Maserati car insurance rates

What to expect when insuring a Maserati, and the insurers that could cover you.

For decades, Maserati was renowned for building exceptional racing cars. But since branching out to high-performance cars and saloons for the road, the luxury Italian car maker hasn’t looked back. If you fancy your chances behind the wheel of a Maserati, then read on to see how much it might set you back to insure one.

What’s the average insurance cost for a Maserati?

The average insurance cost of a Maserati varies depending on the model you choose, your location, your driving history and many other factors. But you can expect to pay a hefty premium for one of Maserati’s stylish models.

Using a specific profile, we ran quotes to find the average insurance cost of a sixth-generation Maserati Quattroporte and found it to be £2,052 a year or £192 a month. This is for fully comprehensive cover and no optional extras. Your actual cost could be more or less depending on the model you choose, your age, driving record and location, the number of miles you drive in a year as well as other factors.

Some of the other variables that affect the price of insurance include the year, model and trim package of your Maserati, how likely it is of being stolen and how costly it is to repair or replace.

How a car from Maserati affects insurance costs

Insurance companies look at a car’s safety ratings, its likelihood of being stolen and how costly it is to replace or repair, among other factors.

Maseratis are not only expensive to purchase, they are also expensive to insure. Their big price tag means they are also costly to repair or replace, which increases the cost of insurance. And because this is such a high-end car, Maserati owners will likely opt for more than just third party cover, which is likely to increase insurance costs.

Are there any standout models?

Although one could argue that any Maserati is a standout model, the Maserati Ghibli made its first debut in 1966, a grand tourer with motor-racing DNA. Today, two trim options are available: the GranLusso and the GranSport.

Touted as “the absolute opposite of ordinary,” prices start at around £60,000.

Pros and cons of a Maserati


  • Luxury, stylish car


  • High price tag, which is likely to result in higher premiums
  • Costly to repair or replace
  • Some models may be more of a target for criminals
  • More than third party cover is recommended

Maserati car facts

  • Maseratis are one of the most expensive vehicles to insure and you’re likely to need more than third party cover, opting instead for third party fire and theft or comprehensive cover.
  • The price to insure your Maserati will also vary greatly depending on the level of cover you want in your policy.
  • Not every insurance company offers speciality car insurance. You may need to contact a broker.

Bottom line

A Maserati is expensive to insure, but no-one wants to pay over the odds. If you shop around and haggle, you’re sure to find the best car insurance for you.

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