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Tesco Bank's credit card rewards scheme: Learn how to earn and spend Clubcard points, where you can redeem points and the pros and cons.

Tesco Bank offers a range of rewards credit cards that allow you to collect additional Clubcard points along with your regular Tesco Clubcard. You can redeem these point on your next shop or you can spend them on holidays, meals out, leisure attractions and more with its partners.

Tesco Bank credit card points and regular Clubcard points

Your Tesco Bank credit card is considered your Clubcard, so there’s no need to swipe both at the till.

With Tesco Bank Clubcard credit cards, you can collect 5 points per £4 spent in Tesco, 1 point per £8 spent outside Tesco and 1 point per £4 spent on Tesco fuel (excluding Esso) plus 1 point for every 1 litre bought. 100 points = £1 in vouchers. Points are converted to Tesco vouchers, which can be used to save you money in-store or online at Tesco, as well as on fuel at Tesco petrol stations and at Esso sites with a Tesco Express. Alternatively, you can exchange the vouchers with their Reward Partners, where you can treat yourself with a visit to a theme park or a meal at an Italian restaurant.

From everyday purchases to one-off treats, you can save money with cheaper prices on selected items when using your Tesco Bank credit card in-store. Note that some supermarkets may inflate normal prices to make their discounted prices seem a better deal than they are, so compare discounted prices at the supermarket to normal prices at other supermarkets and see how much the discounted prices benefit you.

Tesco Clubcard points calculator

Use the fields above to calculate how many Clubcard points you could earn.

How do you redeem Tesco Clubcard points?

Every three months, your points automatically get turned into vouchers that you can spend at tesco.com, in store, on Tesco fuel or with one of the Clubcard Reward Partners. They will usually be sent to you in February, May, August and November.

Most of the reward partners accept Clubcard vouchers, which you can change into partner vouchers. This includes Virgin Atlantic Flying Clubcard miles, which can be redeemed using your Tesco Clubcard points. You could previously also convert your points to Avios air miles, but this scheme ended in early 2021.

Tesco Clubcard vouchers usually have an expiry date of two years. However, if you exchange your Clubcard vouchers to partner vouchers, these are usually only valid for a much shorter period.

Tesco Clubcard Plus

In October 2019, Tesco launched Clubcard Plus, a subscription-based scheme that offers additional Tesco benefits. Clubcard Plus works from the Tesco app and costs £7.99 a month. You’ll still earn your regular Clubcard points, but you’ll also get:

  • 10% off 2 shops a month. Up to a maximum of £200 each (£40 discount a month). It only applies to in-store shops, not online.
  • 10% off on all Tesco brands. All the time. There is no maximum spend limit, but again, you need to do your shopping in-store.
  • Double your mobile data on Tesco Mobile. So for example, if you’re on a 4gb monthly deal with Tesco Mobile, you’ll get 8gb instead.

These benefits can be worth way more than your monthly subscription, but only if you use them constantly. Tesco says you can unsubscribe anytime, so you can also give it a go for a couple of months and then decide if it’s worth keeping it up.

Just be careful because you’ll only make the most of it if you do two big shoppings a month – you won’t get good value for money if you shop regularly but always spend small amounts.

Tesco Clubcard Plus credit card

Tesco also has a Clubcard Plus credit card. It’s an exclusive deal for Clubcard Plus subscribers and has 0% interest on purchases for up to 24 months after opening the account. Unlike the rest of Tesco’s credit cards, it doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees.

Pros and cons


  • Automatic points redemption every three months
  • Large choice of reward partners
  • Only need credit card instead of carrying additional Clubcard
  • Keep track of your points and redeem faster on the Clubcard app
  • Can open up to two Tesco Bank credit cards
  • Accepts additional cardholders


  • Low earn rate
  • Reduced earn rate on non-Tesco purchases
  • Clubcard points can’t be collected on travel money
  • Limit of 30,000 points per collection period (3 months)
  • Restrictions on some Tesco purchases (points can’t be collected on tobacco, lottery, stamps, prescription medicine, gift card and infant formula)

Who are Tesco Clubcard’s partners?

The good news is that you don’t just have to spend your rewards at Tesco as you can redeem your points on a range of more exciting treats, such as meals, days out or even travel abroad.

Tesco Clubcard points are converted into vouchers, which you can spend at a wide selection of travel, restaurant, leisure and lifestyle partners. Alternatively, you can exchange vouchers into other points currencies, such as Virgin Atlantic Flying Clubcard miles.

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5 Responses

    Default Gravatar
    PeterApril 4, 2022

    04/4 22 – l have an Amex card, a Tesco Mastercredit Clubcard, a Barclays Reward Visacredit card & a standard Nectar card, all fee free. Which card gives me the best refunds please ? Are there better cards l should have ? – l shop a lot in German supermarkets & pack my purchases in reused Waitrose bags.

    Default Gravatar
    AlunAugust 1, 2019

    I have had a Tesco Credit Card for many years, and always pay off my balance by Direct Debit monthly.
    How do I apply for a better deal with regards to Clubcard points?

      fayemanuelAugust 2, 2019Finder

      Hi Alun,

      Thanks for contacting Finder.

      Your Tesco Bank credit card is considered your Clubcard. You only need your credit card instead of carrying additional Clubcard. Your points automatically get turned into vouchers that you can spend at tesco.com, in store, on Tesco fuel or with one of the Clubcard Reward Partners. They will usually be sent to you in February, May, August and November. You can also spend your points on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic holidays or flights, you will need to convert your Tesco vouchers into either Avios or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles currency respectively.

      Please review the page above on how to redeem your Tesco Clubcard points.

      Kind Regards,

    Default Gravatar
    RyanJune 20, 2019

    Hi, If I convert some clubcard vouchers to air miles, can I still convert any remaining clubcard vouchers for instore shopping or other non travel partners?

      BellaJune 21, 2019Finder

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      As I checked, yes, you may still convert or exchange the remaining Clubcard vouchers into partners vouchers. Please note that if you exchange your Clubcard vouchers to partner vouchers, these are usually only valid for a much shorter period.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

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