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Gadget Cover gadget insurance review

In this review, you'll discover what level of insurance is available with Gadget Cover, plus our verdict on this provider.


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Who is Gadget Cover?

Gadget Cover provides affordable gadget insurance for UK households. The company launched over 25 years ago and has helped over half a million people cover themselves against the prospect of losing or damaging their electronic gadgets.

Read on to discover what level of cover you can expect with this company.

What are the types of cover available?

Gadget Cover will cover the costs of repairing or replacing your electronic devices in the following scenarios.

  • Accidental damage. Unlike many insurers Gadget Cover will also repair minor cracks in the screen. If an item cannot be repaired, the insurer will replace it.
  • Liquid damage. You’re covered if your gadget is damaged by splashes or full immersion in water.
  • Mechanical breakdown. If your gadget stops working, the insurer will repair or replace it, even if it’s outside the manufacturer warranty. Laptops and PCs are excluded here though.
  • Theft. The insurer will cover the cost of replacing your gadget if it’s stolen.
  • Loss. This is an optional add-on, which you’ll pay extra for. It’s available for mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches only.
  • Unauthorised usage. The insurer will cover the cost of unauthorised usage when your gadget is lost or stolen, up to a maximum of £2,500. This cover includes ewallet transactions up to £500.
  • Accessory replacement. If accessories (up to £150) are stolen, lost or damaged at the same time as your gadget, Gadget Cover will cover the cost of repairing or replacing these as well.

Your policy will protect you when your partner or immediate family members are using the gadgets. If your daughter drops the iPad in the pond, for example, you’re covered.

The policy also includes overseas cover for 180 days per year.

What are the cover limits?

You must be at least 18 years old and a UK resident to apply for gadget insurance with Gadget Cover.

To be eligible for cover, the gadget must be in working condition and no more than 18 months old. It must have been bought and shipped from the UK, and you must have proof of purchase.

There is no limit to the number of claims you can make on your policy.

What is the claims process?

You’ll need to contact Gadget Cover’s Claim Advisors team, either by calling 0203 794 9294 or sending an email to You’ll be informed what information and documents you need to provide to process your claim.

From there, the claims process will differ depending on whether your gadget was damaged or lost.

If your gadget was damaged, you’ll need to send it to the insurer’s nominated repair centre for inspection and repair. The item will be repaired or replaced within seven working days.

If it was lost or stolen, you’ll need to inform the police and network provider (if applicable) before you contact Gadget Cover’s claims team.

If your claim is approved, you’ll need to pay the excess before the gadget is repaired or replaced.

Your excess will be:

  • £50 for gadgets with a market value up to £500
  • £75 for gadgets with a market value between £501 and £999
  • £100 for gadgets with a market value above £1,000.

Managing your policy online

You can change the details of your policy online. Just click the “Customer Login” button on the top right of the Gadget Cover website, then enter your email address and password. You’ll then see all of your options for managing your policy.

Pros and cons


  • More comprehensive cover than what other gadget insurers offer
  • Worldwide cover for 180 days per year
  • Generous excess levels


  • Only items bought as new from the UK that are less than 18 months old can be covered


This company offers more comprehensive cover than a lot of its competitors. The family cover, accessory replacement, lengthy overseas cover and generous limits for unauthorised usage are particularly impressive highlights of this policy.

Frequently asked questions about Gadget Cover

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