SO-SURE insurance review

Discover what this insurance seller offers and whether we rate it as a good company to protect your gadgets.

Losing a phone or accidentally smashing your laptop into smithereens is one of the unfortunate hassles of life. There are many contents insurance providers out there but SO-SURE claim it is a ‘different and better’ company. We’ll see why that is.

Who is SO-SURE?

SO-SURE is an insurance company bent on revolutionising the industry. Its take is to make insurance fairer and better value for honest customers. Those who claim are protected while those who don’t are rewarded.

SO-SURE state it declines less than 4% of claims and there’s a cool incentive to get your family and friends to sign up to its services: social insurance. This is when your policy is connected to your close ones, and no one claims, the company will give you up to 80% of your premium back at the end of your policy year (called the Reward Pot). It’s the only insurance company in the UK doing this.

It even has an easy to use app where you point your phone camera at the things you want to insure and it’ll detect what it is. All you do is add the year of purchase and price paid and Bob’s your uncle.

Types of cover available

You can cover a host of different phones including iPhones, Google Pixels and Samsungs from £2.20 a month. Other contents covered include: laptops and tablets, ski equipment, jewellery and even food stored in your freezer.

  • Accidental damage. To be covered, the damage must affect the functionality of the device. You must also have taken reasonable precautions to protect your device. Cracked screens are covered.
  • Liquid damage. You’ll only be covered if you took reasonable precautions to protect your device.
  • Theft. Once again, you’ll only be covered if you took reasonable precautions to protect your device.
  • Mechanical breakdowns. These are covered, even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.
  • Loss. This is an optional extra you can add to your policy. It costs £1.50 per item, per month. Loss cover is not available for laptops, desktop PCs or PC monitors.

What is not insured?

SO-SURE does not pay for items that are worn out and break down such as,”my TV stopped working.”

Nor does it cover deliberate damage or if you give someone an item and they don’t return it.

Any items you travel with whilst on holiday outside the UK; a travel policy is needed for that. Oh and it doesn’t cover money either.

What are the cover limits?

A limit is how much you get paid in the case of claim. E.g. if your house burned down and everything you owned was lost, SO-SURE would replace those items items and pay you cash up to the value of your limit. That means, the higher your limit the more your policy price. You can go up to £50,000 for contents cover.

There are single limits too. This covers a single item validated by the SO-SURE app.

What is the claims process?

Kick off your claim on SO-SURE’s online portal, where the team will review it and call you for more details if necessary. If the claim is approved, the excess payment is taken over the phone and they aim to replace your phone within 24-72 hours.
Here are some of the steps you’ll need to take:

  • Describe the circumstances in which the item was lost or damaged.
  • Provide proof of ownership (receipt).
  • In the case of a loss or theft, you’ll need to report it to the police and provide a police reference number. You’ll also need to report it to your network provider and/or the place where you believe the loss/theft occurred (if applicable).

Managing your policy online

Once you’ve bought your policy, you’ll be charged on the same day as when you bought it each month.
To change any details like your postal address and phone number you can contact SO-SURE’s email – or message their live chat.

You can cancel your policy if you haven’t made a claim or if you withdraw a claim that is in review. There are no cancellation fees. You can’t cancel the policy if you have a successful claim with them, and must pay until the policy expires (1 year).

Customer reviews

SO-SURE has top reviews on Trustpilot with over 1400 ratings. 81% of these rate the company ‘great’ or ‘excellent’. Customers cite the website being easy to use and the app as a handy way of logging on personal items. Some are pleased with the speed of their response times and setting up a new policy.

Things aren’t all rosy though, as a few customers have complained about the claims process being troublesome and the repairs not being up to standard. SO-SURE responded to 100% of the negative reviews, however.

Pros and cons


  • Useful inventory app
  • Quick to get a quote
  • Social insurance reward pot if you don’t claim
  • Competitive prices
  • No cancellation fee


  • Chat service isn’t live
  • Complaints about long claims process
  • Complaints about repairs


SO-SURE is a company that rewards honesty with reimbursements. That itself makes it a great company for you, your friends and family to get onto for insurance. We tried got a quote for contents and phone insurance in a matter of minutes, and the whole website was a piece of cake. Just be wary to have proof of purchase when making a claim to speed up the whole process.

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