Citibank current accounts for September 2020

Citibank offers multiple accounts in different currencies with one debit card as well as worldwide travel insurance.

You can also gain access to an internal team of product experts via a dedicated relationship manager and a range of other benefits with the Citigold current account. However, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of £75 if your average monthly balance across your Citi accounts is less than £150,000.
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  • No monthly fees or fees overseas
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  • Winner 2020 - Best Current Account, British Bank Awards

Types of current account from Citibank

  • Citigold account

    Citibank’s sole current account is the Citigold account. Eye-catching features of this account include transaction-fee-free Citi global transfers and up to eight fee-free SWIFT payments each month, a dedicated relationship manager and Citi Alerts for account updates by SMS or email.

  • US dollar and euro current accounts

    Citi also offers current accounts for foreign currencies, enabling you to make purchases and withdrawals without incurring conversion charges. Transaction fees also do not apply. Like the Citigold account, these current accounts offer 24/7 worldwide account access and the ability to access all your account with just one Citi card. This account is free of charge if you’re a Citigold account holder, or alternatively if your foreign currency account on average holds a monthly balance of the equivalent of £2,000 or more.

The benefits of banking with Citibank

  • Perks. Perks of banking with Citibank include worldwide holiday travel insurance and access to a dedicated relationship manager as well as exclusive privileges from prestigious brands through the Partnership Programme.
  • Multiple ways to bank. Citibank offer a range of ways to handle your funds, including the Citi Mobile app, Citi online and the CitiPhone app.
  • Global acceptance. Citibank’s big perk is their global view. Any overseas Citi account can be securely accessed instantly from anywhere in the world.

Opening an account with Citibank

If the Citigold account piques your fancy, here’s how to open a current account with Citibank. To begin, book your appointment through the Citibank website. You’ll then be contacted within one working day to discuss the opening of the account. After this, you’ll meet a relationship manager, provide the information needed to open the account and sign the application form. All of this should be completed within two days.

Why should I compare current accounts anyway?

In one way or the other, you use your current account every day, often multiple times a day. When you buy your morning coffee, when you plan a holiday, when you pay the rent, when it’s finally payday… the list is endless. It’s a basic financial product, but it’s a very important one, so you should really find something that fits your needs.

Also, competition between banks is quite harsh these days because current accounts are the most basic way they acquire new customers. They often try to attract them with nice rewards or conspicuous switching incentives, so it’s really worth taking a look at what’s around.

What about digital banking?

If you don’t really care about physical branches and want to deal with your banking online, you may want to look into challenger banks. Monzo, Starling and their competitors are all about signing up for a current account in a few minutes instead of days and offering the customers fee-free accounts that come with great mobile apps. Head to our digital banking hub to learn more.

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