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Known as "The Partnership Bank", Bank of Ireland UK has forged strong partnerships with, and provides credit cards for, some long-established and highly-respected UK brands like the AA and Post Office. Borrowers can benefit from low rates and no annual fees across its own distinct range of credit cards.

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Bank of Ireland UK credit cards

As of June 2020, Bank of Ireland UK is not taking any new credit card applications and has temporarily withdrawn its credit cards.

Bank of Ireland UK is a subsidiary of Bank of Ireland Group, which was established as an Irish government bank in 1783 and later privatised in 1971. The bank now has an unrivalled network in the UK through its exclusive partnership with the Post Office, which gives it access to an extra 2.7 million customers. Bank of Ireland UK is on the Mastercard network so its cards are accepted in more than 35 million locations worldwide.

Types of Bank of Ireland UK credit cards

Bank of Ireland UK offers four distinct credit cards to its customers, including 0% interest rates on purchases and balance transfers for a set period. If you have an interest in Ulster Rugby or Queen’s University, Bank of Ireland UK offers unique cards which donate a one-off fee as well as a percentage of your monthly spend to them at no extra cost to you.

  • Queen’s Affinity credit card

    In 1992, Bank of Ireland UK joined forces with Queen’s University in Belfast to introduce this exclusive affinity credit card. When you become a Queen’s Affinity Card holder, Bank of Ireland UK automatically donates £25 to the university. A percentage of the annual turnover on your card will also be donated to Queen’s to support its continuing scholarship programme. Again, this is at no extra cost to you and the bank does not disclose any of your confidential account details. Other eye-catching features of the card include zero interest on purchases and balance transfers for a set period as well as no annual fee.

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  • Matched credit card

    Designed to fulfil multiple functions, the matched card is an “all rounder”, offering 0% on purchases and balance transfers for a promotional period, without charging an annual fee.
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  • Student credit card

    If you’re at college or university, this card could give you the extra flexibility you need and enable you to build your credit rating. Remember to manage your money so you stay within your credit limit or you will be charged a fee. This card offers a short 0% interest period on balance transfers.
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  • Sports credit card

    Bank of Ireland UK has teamed up with Ulster Rugby for this unique credit card. Ulster Rugby receives a one-off donation for every approved application as well as further contributions for each retail purchase. Proceeds go towards helping to produce the next generation of Ulster and Ireland stars through the Ulster Rugby Academy, with a portion also dedicated to grass-roots rugby through clubs and schools.

What benefits can I get with a Bank of Ireland UK credit card?

  • Online account management. Bank of Ireland UK’s internet banking website lets you check your latest balance, search your statements and apply for new products.
  • App. The bank’s “365” app provides you with access to most of its online services, specifically designed for phone and tablet devices.
  • Global usage. Bank of Ireland UK uses the Mastercard network, meaning you can use your card in more than 35 million locations worldwide.
  • Security. The Bank of Ireland UK online banking and app require a secure browser to help keep your details secure while you’re shopping online. Your name, address and full bank account number will never appear on screen.

Applying for a Bank of Ireland UK credit card

You can apply for a Bank of Ireland UK credit card online in just a few minutes. Simply fill out the online form providing personal information such as name, address, income and work status. You can also apply over the phone.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a Bank of Ireland UK credit card, you must be:

  • UK resident
  • 18 or over
  • Have a regular income
  • Not be currently declared bankrupt, have county court judgements or be subject to an individual voluntary agreement
  • Able to produce six months of bank statements if you do not have a Royal Bank of Ireland current account

Why might you not be approved?

On the whole, if you meet the eligibility requirements but have a history of bad debt or no credit history at all, you may be rejected. Equally if you are in an IVA or have had a CCJ you may not be accepted. If you have ever declared bankruptcy you are also unlikely to receive a card.

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