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Find out what we think of FinecoBank, how much it costs and what you can invest in with its platform.

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Fineco alternatives

In September 2023, Fineco announced that it was closing down its operations in the UK. If you’re looking for alternative trading apps, check out our guide to the UK’s best trading platforms.

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Fineco is pretty new to the UK, so it's still relatively unknown, but it's pretty popular around Europe. Its low-cost share trading is one of its biggest strengths, putting it as one of the cheapest we've reviewed.

It doesn't have the easiest-to-use platform on offer. This is mainly because it's so advanced, aiming itself towards experienced investors more than beginners. It makes up for this with its learning resources and research tools.

Get started by visiting FinecoBank and opening an account. Still not sure? Compare other share trading platforms with our comparison table.
  • Flat fees on UK, EU and US stocks and shares
  • Zero account monthly fee and great charting tools
  • Has a stocks and shares ISA
  • Can be quite complex and daunting for beginners
  • There isn’t a demo account available
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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 63.09% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

FinecoBank (often shortened to just “Fineco”) is a popular choice for those that want to be exposed to global markets. It has a pretty detailed platform and lets you trade more than 75,000 financial instruments worldwide across 26 global markets. Find out some key features of Fineco, how much it costs and some of its pros and cons.

What is FinecoBank?

FinecoBank is one of Europe’s largest banks but is pretty new to the UK. It has been around since 1999 and specialises in brokerage, aiming to allow you to trade contracts for difference (CFDs), futures, stocks, currencies, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options and funds.

What accounts are available with Fineco?

There are two accounts available with Fineco:

  • General investment account. This is the standard investment account. There aren’t any tax benefits to this account. Most people choose this account once they’ve used up their ISA allowance for the year.
  • Stocks and shares ISA. A stocks and shares ISA lets you invest up to an annual allowance without paying any tax on your profits. The tax-free allowance for the 2024/2025 tax year is £20,000.

Fineco trading

Fineco handles more than 200,000 executed orders per day. It prides itself on its advanced trading platform and low prices.

Features include:

  • Flat trading fee
  • Advanced platform with live prices, personalised dashboards and push notifications
  • Mobile trading platform
  • Access world markets in the local currency without paying convers
    ion fees

Shares CFDs

You can trade CFDs on shares. These let you go long or short without any commission.

Foreign exchange and indices CFDs and futures on commodities

You can trade CFDs on foreign currency and indices. You can also trade futures on commodities, such as cocoa, coffee and sugar.


You can trade options contracts, which give you the option to buy at a certain price. You can trade the volatility index (VIX) and options on S&P, Dow Jones, NASDAQ and Russell, as well as US stocks.


You can trade futures contracts, which let you speculate on price movements and lock in a price for a future purchase. We have a whole guide on futures contracts if you want to find out how they work.

Fineco investing

Fineco also allows you to invest in funds, with a minimum investment of £100 and a platform fee determined by the amount you invest.

Features include:

  • Access funds from premium asset managers worldwide
  • Access pre-packaged funds and choose funds that suit your needs
  • Geographically diversified funds (as in, funds in lots of countries)
  • Choose funds based on your risk level

Regular investment plan

Fineco has 3 regular investment plans that lets you invest £50 per month or more into funds. It works automatically and has flat fees, the 3 options are:

  • ONE Plan – £2.95 per month (1 ETF included)
  • SILVER Plan £6.95 per month (4 ETFs included)
  • Gold Plan – £13.95 per momth (10 ETFs included)

These plans let you take advantage of pound cost averaging, which works with the theory that if you invest regularly then you don’t have to try to time the market. You also get lower ETF fees the more funds you buy (if you’re on higher regular investment tiers).

The plans suit frequent fund investors who don’t want to choose individual stocks and shares and want to invest regularly.

Fees and charges

The fees you’re charged depend on what you invest in, and how much money you invest.


There’s a fixed local currency price for shares.

Share typeCost (per order)
UK shares£2.95
US shares$3.95
Canada TSXCAD$10
European shares€3.95


Bonds have a flat fee of £6.95 per order.


You are charged for funds based on the value that you invest.

What you can invest in with Fineco

Through a Fineco investment account or an investment ISA you can get access to the following:

Investment typeAvailable with Fineco?
US Stocks
UK Stocks

Fineco features

Fineco’s platform is really advanced, which is great if you’re experienced in investing and understand all the charts. If you’re not, it caters for you too, with its free webinars, live events and collection of videos to teach you all about share trading.

Features of the platform include:

  • Advanced charting. You can change timeframes, view multiple charts, modify orders from the charts and personalise the charts with over 90 different technical analysis indicators available.
  • Daily news reports. Keep up to date with market trends in major indices.
  • Watchlist. Keep a list of instruments that you’re interested in.
  • Calendar. Keep up to date on the economic calendar.
  • Live notifications. Get push notifications about market changes.

Is Fineco safe?

FinecoBank is authorised by the Bank of Italy and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority. FinecoBank is a member of Italy’s National Interbank Deposit Guarantee Fund and National Guarantee Fund.

Fineco customer reviews

Customers who took part in Finder’s 2023 customer satisfaction survey were fairly positive about Fineco, with many highlighting its “reliable” customer service and competitive rates.

One customer said: “Fineco offer low fees and no commission on trades. Plus they have a good website and app!”

Fidelity scored of 3.5 out of 5 for customer satisfaction. 79% of customers would recommend the brand to a friend.

There were mixed reviews of the customer service.

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