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A free card to streamline pocket money and teach your kids how to save, under full parental control

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The HyperJar kids’ card is free to order, use and top up
Parents must sign up for a general HyperJar account to get the kids’ card

If you’re into fintech and banking apps, you might have heard of HyperJar, the latest budgeting app vowing to make your money life easier.

Only weeks after officially launching its app for adults in the UK, HyperJar also introduced a free card for kids, so you can use it to manage your children’s pocket money as well as your own finances.

HyperJar’s Kids Card has got quite a few interesting features, and we took a look at them for you.


Hyperjar Kids: The only free pocket money app

  • FREE app and card
  • Manage pocket money in Jars
  • Set spending permissions
  • For kids aged 6+

What is HyperJar Kids Card?

HyperJar is a card and budgeting app that allows your child to organise their money in different “jars” for specific purposes. For example, they can set one for treats, one for toys, or one for food. It can be used for their expenses as well as to learn how to save.

A Hyperjar Kids Card must always be “paired” to an adult or parent account. So you will need to set up an account for yourself in order to send funds to your child’s account. However, they will have their own card.

If they have their own phone, they can download the app to their device, but they will need to link it to your adult account.

The card is available for kids aged between 6 and 17 and comes with a number of features that allow you to keep an eye on how they use the money and teach them about personal finance.

How does HyperJar Kids Card work?

In a nutshell here’s what you get with the HyperJar Kids Card:

  • A prepaid card for your kids to use. They can make payments online and in shops, but the card cannot be used to withdraw cash.
  • App. The kids’ app is the same as the adults’, with a few little tweaks. When kids download the app, they are asked to link it to their adult’s account.
  • Saving. You can set up a dedicated “savings jars”, so your kids can save for different goals (such as buying that new videogame they’ve been eyeing for a while).
  • Full parental control. Unlike with a standard children’s bank account, you are in charge. You can see all the transactions and set spending limits for your kid’s jars directly from the app. You can also schedule payments for pocket money.

How much does HyperJar Kids Card cost?

Unlike most prepaid cards for kids, it is free. There are no fees for acquiring the card, using it, or even making transactions abroad, which is indeed fairly rare.

HyperJar for adults, which you’ll need in order to get a Kids Card, is also free to sign up to and use.

What does the HyperJar Kids app look like?

HyperJar app
HyperJar app
HyperJar app

Is HyperJar Kids Card safe?

HyperJar is not a bank, but is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

You also have more control of your kids’ spending than with most children’s accounts. If your kid loses their card, you can freeze it directly from the app.

Hyperjar fees and features

Monthly fee£0
Card delivery fee£0
Card transaction fee£0
Cash withdrawal feeN/A
Loading fee£0
Replacement card fee£5
Account typedebit
How many child accountsNo limit
Fees abroadFree when paying in other currencies
Other feesNo other fees mentioned
Freeze/unfreeze card

HyperJar Kids customer reviews

In our independent 2023 customer satisfaction survey, HyperJar Kids scored 4 out of 5 stars and 70% of its users said they’d recommend the service.

Customers praised the “brilliant service” and security of HyperJar Kids.

One commented: “Easy to use the app, and no fees. We’ve tried a few and HyperJar have been the best so far.”

The app has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from over 12,400 reviews on the App Store.On Google Play, the app has a score of 4.9 from around 3,830 Android app users (January 2023).

Pros and cons of HyperJar Kids Card


  • Completely free to use, even for foreign transactions
  • Parents have full control of their kids’ spending from the HyperJar app
  • Teach your kids how to save using saving jars
  • Children learn about personal finance in a controlled environment
  • Available for kids as young as 6
  • The kids’ card glows in the dark (not a true personal finance advantage, you say? Your kids might beg to differ)


  • A standard savings account might be better for long-term saving, as HyperJar does not pay any interest
  • You cannot load cash onto the account
  • You cannot withdraw cash at ATMs
  • You also need to be using HyperJar yourself to make the most of it

Our verdict

The HyperJar Kids Card is a very competitive product, with no fees and a lot of smart features. But you do need to consider a couple of things to decide whether it’s right for your family.

The first is whether you’d be better off with a prepaid card such as this one or with a standard children’s account. Prepaid cards are great when the kids are young and you want to keep a close eye on what they are up to; but when they get into their teens, you might want to grant them a bit more independence. That’s when a standard bank account might be a better option, especially if you can get an interest-paying savings account to go with it. Remember, too, that you can’t withdraw cash with the HyperJar Kids card.

The second aspect to consider is whether you want additional app features beyond budgeting tools. For example, some other digital pocket money apps have educational modules to help your child learn more about money and finance.

Other than that, prepaid cards for kids usually come for a fee, so the fact that this one’s free is a big advantage. It also allows you to easily try it out and decide later whether you want to keep it for the long-term or not.

Get started by visiting HyperJar's website and ordering a card. If you have read this review and decided that HyperJars’s card is not for you, you can also discover other prepaid cards for kids on the market.

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