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The odds of dying in the US by age, gender and more

Find out if the life expectancy odds are in your favor.

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    How likely are you to die from the coronavirus?

    The COVID-19 pandemic has a case fatality rate — or the number of reported deaths divided by confirmed cases — of around 1.2% in the US, as of April 2022 data from Johns Hopkins.

    Big questions remain, as the numbers do not include unreported or misdiagnosed cases, only the number of deaths from confirmed cases. But that number’s still higher than the average 0.1% fatality rate for the seasonal flu. And the fatality rate goes up to as high as 13% for seniors over the age of 65 and people with pre-existing health risks related to respiratory issues.

    The coronavirus isn’t the leading cause of death in the US for 2022, according to March numbers from the CDC. Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the US.

    What’s the average life expectancy in 2021?

    The average life expectancy in the US is 77 for 2022 according to the CDC’s latest provisional data as of March 2022. That’s the most common age to die in America in terms of averages.

    It differs by gender, though. The average life expectancy for men born today is down from 76 to 75, while women can expect to live to an average age of 81, down from 82. And the CDC report notes that current stats by race are incomplete since the estimates are based on provisional data from January to June 2020.

    What is the life expectancy in the US by race and gender?

    Here’s a breakdown of life expectancy in the US by race and gender, according to the same CDC data source.

    Race Average life expectancy for women Average life expectancy for men Average life expectancy overall
    White 80.6 75.5 78
    Black 75.8 68.3 72
    Hispanic 83.3 76.6 79.9
    Age (years)TotalMaleFemaleTotalMaleFemaleTotalMaleFemaleTotalMaleFemale

    Life expectancy by year

    YearBoth gendersMenWomen

    Odds of dying for men and women

    The actuarial tables below are based on the most recent mortality rates for 2014 — directly from the Social Security Administration. They do not consider personal health or lifestyle information, which can dramatically alter a person’s life expectancy.

    Life expectancy rates are merely calculations based on averages of mortality among specific population, gender and age groups. They do not predict the specific life expectancy of any one person — including you. If you’re concerned about your overall health and risks, talk to your doctor or health professional.

    As you’d expect, the risk of dying increase as we age. For men, five-year odds stay in the single digits until their mid-50s, when longevity percentages begin to decrease more dramatically. At 70 years old, the majority of men are expected to live another 10 years, and a quarter are expected to live to see 90.

    Interestingly, women are generally expected to live longer lives than similarly aged men as they grow older. Even among grade-school ages, you’ll see a gap between men and women.

    Women in their 40s can expect to comfortably reach 80, with many also expected to live until their centennial year. Even at 70, more than 60% of women are projected to live long enough to blow out 90 candles.

    Your risk of dying by gender and age

    Search by age:

