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International Currency Exchange (ICE) is one of the world’s leading providers of retail Bureau de Change and online foreign exchange services.

The company started life based in London Victoria Railway Station and now, over 40 years on, ICE is one of the largest retail currency exchange operators in the world, with over 400 branches throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

Read on to find out more about what ICE has to offer, and whether you should get your travel money through them before you go abroad.

What services does ICE offer?

Here’s a list of the four services offered by ICE:

  1. Travel Money. Get excellent foreign exchange rates when you order foreign currency online for home delivery.
  2. Currency Card. Load money onto the ICE Travellers Cashcard and off you go. The ICE Travellers Cashcard is a prepaid MasterCard currency card, available in Euros, US Dollars and Sterling.
  3. Click & Collect. Collect from an ICE branch and get discounted rates on selected foreign currencies
  4. Money Transfer. This is a service for those looking to transfer money internationally, rather than people looking for a quick solution for going on holiday. If you want to know more about international money transfers, head here. (For the purposes of this guide, the rest of the information on this page will refer to the three other services, which are more relevant to travel money.)

What currencies can I order through ICE?

Here’s a list of some of the main currencies that are available with ICE:

  • East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Bahamian Dollar (BSD)
  • Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
  • Barbados Dollar (BBD)
  • Bermudian Dollar (BMD)
  • Brazilian Real (BRL)
  • Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)
  • Chilean Peso (CLP)
  • Chinese Yuan Renmibi (CNY)
  • Costa Rican Colon (CRC)
  • Croatian Kuna (HRK)
  • Czech Koruna (CZK)
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Dominican Peso (DOP)
  • Fiji Dollar (FJD)
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
  • Hungarian Forint (HUF)
  • Iceland Krona (ISK)
  • Indonesaian Rupiah (IDR)
  • New Israeli Sheqel (ILS)
  • Jamaican Dollar (JMD)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
  • Kenyan Shilling (KES)
  • Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Mauritius Rupee (MUR)
  • Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  • Omani Rial (OMR)
  • Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN)
    • Philippine Peso (PHP)
    • Polish Zloty (PLN)
    • Qatari Rial (QAR)
    • Romanian Leu (RON)
    • Russian Ruble (RUB)
    • Saudi Riyal (SAR)
    • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
    • South African Rand (ZAR)
    • South Korean Won (KRW)
    • Swedish Krona (SEK)
    • Swiss Franc (CHF)
    • New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
    • Thai Baht (THB)
    • Trinidad and Tobago Dollar (TTD)
    • Turkish Lira (TRY)
    • UAE Dirham (AED)
    • US Dollar (USD)

How much can I transfer with ICE?

For your security as well as WeSwap’s, there are some limits on how much you can load onto your WeSwap card – and how much you can carry on your card at once.

Minimum you can order: £100.

Maximum you can order: £7,500.

Maximum on a Currency Card: £5,000. (£10,000 in a year.)

How soon can I get my money?

Perhaps the biggest downfall of ICE is the fact that you have to wait for your order to arrive. This takes 3-5 days.

ICE can be a great option if you’re planning a trip in advance, but less convenient for those who forget their travel money and need a quick solution just before they jet off.

How safe is my money?

All customer information is authenticated before being sent to a secure computer server. The encryption process takes the characters you enter on your PC and converts them into code that is then securely transmitted via the Internet.

Only the secure server can read this data. ICE then run a data integrity test to ensure that any data sent has been transferred successfully and has not been tampered with. Our processes ensure that any personal information remains personal.

Are there any fees I might have to pay?

It’s a good idea to withdraw larger amounts less often. (This is a general rule of thumb for all travel money providers!)

Here’s a table of ICE’s fees for their Currency Cards, but check out their website for the full list of fees for all of their services:

Additional FeesFee Charged
Card PurchaseFree
Backup CardFree
Card ReplacementFree
Negative Balance FeeFree
Buying goods and servicesFree

Customer service information for ICE

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      Hi Ben,

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      East Caribbean Dollar or XCD is actually one of the main currencies availble with ICE.

      For other money transfer options you can also visit this page. The page will display a comparison table between money transfer companies so you can select which would suit your needs.

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