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Find breakdown service that includes roadside help for your Skoda in Europe or the UK. Get details on the coverage and exclusions.

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Whether you’re in a brand-new Skoda or a pre-owned one, having dependable roadside assistance can make a big difference. Knowing your options for standard roadside aid can help you prepare for any situation.

What is breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is a service that helps you if your car fails while on the road. This insurance can include towing, emergency repairs, and other services to help you continue your journey or reach a repair shop.

What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance offers help to drivers whose vehicles have become inoperable due to mechanical issues or other problems. Services typically include jump-starts, tire changes, fuel delivery, and towing to a nearby repair facility.

Where can I get breakdown cover for my Skoda?

You can get breakdown cover for your Skoda from Skoda’s own roadside assistance program, various insurance companies, and specialised breakdown service providers. Comparing different options can help you find the best coverage.

What will roadside assistance cover for my Skoda?

Skoda roadside assistance typically covers a comprehensive range of services designed to assist you when faced with vehicle issues. These services often include:

  • Roadside repair services to fix minor mechanical or electrical problems.
  • Towing services to transport your vehicle to a nearby repair facility if it cannot be fixed on-site.
  • Battery jump-starts to help you restart your vehicle if the battery fails.
  • Flat tire changes to replace a punctured or damaged tire with your spare.
  • Lock-out assistance if you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle.
  • Fuel delivery if you run out of fuel while on the road.

How much does Skoda breakdown cover cost?

The cost of Skoda breakdown cover can vary based on several factors beyond the usual considerations such as age and driving history. Additional factors influencing the cost include:

  • Age and condition. As older vehicles may require more extensive assistance.
  • Breakdown history. Including any past incidents that may affect risk assessments.
  • Duration. Whether you opt for short-term or annual coverage.
  • Level of cover. Including any optional extras such as European coverage or enhanced roadside assistance services.

What does Skoda breakdown cover include in the UK?

In the UK, Skoda breakdown cover typically offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure you receive assistance wherever and whenever you need it. Key features of Skoda breakdown cover often include:

  • Roadside assistance and repair to resolve minor issues and get you back on the road quickly.
  • Vehicle recovery services to transport your vehicle to a Skoda-approved repair facility if it cannot be repaired at the roadside.
  • Home start services, providing assistance if your vehicle fails to start at your home address.
  • Onward travel options such as car hire or accommodation if your vehicle cannot be repaired promptly, ensuring you can continue your journey or return home.

These comprehensive coverage options ensure that Skoda drivers in the UK are well-supported in various breakdown scenarios, offering peace of mind and reliable assistance when needed.

What isn’t covered with Skoda breakdown cover?

Skoda breakdown cover usually excludes:

  • The car is not properly maintained. General maintenance of cars, such as oil checks and tyre checks, are important to ensure a vehicle is safe to drive.
  • The car breaks down on private land. The recovery vehicle may not be able to access the land you’re stranded on.
  • The car breaks down after a collision. At the very least, recovery may be delayed while emergency services tend to the scene of an accident. Some policies may also completely exclude breakdown recovery following a collision.

It’s important to review the terms and conditions of your policy to understand any exclusions.

Is short-term or annual cover better value for my Skoda?

Danny Butler
Finder insurance expert Danny Butler answers

When it comes to choosing between annual and short-term breakdown cover, the decision isn’t straightforward and depends on your unique circumstances.

If you drive regularly — whether in your own vehicle or others’ — and want peace of mind knowing breakdown assistance is readily available, an annual policy typically offers better value. Short-term cover tends to be more expensive per day and may surpass the cost of an annual plan.

However, if your driving is sporadic—perhaps borrowing or renting a vehicle for occasional short trips—temporary breakdown cover might be more cost-effective, especially when bundled with temporary car insurance. This could also be beneficial if you primarily use your car for local errands but occasionally travel longer distances.

Alternatively, for those who frequently drive both their own car and borrowed or rental vehicles, consider annual vehicle breakdown cover for your main car and short-term cover for others. Another option is annual personal breakdown cover, covering you in any vehicle. While more expensive than single-vehicle policies, it could prove more economical than multiple short-term covers.

Pros and cons of Skoda breakdown cover


  • Comprehensive coverage options
  • Peace of mind for Skoda owners
  • Integration with Skoda service centers


  • Higher cost for infrequent users
  • Potential overlap with other insurance
  • Limited service coverage

Bottom line

Skoda owners can rely on robust roadside assistance, ensuring support during breakdowns. Choose a plan tailored to your driving habits and offering necessary coverage.

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