CoverCloud gadget insurance review

In this review, you'll discover what level of cover is offered by CoverCloud, as well as the pros and cons of gadget insurance from this company.

Who is CoverCloud?

CoverCloud gadget insurance was created with the aim of providing Brits with a “one-stop shop” for insuring gadgets. This company offers travel insurance and bicycle insurance, as well as gadget insurance. In this guide, we analyse the level of cover offered by CoverCloud gadget insurance.

Types of cover available

With all CloudCover gadget insurance policies, you’ll be covered across the globe for the cost of repairing or (failing that) replacing your gadget in the following scenarios:

  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Mechanical breakdown (outside the manufacturer warranty period)
  • Cover for accessories up to £150

If you upgrade to the Premier policy, you’ll also be covered for:

  • Theft
  • Unauthorised usage up to £10,000

If you upgrade to the Elite policy, you’ll also be covered for:

  • Accidental loss

      You’re granted overseas protection for 365 days of the year as standard, while all replacement devices come with a 12-month warranty.

      You’ll be granted a 10% discount if you insure multiple items on the same policy.

      Cover limits

      To be eligible for cover, the gadget must have been purchased in the UK, Ireland or the United States and be no more than 12 months old.

      If the gadget is more than 60 days old, you won’t be covered for the first 14 days of your policy. However, if it’s 60 days old or less, your cover beings immediately.

      You must provide proof of purchase and potentially proof of usage when making a claim.

      Claims process

      You can make a claim by logging into your account on the CoverCloud website.

      Before you do, you’ll need to have uploaded your proof of purchase for the insured device. In the case of theft or accidental loss, you’ll need to inform the police and your network provider (if applicable). It’s advised that you do this as soon as possible.

      Once this has all been done, you’ll enter further details about the gadget and the incident that led to a claim.

      If your gadget was damaged, you’ll need to send it to the insurer for inspection and repair. If the item is deemed irreparable, you’ll be sent a replacement gadget with a 12-month warranty.

      You’ll need to pay your excess before any repairs take place or a replacement gadget is sent to you.

      There are no limits on the number of claims you can make.

      Managing your policy online

      You can make changes to your policy by logging into your online account on the CoverCloud website. Alternatively, you can send an email to or get in touch using the contact form on the CoverCloud website.

      Pros and cons


      • A high level of cover for your gadgets
      • Multi-gadget discount of 10%
      • Worldwide coverage for 365 days a year as standard
      • 12-month warranty on all replacement items


      • Only items bought in the UK, Ireland or the United States that are less than 12 months old can be covered
      • You must provide proof of purchase and sometimes proof of usage for your claims to be accepted


      This company offers an impressive level of cover. We like that it offers a 12-month warranty on replacements and it’s one of the only insurers to offer year-round overseas cover as standard.

      One downside is that gadgets are only covered if you buy them in the UK, Ireland or the United States and they have to be less than 12 months old to be eligible.

      Get started by visiting CoverCloud’s website and sign up for a policy. If you have read this review and decided that CoverCloud is not for you, you can also compare other gadget insurance policies on the market.

      Frequently asked questions about CoverCloud gadget insurance


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