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mybarclaycard offers an easy way for Barclaycard customers to pay bills, check your balance and keep track of your transactions while on the move.

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A division of Barclays, Barclaycard is widely known for its traditional banking presence. It was the very first credit card in the UK when it was introduced in 1967, after which time it monopolised the British credit card market until the Access card was created in 1972. While Barclaycard certainly has an impressive and storied past, how adaptable is it to the future? To find out, we’ve taken a look at the mybarclaycard mobile app, which is Barclaycard’s contribution to the emergent mobile banking app market.

What is mybarclaycard?

mybarclaycard is Barclaycard’s mobile banking app, available to download for free from the App Store or Google Play. If you’re an existing Barclaycard customer and find yourself wanting to make payments while away from your laptop, then the app is definitely worth a look. If you’re not already a Barclaycard holder though, you may find a better option among the app’s competitors.

How does mybarclaycard work?

The app works by linking up to your Barclaycard account. Once you’ve signed into your account, you’ll be able to use the app to:

  • Check your balance.
  • See your statements.
  • View your PIN.
  • Pay bills.
  • Set up and amend direct debits.
  • Review transactions, payments and expenditure.
  • Apply for balance and money transfers.
  • Activate your card, or order a new one if you lose it or it’s damaged.
  • Make contactless payments.
  • Update your details.
  • Contact Barclaycard directly.

Saving with mybarclaycard

There isn’t a great deal in the way of budgeting tools here, but mybarclaycard does allow users to review their outgoings. This is definitely a welcome and useful feature, but a dedicated budgeting tool wouldn’t go amiss. The Barclays app, for example, lets users see a categorised breakdown of their spending, while other apps let users set budget targets.

mybarclaycard fees and limits

As with many other credit cards, you’ll incur fees for late or returned payments and going over your credit limit. These are known as “default fees”, and are currently set at £12. You’ll be charged each time a late payment is made, a payment is missed, you pay less than the minimum amount, you exceed your credit limit or your payment is returned.

You’ll also incur a fee for balance transfers, using your card abroad and you may be charged for a duplicate copy of your statement.

Is mybarclaycard safe?

There’s a range of security measures taken by Barclaycard to ensure the app is secure, and that your account is safeguarded against fraud. For example, when making payments online you may be asked to confirm your identity. This is done via a text message sent to the number registered to your account as a payment method. Additionally, there’s the Barclaycard Secure service, which is also designed to protect Barclaycard customers against fraud.

As a trading name of Barclay’s Bank, Barclaycard is also covered by the UK’s financial regulators – it’s authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Barclay’s Bank is also fully covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Pros and cons of mybarclaycard


  • A simple way to manage your credit card and view your balances and transactions.
  • Quick and easy way to make payments.
  • A user can order a new card within the app if their current card is lost or damaged.
  • Option to apply for a balance or money transfer is provided by the app.
  • Barclaycard can be used widely throughout the world, so you don’t have to worry about card rejection, though using it abroad will incur a non-sterling transaction fee.


  • Out of 392 reviews, Barclaycard is rated just 1 star out of 5 on Trustpilot.
  • The app offers little in the way of budgeting features.

Customer service information for mybarclaycard

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Our verdict

mybarclaycard is a relatively simple way for Barclays customers to view balances and transactions and to make payments on the go. It also provides a range of helpful functions, such as the ability to order a replacement card and apply for balance transfers from the palm of your hand.

However, user reviews are mixed, and while the app is a handy way to carry out a handful of key account management functions, it lacks other features which may be of more use to customers, such as budgeting tools.

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