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How to find a Walmart money transfer location

Send or receive money at the store's MoneyCenter or a customer service desk.

COVID-19 update

While most Walmart MoneyCenter location are open for business, call ahead first to check with your nearest location. Sending money online or with a money transfer app could be safer and easier.

Walmart partners with money transfer service Ria so you can send money to and from Walmart stores in the US. If you want to send overseas, Walmart’s Walmart2World service uses MoneyGram to process international transfers, with access to thousands of agent locations in 200 countries.

How do I find a Walmart location near me?

Go to the Walmart website, select Walmart Services, then choose Money Transfers beneath the Money Services heading. From there, choose Find a Location, enter your address, and the map will auto populate with Walmart’s nearby locations. It’ll also show MoneyGram agent locations.

Walmart partners with Ria for Walmart2Walmart money transfer from store-to store, and MoneyGram for Walmart2World so you can send money for cash pick up around the world. However, Walmart2World doesn’t offer services to:

  • Burma
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kenya
  • North Korea
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Rwanda
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe

What does a Walmart money transfer location offer?

At a Walmart store location with MoneyCenter capabilities you can:

  • Send money
  • Receive money
  • Pay bills
  • Process a money order
  • Load or withdraw money from a PayPal account
  • Manage a Walmart credit card account
  • Buy Visa giftcards
  • Print checks
  • Take advantage of tax prep services
  • Turn coins into cash with a Coinstar kiosk
  • Add minutes to a phone

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How do I send money from a Walmart location?

Use the Find a Location tool on Walmart’s website to find a Walmart store near you. When you get there, head to the MoneyCenter or customer service desk. A store associate will help you find your recipient’s most convenient pickup location.

To send cash, you’ll need:

  • Your government-issued photo ID.
  • Cash to cover the transfer amount, plus the service fee.
  • The name and contact info of the person you’re sending money to.

You’ll receive a reference number after the transfer is sent. Be sure to pass this along to your recipient so they can pick up the money transfer seamlessly.

Sending money online for in-store pickup

Walmart partners with MoneyGram for online money transfers. To send money online, go to Walmart’s MoneyCenter website and choose either Send money internationally or Send money domestically. You’ll then be directed towards the Walmart and MoneyGram site. From there, you’ll create or login to a MoneyGram account to complete the transfer.

One benefit of the Walmart and MoneyGram partnership is that you can send to thousands of MoneyGram partner locations, not just other Walmart stores.

Pay for an online money transfer with a debit or credit card, or send directly from your checking account. Online transfers cap daily transfers at $2,500 per day and $6,000 every 30 days. If you need to send more, head to a Walmart or Moneygram agent location.

Sending money directly from your bank account can take three to four days to process, while paying with a debit or credit card completes the transfer within minutes.

How much does it cost to send money online?

Delivery fees vary depending on the receiving location, but they tend to stay the same, regardless of payment method. For example, if you send $500 from either your bank account or credit card to Jalisco, Mexico for cash-pickup, the delivery fee is $8.

How can I pick up money from a Walmart location?

First, choose a Walmart store or MoneyGram agent location that’s convenient for you. To pick up cash, you’ll need:

  • Identification. Government-issued photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license.
  • Reference number. This number will be on the receipt and included in confirmation emails when the sender initiates the transfer.

Go to the customer service desk. If required, complete a receive form with the reference number. Give the form and your ID to the person at the counter and they’ll give you the money.

Does Walmart have any 24-hour locations?

Typical MoneyCenter hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. Note that exact hours vary by location, and even if the Walmart store is open 24/7, the MoneyCenter within may have different hours.

Since Walmart partners with Moneygram, you can send money online 24/7.

Alternatives to sending cash

While you can only send money cash pickup from a Walmart store location, if you’re using Walmart2World Powered by Moneygram you can send directly to a recipient’s bank account.

Other options for sending money to a friend or loved one through Walmart’s MoneyCenter include:

  • MoneyCard. Load money onto a reloadable card that you or someone else can use like cash anywhere Debit Mastercard or Visa debit cards are accepted.
  • Bluebird. A prepaid debit card with no monthly fee like Moneycard, but issued by American Express.
  • Visa gift card. If you’re looking to gift money and are OK with choosing from set accounts, you can buy a visa gift card online at a range of $25 to $200 and have it shipped to your recipient for free.

Bottom line

Walmart partners with two industry giants to help you move money around the world. But if you want to send more than $2,500 or your recipient lives in a country not serviced by Walmart2World, compare different service providers.

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