Saga breakdown cover review

Discover the pros and cons of Saga breakdown cover, plus the types of policy available to you.

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You can add your spouse and/or additional vehicles to your policy.
Available to over-50s only.

Saga is a financial services company which specialises in serving over-50s. It offers insurance, retirement planning products and savings accounts, as well as car breakdown cover.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of Saga breakdown cover and the cover options available.

What types of policy are on offer?

Saga offers five levels of breakdown cover. They’re listed below in order of affordability, with the cheapest first.

  • Essential. With this policy, you’re eligible for roadside repair when you break down. If the vehicle can’t be repaired, you’re eligible for recovery to the nearest garage, plus reimbursement of taxi costs to transport you up to 20 miles.
  • Home Call. All the benefits of the Essential policy, plus recovery in your home, or up to a quarter of a mile from your home.
  • National Recovery. All the benefits of the Essential policy, but recovery is extended to anywhere in the UK.
  • Comprehensive. All the benefits of the National Recovery policy, plus you can use a hire car or overnight accommodation if you need it.
  • Premier. All the benefits of the Comprehensive policy, plus protection across most of Europe.

You can choose to add additional vehicles to your policy, protecting other vehicles in your household at a discounted price.

You can also purchase personal cover, which protects you and your spouse no matter what car you or they are driving.

Claims process

If you break down, call 0800 068 1966 for assistance. You’ll have to provide various details of your policy, your vehicle and where you are.

Saga says a breakdown expert will be with you within an average of 57 minutes, and on 8 out of 10 occasions they’ll be able to repair your vehicle at the roadside.

Managing your policy online

To manage your Saga policy, click the MySaga button at the top of the Saga website.

Customer reviews of Saga

Saga has attracted over 17,000 reviews on Trustpilot. In January 2021, it had an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 (spanning all its products and services). In Finder’s 2021 customer satisfaction survey, it was mid-table. Several customers said service was good. However, one respondent felt cover was “inflexible”.

Pros and cons


  • Five policies to choose from
  • You can add your spouse and/or additional vehicles to your policy
  • Great customer service


  • Available to over-50s only
  • Average call-out time is 57 minutes, which is a lot higher than many of its competitors

Our verdict

Saga provides a comprehensive car breakdown service with five policies to choose from, but it’s available to over-50s only and the call-out wait time appears longer than some.

Get started by visiting Saga’s website and sign up for a policy. If you have read this review and decided that Saga breakdown cover is not for you, you can also compare other breakdown cover policies on the market.

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