    AgeWithin 1 yearWithin 5 yearsWithin 10 yearsWithin 20 yearsWithin 30 years
    Men0 years old0.63%0.74%0.80%1.25%2.77%
    Women0 years old0.52%0.61%0.66%0.87%1.46%
    Men1 years old0.04%0.13%0.18%0.74%2.34%
    Women1 years old0.03%0.10%0.15%0.39%1.02%
    Men2 years old0.03%0.10%0.15%0.83%2.48%
    Women2 years old0.02%0.08%0.12%0.40%1.08%
    Men3 years old0.02%0.08%0.14%0.94%2.64%
    Women3 years old0.02%0.06%0.11%0.43%1.15%
    Men4 years old0.02%0.07%0.14%1.06%2.82%
    Women4 years old0.01%0.06%0.11%0.47%1.23%
    Men5 years old0.01%0.06%0.16%1.20%3.00%
    Women5 years old0.01%0.05%0.11%0.52%1.32%
    Men6 years old0.01%0.06%0.19%1.35%3.20%
    Women6 years old0.01%0.05%0.12%0.56%1.41%
    Men7 years old0.01%0.06%0.23%1.50%3.40%
    Women7 years old0.01%0.05%0.14%0.62%1.52%
    Men8 years old0.01%0.06%0.29%1.65%3.61%
    Women8 years old0.01%0.05%0.16%0.67%1.63%
    Men9 years old0.01%0.07%0.37%1.82%3.82%
    Women9 years old0.01%0.05%0.18%0.74%1.74%
    Men10 years old0.01%0.09%0.45%1.98%4.04%
    Women10 years old0.01%0.06%0.21%0.80%1.86%
    Men11 years old0.01%0.13%0.56%2.16%4.27%
    Women11 years old0.01%0.07%0.24%0.88%2.00%
    Men12 years old0.02%0.18%0.68%2.33%4.51%
    Women12 years old0.01%0.09%0.28%0.96%2.13%
    Men13 years old0.02%0.23%0.80%2.51%4.75%
    Women13 years old0.01%0.11%0.32%1.04%2.28%
    Men14 years old0.03%0.30%0.93%2.68%5.00%
    Women14 years old0.02%0.13%0.36%1.12%2.44%
    Men15 years old0.05%0.36%1.05%2.85%5.26%
    Women15 years old0.02%0.15%0.40%1.21%2.61%
    Men16 years old0.06%0.43%1.16%3.02%5.53%
    Women16 years old0.03%0.17%0.44%1.29%2.78%
    Men17 years old0.07%0.50%1.27%3.17%5.81%
    Women17 years old0.03%0.19%0.48%1.38%2.97%
    Men18 years old0.09%0.57%1.36%3.32%6.10%
    Women18 years old0.03%0.21%0.52%1.47%3.18%
    Men19 years old0.10%0.63%1.46%3.47%6.41%
    Women19 years old0.04%0.23%0.56%1.56%3.40%
    Men20 years old0.11%0.69%1.54%3.60%6.75%
    Women20 years old0.04%0.25%0.60%1.66%3.63%
    Men21 years old0.13%0.73%1.61%3.73%7.11%
    Women21 years old0.05%0.27%0.64%1.76%3.89%
    Men22 years old0.14%0.77%1.67%3.86%7.50%
    Women22 years old0.05%0.29%0.68%1.86%4.18%
    Men23 years old0.15%0.80%1.72%3.98%7.92%
    Women23 years old0.06%0.31%0.72%1.97%4.48%
    Men24 years old0.16%0.83%1.77%4.12%8.38%
    Women24 years old0.06%0.32%0.77%2.09%4.82%
    Men25 years old0.16%0.85%1.82%4.26%8.89%
    Women25 years old0.06%0.34%0.81%2.21%5.18%
    Men26 years old0.17%0.88%1.88%4.42%9.46%
    Women26 years old0.06%0.37%0.86%2.35%5.58%
    Men27 years old0.17%0.90%1.93%4.60%10.07%
    Women27 years old0.07%0.39%0.91%2.51%6.01%
    Men28 years old0.18%0.93%1.99%4.80%10.74%
    Women28 years old0.07%0.42%0.96%2.67%6.48%
    Men29 years old0.18%0.95%2.04%5.03%11.47%
    Women29 years old0.08%0.44%1.01%2.85%6.98%
    Men30 years old0.19%0.98%2.10%5.29%12.25%
    Women30 years old0.08%0.47%1.07%3.06%7.51%
    Men31 years old0.19%1.01%2.16%5.59%13.10%
    Women31 years old0.09%0.49%1.13%3.28%8.07%
    Men32 years old0.20%1.03%2.23%5.93%14.02%
    Women32 years old0.09%0.52%1.19%3.52%8.67%
    Men33 years old0.20%1.07%2.30%6.30%14.99%
    Women33 years old0.10%0.54%1.26%3.79%9.30%
    Men34 years old0.21%1.10%2.38%6.73%16.03%
    Women34 years old0.10%0.57%1.33%4.08%9.99%
    Men35 years old0.21%1.13%2.48%7.20%17.12%
    Women35 years old0.11%0.60%1.42%4.41%10.72%
    Men36 years old0.22%1.17%2.59%7.72%18.27%
    Women36 years old0.11%0.64%1.51%4.77%11.50%
    Men37 years old0.23%1.20%2.72%8.30%19.50%
    Women37 years old0.12%0.68%1.61%5.16%12.35%
    Men38 years old0.23%1.25%2.87%8.93%20.79%
    Women38 years old0.13%0.72%1.73%5.58%13.27%
    Men39 years old0.24%1.30%3.05%9.62%22.17%
    Women39 years old0.13%0.77%1.86%6.03%14.26%
    Men40 years old0.25%1.36%3.26%10.37%23.63%
    Women40 years old0.14%0.82%2.01%6.51%15.34%
    Men41 years old0.26%1.44%3.51%11.18%25.20%
    Women41 years old0.15%0.88%2.17%7.02%16.51%
    Men42 years old0.27%1.54%3.78%12.06%26.87%
    Women42 years old0.16%0.94%2.36%7.57%17.80%
    Men43 years old0.29%1.65%4.10%12.99%28.66%
    Women43 years old0.17%1.02%2.56%8.15%19.20%
    Men44 years old0.31%1.78%4.45%13.98%30.57%
    Women44 years old0.19%1.10%2.79%8.77%20.71%
