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ASDA is a British supermarket headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Founded in 1965, ASDA is now owned by American retail giant Walmart after a £6.7Bn takeover in 1999.

What services does ASDA offer?

ASDA offers three services:

  1. In-store cash. You can buy foreign currencies at several stores across the country. It’s a good idea to call beforehand to make sure they have the funds you require available.
  2. Cash delivieries. You can buy foreign currency via the post and get it delivered to your door (minimum £500). Once you’ve completed your order, it will be sent out by secure post as soon as it is ready.
  3. ASDA Money CurrencyCard. Like cards offered by other companies, the ASDA Money CurrencyCard is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard Symbol.

What currencies can I order through ASDA?

Here’s a list of the currencies that are available with ASDA:

  • Australian Dollar (AUD)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Bahraini Dinar (BHD)
  • US Dollar (USD)
  • Barbados Dollar (BBD)
  • Brunei Dollar (BND)
  • Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
  • Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD)
  • Chilean Peso (CLP)
  • Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY)
  • Costa Rican Colon (CRC)
  • Croatian Kuna (HRK)
  • Czech Koruna (CZK)
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Dominican Peso (DOP)
  • Fiji Dollar (FJD)
  • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
  • Hungarian Forint (HUF)
  • Iceland Krona (ISK)
  • Rupiah (IDR)
  • New Israeli Sheqel (ILS)
  • Jamaican Dollar (JMD)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
  • Korean Won (KRW)
  • Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
  • Mauritius Rupee (MUR)
  • Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
    • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
    • Omani Rial (OMR)
    • Philippine Peso (PHP)
    • Polish Zloty (PLN)
    • Qatari Rial (QAR)
    • Saudi Riyal (SAR)
    • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
    • South African Rand (ZAR)
    • Swedish Krona (SEK)
    • Swiss Franc (CHF)
    • New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
    • Thai Baht (THB)
    • Turkish Lira (TRY)
    • UAE Dirham (AED)
    • Brazilian Real (BRL)

How much can I transfer with ASDA?

The minimum ASDA will process is £50 worth of currency in-store and for deliveries.

The maximum in cash is £2,500

How soon can I get my money?

If you place your order before 2pm between Monday and Thursday, you will have your money the next day if you choose next-day delivery. If you wish to collect in store, 24 hour notice is needed for Euros and US dollars, and 72 hours for other currencies.

How safe is my money?

If you are getting money delivered and are not home, a card will be left as the parcel needs to be signed for. The card will let you know where to collect your money from.

Are there any fees I might have to pay?

The only fee you’ll have to pay is the postage fee. This only applies on orders under £500. There is also an inactivity fee on the CurrencyCard – please make sure to look at the terms and conditions when getting a card.

Customer service information for ASDA Travel Money

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6 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    JCNovember 29, 2018

    I ordered money online, got a date to collect it but I can’t make it to that date. Can I collect it the next day?

      JhezelynDecember 7, 2018Finder

      Hello JC,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, you can collect it the next day. Please note that as soon as the store receives your order, they will send you a text message or email to tell you that it’s available for collection. Your order will be held in store for 10 days, after this time it will be returned to their depot and you will be refunded.

      Should you wish to have real-time answers to your questions, try our chat box on the lower right corner of our page.


    Default Gravatar
    RoystonOctober 7, 2018

    When buying foreign currency from Asda, are there any commission charges? My credit card receipt showed a figure but my credit card statement showed a higher figure. I bought US and Canadian dollars.

      JhezelynOctober 8, 2018Finder

      Hello Royston,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Upon checking, Asda money will buy back most foreign currency notes you have at 0% commission, whether you bought the currency from them or not. In addition, you will not be charged a card processing fee by Asda if you choose to pay by debit or credit card. However, your card issuer may apply additional charges and they recommend that you check this with your card provider before you buy currencies.

      Should you wish to have real-time answers to your questions, try our chat box on the lower right corner of our page.


    Default Gravatar
    TereenOctober 6, 2018

    How long have you got to collect an order

      CharisseOctober 10, 2018Finder

      Hi Tereen,

      Thanks for reaching out to finder.

      If you fail to collect your order from ASDA nominated locations within 4 working days of the collection time then your order will be marked as non-collected. Your order will then be cancelled and will be automatically refunded onto the payment card at the daily buy back rate minus an administration charge of £15.

      I hope this helps.


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