Credit4 business loans

Credit4 offers flexible finance to growing SMEs, including a fixed-term loan product that comes with a flexible credit facility bolted on.

A direct lender (not a broker) founded in 2013 and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Credit4 is all about flexibility. It provides both traditional fixed-term business loans and business lines of credit, and even a curious hybrid of the two.

Credit4 offers secured and unsecured loans, but the unsecured options will require a personal guarantee from a director or principal of the business.

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Credit4 business loan options

Secured Business Funding

  • Borrow up to £250,000 over terms of up to 5 years.
  • Secured against a suitable property of a personal guarantor.
  • The funding must be used for business purposes, and to unlock growth or value.
  • No early repayment penalties.

Flexible Funding Facility

  • A revolving line of credit – so as you repay your loan, the funds immediately become available to borrow again.
  • Credit facilities of up to £30,000 over terms of up to 1 year.
  • The facility must be for business purposes.
  • An unsecured loan which must be backed by a suitable personal guarantee from all directors/principals.

Dual Growth Funding

  • Incorporates two types of funding – a fixed-term loan and a credit facility.
  • Borrow up to £100,000 over terms of up to 2 years.
  • Access a term loan for part of the total funding requested, repayable monthly.
  • Access a Flexible Facility for the remainder of the total funding requested.
  • The funding must be used for business purposes, and to unlock growth or value.
  • An unsecured loan which must be backed by a suitable personal guarantee from all directors/principals.

Am I eligible for a business loan from Credit4?

Before you take out a business loan with Credit4, you must be confident that you can meet the repayments. You must also:

  • Be aged 18 or over.
  • Be a director of a limited company registered in England and Wales, or a Sole Trader or Partnership which is based in (and operates in) the UK.
  • Have directors or principals who are homeowners, investment property owners or commercial property owners.
  • Be able to provide a director or principal of your business as a personal guarantor.
  • Have a UK-based business bank account.
  • Require the loan for business purposes.

The interest rate you are offered will depend on factors like the amount you apply for, the term of the loan, the performance of your business and its credit rating. This may differ from any advertised “Representative APR”.

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