    Men45 years old0.33%1.93%4.84%15.01%32.61%
    Women45 years old0.20%1.20%3.04%9.43%22.35%
    Men46 years old0.35%2.09%5.27%16.10%34.80%
    Women46 years old0.22%1.31%3.31%10.15%24.13%
    Men47 years old0.38%2.28%5.73%17.24%37.15%
    Women47 years old0.24%1.43%3.60%10.91%26.07%
    Men48 years old0.42%2.49%6.24%18.45%39.65%
    Women48 years old0.26%1.56%3.91%11.74%28.18%
    Men49 years old0.46%2.72%6.78%19.72%42.29%
    Women49 years old0.29%1.70%4.25%12.64%30.47%
    Men50 years old0.50%2.97%7.35%21.06%45.08%
    Women50 years old0.31%1.86%4.59%13.60%32.93%
    Men51 years old0.55%3.24%7.96%22.48%48.02%
    Women51 years old0.34%2.02%4.95%14.66%35.60%
    Men52 years old0.60%3.53%8.60%23.99%51.11%
    Women52 years old0.37%2.20%5.33%15.81%38.48%
    Men53 years old0.65%3.84%9.27%25.61%54.34%
    Women53 years old0.41%2.39%5.73%17.07%41.57%
    Men54 years old0.71%4.17%9.97%27.33%57.69%
    Women54 years old0.44%2.59%6.15%18.44%44.84%
    Men55 years old0.78%4.51%10.69%29.18%61.14%
    Women55 years old0.48%2.79%6.60%19.92%48.28%
    Men56 years old0.84%4.87%11.43%31.17%64.67%
    Women56 years old0.52%2.99%7.07%21.54%51.89%
    Men57 years old0.92%5.25%12.21%33.32%68.24%
    Women57 years old0.56%3.20%7.59%23.31%55.66%
    Men58 years old0.99%5.65%13.02%35.63%71.83%
    Women58 years old0.60%3.42%8.15%25.26%59.56%
    Men59 years old1.07%6.06%13.88%38.10%75.37%
    Women59 years old0.64%3.66%8.76%27.38%63.56%
    Men60 years old1.15%6.47%14.80%40.72%78.82%
    Women60 years old0.69%3.92%9.45%29.71%67.63%
    Men61 years old1.24%6.90%15.78%43.52%82.12%
    Women61 years old0.74%4.21%10.21%32.25%71.69%
    Men62 years old1.33%7.34%16.84%46.51%85.21%
    Women62 years old0.79%4.53%11.07%35.02%75.66%
    Men63 years old1.42%7.81%18.00%49.67%88.03%
    Women63 years old0.85%4.89%12.03%38.01%79.48%
    Men64 years old1.50%8.33%19.28%53.00%90.55%
    Women64 years old0.91%5.29%13.09%41.22%83.05%
    Men65 years old1.60%8.90%20.71%56.49%92.73%
    Women65 years old0.99%5.75%14.26%44.63%86.31%
    Men66 years old1.71%9.54%22.29%60.11%94.56%
    Women66 years old1.07%6.26%15.57%48.23%89.20%
    Men67 years old1.84%10.25%24.05%63.83%96.04%
    Women67 years old1.17%6.85%17.02%52.01%91.68%
    Men68 years old1.97%11.05%25.99%67.61%97.19%
    Women68 years old1.27%7.50%18.63%55.97%93.74%
    Men69 years old2.12%11.95%28.12%71.40%98.05%
    Women69 years old1.39%8.23%20.41%60.06%95.40%
    Men70 years old2.29%12.96%30.43%75.14%98.68%
    Women70 years old1.53%9.03%22.37%64.25%96.69%
    Men71 years old2.49%14.10%32.94%78.77%99.13%
    Women71 years old1.69%9.92%24.54%68.47%97.67%
    Men72 years old2.71%15.38%35.67%82.21%99.44%
    Women72 years old1.86%10.92%26.93%72.63%98.40%
    Men73 years old2.96%16.80%38.62%85.40%99.65%
    Women73 years old2.05%12.03%29.54%76.67%98.94%
    Men74 years old3.24%18.36%41.77%88.29%99.79%
    Women74 years old2.25%13.27%32.37%80.49%99.31%
    Men75 years old3.57%20.07%45.13%90.84%99.87%
    Women75 years old2.49%14.67%35.42%84.03%99.57%
    Men76 years old3.94%21.94%48.67%93.00%99.93%
    Women76 years old2.77%16.23%38.68%87.21%99.74%
    Men77 years old4.35%23.99%52.37%94.78%99.96%
    Women77 years old3.09%17.97%42.17%89.97%99.85%
    Men78 years old4.78%26.23%56.23%96.20%99.98%
    Women78 years old3.43%19.90%45.89%92.31%99.92%
    Men79 years old5.26%28.68%60.21%97.29%99.99%
    Women79 years old3.82%22.02%49.82%94.21%99.96%
    Men80 years old5.82%31.35%64.27%98.11%100.00%
    Women80 years old4.28%24.32%53.95%95.73%99.98%
    Men81 years old6.46%34.24%68.34%98.70%100.00%
    Women81 years old4.80%26.81%58.21%96.91%99.99%
    Men82 years old7.17%37.34%72.34%99.13%100.00%
    Women82 years old5.37%29.50%62.55%97.81%99.99%
    Men83 years old7.95%40.67%76.22%99.43%100.00%
    Women83 years old5.98%32.44%66.89%98.49%100.00%
    Men84 years old8.81%44.21%79.89%99.63%100.00%
    Women84 years old6.66%35.66%71.16%98.98%100.00%
    Men85 years old9.79%47.95%83.30%99.77%100.00%
    Women85 years old7.43%39.15%75.28%99.33%100.00%
    Men86 years old10.87%51.85%86.37%99.86%100.00%
    Women86 years old8.31%42.91%79.14%99.58%100.00%
    Men87 years old12.09%55.86%89.05%99.92%100.00%
    Women87 years old9.31%46.87%82.66%99.74%100.00%
