of sockets available Limited
Seats and rest zones Limited
Wi-Fi 2 hours free
Shops 9
Restaurants/cafés 8
Hotels 12
Runways 2
Airlines 7
Most popular destination Alicante
Fast track Priority security £4
Lounges 1, £27.50
Number of sockets available Limited
Seats and rest zones Poor, none
Wi-Fi 2 hours free
Shops 6
Restaurants/cafés 10
Hotels 1


All airlines own websites
Heathrow Airport
Gatwick Airport
Manchester Airport
Stansted Airport
Luton Airport
Edinburgh Airport
Birmingham Airport
Glasgow Airport
Bristol Airport
Belfast Airport

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Matt Mckenna
Head of UK communications
T: +44 20 8191 8806

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