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Our verdict

Discover the modern way of giving your kids pocket money

Osper is one of a range of prepaid debit cards with an app that are on the market now, but it does has a comprehensive offering. There are all the features you would expect - the ability to load money onto the card via the app, set parental controls and monitor children's spending. It's a nice touch that kids can also use the app, as well as choose to save a portion of the funds that their parents have given them. With prices very similar to its competitors, Osper is a solid choice.

Get started by visiting Osper's website and ordering a card. If you have read this review and decided that Opser's card is not for you, you can also discover other prepaid cards for kids on the market.


  • Both parents and children can use the mobile app.
  • Parental controls on spending.
  • Option for kids to put aside money to save.
  • Up to four cards per household available.
  • Fees on a par with similar providers.


  • Fees for card use abroad – £2 per ATM withdrawal and a 3% surcharge on purchases.
  • 50p charge for an instant card load (outside of the free pre-set automatic load each week or month).

In this guide

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Osper is a prepaid debit card for children that parents can review and control from an app on their phone.

With Davina McCall featured in the company’s advert, kids may be left wondering if they’re living in a series of Big Brother. In truth, the idea is that kids will learn to spend and save their pocket money more wisely.

Is Osper any good? We take a look at its features and what it can offer you and your children.

What is Osper?

Osper offers mobile banking for families. Children have the independence of owning their own card, which parents can set up with a regular allowance. In essence, it’s a modern way of giving pocket money.

What makes it especially modern is the fact both children and parents can use a mobile app that is linked to the card. Osper also offers custom Nickelodeon cards with favourite characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and JoJo Siwa. Below, we take a look at the specific features the app offers. Osper has been featured on our best debit cards for kids guide.

How do I get an Osper card?

  1. Head online and fill out the quick application form. You will need to provide some personal information so Osper can run a quick identity check. You’ll also need to give your child’s name.
  2. If accepted, card delivery takes between five and seven days.
  3. Activate the card in the app. You will need an iOS or android device.
  4. Then simply load the money onto the prepaid debit card. Your child can use the card anywhere that takes Mastercard debit card, both at home or abroad.
  5. The first month is free, but it will cost £1.95 per child per month afterwards (with Finder discount).

How does Osper work?

After putting in a few personal details on the Osper order page, parents can get up to four Osper cards per household.

Once the card arrives, parents can activate the card in the app before loading money onto it. Here’s how it works after that:

  • Load money in the app. Parents can set up a monthly or weekly allowance. They can also instantly pay in money if there’s an emergency or their child has earned it. Or if they’ve been naughty, parents can quickly stop regular payments in the app.
  • Prepaid debit card. Your child’s name is embossed onto the card, and it’s prepaid, so they can only spend what’s on there, with no overdrafts.
  • Freeze card. Parents or their child can freeze the card in the app if it gets lost.
  • Oversight: Parents can see exactly how much their child has been spending and where.
  • Savings. Your child can set up a monthly savings option, which automatically takes a chosen percentage of their funds out each month. Osper also has a savings goals feature to help them save towards something they want.
  • Age. Your child must be between 6 and 18 years old to be eligible for an Osper card.

What does the Osper app look like?

Osper app
Osper app
Osper app

Is Osper safe?

As this is a card for your child, safety will be one of your top priorities. As already mentioned, the card can be frozen in the app should it go missing. Osper also offers a range of other safety features:

  • Blocked merchants. Certain shops and businesses are automatically blocked, so your child can’t use the card in places like bars, casinos, massage parlours or on gambling sites.
  • Online shopping. Parents decide whether their child can use it to shop online.
  • No overdrafts. As it’s a prepaid card, there’s no overdraft facility whatsoever.
  • Text alerts. Osper will send you a text if a transaction has been declined, so you can closely monitor your child’s spending and any inappropriate transactions.
  • Spending limits. You can place daily limits on how much money can be put in or taken out.
  • Total parent oversight. Parents get real-time oversight of transactions in their app.

Osper’s fees and features

Monthly fee£1.95 (1 month free trial)
Card delivery fee£0
UK card transaction fee£0
UK cash withdrawal fee£0
Loading feeDirect debit free. 50p per instant load
Replacement card fee£4
Account typedebit
How many child accounts4
Fees abroadATM, £2 per withdrawal. Purchases, 3% of transaction value
Other fees50p per load from friends/family. £6.99 for a third party branded card
Freeze/unfreeze card

Osper’s customer reviews

In our 2023 customer satisfaction survey, Osper scored 3 out of 5 stars and 68% of its users said they would recommend the service.

Customers praised Osper’s customer service. However some customers disliked the 50p loading charge.

The app has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from over 1,100 reviews on the App Store (January 2023).

Customer service information for Osper

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