    Men88 years old13.44%59.91%91.32%99.96%100.00%
    Women88 years old10.45%50.99%85.78%99.84%100.00%
    Men89 years old14.93%63.96%93.20%99.98%100.00%
    Women89 years old11.73%55.18%88.47%99.91%100.00%
    Men90 years old16.55%67.91%94.70%99.99%100.00%
    Women90 years old13.14%59.37%90.73%99.95%100.00%
    Men91 years old18.29%71.69%95.90%99.99%100.00%
    Women91 years old14.68%63.46%92.61%99.98%100.00%
    Men92 years old20.17%75.19%96.85%100.00%100.00%
    Women92 years old16.33%67.36%94.16%99.99%100.00%
    Men93 years old22.16%78.36%97.59%100.00%100.00%
    Women93 years old18.11%70.99%95.44%99.99%100.00%
    Men94 years old24.27%81.13%98.17%100.00%100.00%
    Women94 years old19.99%74.28%96.47%100.00%100.00%
    Men95 years old26.37%83.48%98.62%100.00%100.00%
    Women95 years old21.89%77.18%97.31%100.00%100.00%
    Men96 years old28.40%85.50%98.97%100.00%100.00%
    Women96 years old23.78%79.78%97.97%100.00%100.00%
    Men97 years old30.34%87.31%99.25%100.00%100.00%
    Women97 years old25.63%82.12%98.50%100.00%100.00%
    Men98 years old32.13%88.87%99.48%100.00%100.00%
    Women98 years old27.39%84.27%98.91%100.00%100.00%
    Men99 years old33.73%90.31%99.65%100.00%100.00%
    Women99 years old29.03%86.27%99.25%100.00%100.00%
    Men100 years old35.42%91.65%99.79%100.00%100.00%
    Women100 years old30.77%88.19%99.49%100.00%100.00%
    Men101 years old37.19%92.89%99.84%100.00%100.00%
    Women101 years old32.62%89.96%99.68%100.00%100.00%
    Men102 years old39.05%94.07%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women102 years old34.58%91.61%99.76%100.00%100.00%
    Men103 years old41.00%95.36%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women103 years old36.65%93.05%99.88%100.00%100.00%
    Men104 years old43.05%96.43%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women104 years old38.85%94.52%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men105 years old45.21%97.50%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women105 years old41.18%95.67%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men106 years old47.47%97.73%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women106 years old43.65%96.84%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men107 years old49.84%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women107 years old46.27%97.20%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men108 years old52.33%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women108 years old49.05%98.28%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men109 years old54.95%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women109 years old51.99%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men110 years old57.70%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women110 years old55.11%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men111 years old60.58%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women111 years old58.42%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men112 years old63.61%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women112 years old61.92%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men113 years old66.79%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women113 years old65.64%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men114 years old70.13%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women114 years old69.58%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men115 years old73.64%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women115 years old73.64%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men116 years old77.32%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women116 years old77.32%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men117 years old81.18%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women117 years old81.18%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men118 years old85.24%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women118 years old85.24%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Men119 years old89.50%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%
    Women119 years old89.50%100.00%100.00%100.00%100.00%

    Source: Death probability taken from the 2014 SSA Period Life Table.

    Are you a risk taker? compiled data from The National Center for Health Statistics, CDC, and more to put together a comprehensive list of popular activities and your odds of dying from them.

    Here are just a few stats that may have you thinking twice next time you ride your bike.

    Why it’s worth buying life insurance

    A life insurance policy can replace your income when you’re gone, and give your beneficiaries the money they need to cover living expenses, pay off debt and take care of your funeral costs. And it may be cheaper than you think.

    What is the average funeral cost in 2020?

    According to a study Finder conducted that examined funeral trends from the National Funeral Directors Association and death statistics from the National Center for Health, the average traditional funeral costs $6,723.92 and close to $3,667.97 for cremation.

    What’s more: the average person leaves behind around 60,000 in debt when they die. Unfortunately, your debt doesn’t die with you — so a life insurance policy is a good way to ensure your family isn’t burdened by your outstanding debts.

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    Bottom line

    Death isn’t something the average person is prepared to deal with. But since it’s inevitable, it’s a good idea to have a financial plan in place to protect your loved ones — which may include purchasing a life insurance policy.

    Before signing off on a policy, take the time to compare life insurance companies to get the best coverage at the lowest price.

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    4 Responses

      Default Gravatar
      JohnnySeptember 13, 2022

      a friend who is 65 and weighs 380 pounds , Type 2 diabetes

      How long does he have to live, on averaage

        Avatarfinder Customer Care
        RenSeptember 14, 2022Staff

        Hi Johnny,

        Thanks for the question.

        You can check the National Center for Health Statistics for their statistics on Diabetes.

        Also, according to the study posted on the National Library of Medicine’s website about the Mortality Trends in Type 2 Diabetes, life expectancy for women and men with diabetes at the age of 50 years or more was 8.2 and 7.5 years less, respectively, than for comparable individuals without diabetes. Read the Life Expectancy of Persons With Type 2 Diabetes section to learn more.

        Alternatively, you can contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to inquire if they have specific statistics relevant to your friend’s demographic profile. Call them by dialing 800-232-4636 or send them an email through their Contact form.

        Hope this helps.


      Default Gravatar
      AnonymousMarch 26, 2019

      What % of men age 75 will live to age 85?

        Avatarfinder Customer Care
        JingMarch 27, 2019Staff


        Based on our mortality rates research data from 2014, 54.60% of men in the US aged 75 will live to 85.


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